Joseph Lloyd Burdick < >
Puyallup, WA USA - Monday, December 23, 2002
My name is Joseph Lloyd Burdick. I live in Puyallup, Washington (near Tacoma). My Father is Arthur Ray Burdick of Tacoma WA. His roots are from Dayton, Washington. Lloyd Burdick is his Father. (He married Fay Lowery). Lloyds Mother and Father are listed in the Dayton Cemetery listings (Henry and Carrie). Carrie's maiden name was Stark. There is also a Lewis Burdick that I believe may be the Father of Henry. This is as far as I can get so far. I do not know who or if or when Lewis had a wife. My grandfather (Lloyd) may have had six siblings but I can only name two sisters, Betsy and Millie (Milly?) Henry Burdick died 1946 at 76 years. Carrie Burdick died 1940 at 71 years. Lewis Burdick died 1912 at 61 years. My Great Grandfather and Grandmother Lowery (Joseph and Iona) are also in this cemetery as well as an infant sister and 10 year old brother of my Grandmother (Fay). I found out that my grandfather, Lloyd Burdick, had a brother who was given away to another family. I believe this brother is Alvin Burdick and his adopted parents were Presley Rainwater and Alice May Weedon Rainwater. Alice's Obituary refers to a surviving Alvin Rainwater but, in Presley's obituary he is referred to as Alvin Burdick. Both Presley and Alice are also listed in the Dayton Washington cemetery along with my relatives in this small town. I thought this might help some one some day if they cannot find the blood parents of Alvin Burdick.
Sarah Burdick Angotti < >
Liverpool, NY USA - Friday, December 6, 2002
My name is Sarah Burdick Angotti and I live in Liverpool, New York. My father's name is Philip Lyman Burdick and his father was Stephen Seth Burdick of Greig, New York. I have two children Philip Daniel Angotti and Amanda Katherine Angotti. They are 9 and 3 respectively. Here is my family line:
Robert Burdick married Ruth Hubbard
Thomas Burdick married Martha ________
Robert Burdick married Doreas Lewis
Matthew Burdick married Anna Jewett
Matthew Burdick married Hannah Caswell
Calvin Burdick married Katherine Silvernail
Stephen Burdick married Margaret Lonas
Lyman Burdick married Fannie May Wilder
Stephen Burdick married Mabel Edythe Norton
Philip Burdick married Helen Dewey
(Philip and Helen are my parents. I also have two brothers, Stephen Seth Burdick and Paul Dewey Burdick) I am just now becoming involved in researching my family name and am anxious to find out more stories from our history.

Robert William Burdick < >
USA - Wednesday, December 4, 2002
My name is Robert William Burdick, born Feb 6, 1945. My ancestry is as follows:
Robert Burdick, ca 1635/Ruth Hubbard, 1641
Robert Burdick, 1674/Rebecca Foster
Robert Burdick, 17--/Susannah Clarke
Capt. Icabod Burdick, 1740/Mary Chapman
Jeremiah Thurston Burdick, 1793/Rachael Fletcher, 1795
Henry Robert Burdick, 1823/Olive Ives, 1838
Leo Henry Burdick, 1871/Viola Pettis, 1875
Roy Franklin Burdick, 1909/Wilma Arlene Dewey, 1914
I am married to Marriet Lynn Edwards, 1946. We have a daughter Julie Christine, 1970, and a son Justin Robert, 1975. Julie is married to Robert Bernock, and they have a daughter Jessica Lynne, 2000.

Fran Anderson < >
Salem, OR USA - Sunday, November 17, 2002
I'm the great-great granddaughter of Ellen Emmaline Burdick (Ambrose/Urbanna/Zaccheus/Thomas/Samuel/Robert Burdick). Some of her siblings were; Charles Edwin Burdick, Emmaretta Rose Burdick, William Burdick (died 1861) George Burdick. Would like to have information on descendants from these lines, family photographs would be wonderful.
David Kendall Martin < >
USA - Saturday, November 16, 2002
Does anyone have information concerning the children of Thomas and Dorothy (Maxson) Burdick of Westerly, Stephen and Mary (Church) Burdick of Hopkinton, or Kendall and Hannah (Gray) Burdick of Hopkinton?
Judy ??? < >
USA - Saturday, November 2, 2002
Carleton Wheeler < >
Westfield, NY USA - Saturday, October 12, 2002
I am looking for info on a Burdick who married ELIAS WHEELER between the years of 1850-60. The unnamed burdick woman married this Elias Wheeler in these years. He was the son of Daniel and Rebecca [Hill] Wheeler. The parents Elias Wheeler were living in PA, in the area around Linesville. It states that he met and married this woman in the above time period. Elias Wheeler is listed in the 1870 census of CRAWFORD COUNTY PA, and place of residence is Lincolnville; but his wife is not listed, only his father Daniel who was 70 yrs old at this date. I am hoping someone can help me.
John Pasquale < >
USA - Thursday, September 19, 2002
I am a direct descendent of Elder John Crandall of Westerly, RI and therefore related to many of the Burdick family. I am looking for relatives of The Reverend Paul S. Burdick, who resided in New Enterprise, PA in the 1950s.
Shannon Burdick < >
South Carolina USA - Thursday, September 19, 2002
My dad's name is Lester Burdick. My grandfather was from Minnesota and was an orphan, but his name was Charles Albert Burdick. His biological parents were Frank Burdick and Marie Kozlick. I have been trying to find out more about his family. I am going to college to be a elementary school teacher. My grandfather served in the Korean War as a 82 Paratrooper. It's so nice to be in contact with people who have my last name.
Ellen Burdick < >
Huntingdon, England - Thursday, September 19, 2002
I am an English Burdick, quite rare on your pages and indeed quite rare in England. The only Burdicks I have ever met are those in my direct family! There appears to be millions of you in America and Canada! I come from a small family. My father is Fredrick Morton Burdick ( born 13.7.39), he has a sister Ina now Gunston (who has 4 children Robert, Rosa, Emma, and William) and a brother Morton Burdick (who has 2 boys, Nicholas and Edward). His father was Robert "Harry" Burdick married to Kathleen Dunwoody. I have a sister, Anna-Lisa and a Brother, Robert William.

I don't know any thing else. I will question my grandmother about it and report back. Guess nobody knows of us but it may be useful to someone! You may know my family as the French arm of the Burdicks as we used to all live near Toulouse, France. We moved to France from UK in 1982, so we were imports. I shall have a quick look to see if I can get any information from France.

Tony Burdick < >
Livermore, CA USA - Saturday, September 14, 2002
I am Anthony John Earl Burdick, and live in Livermore, California. I was wondering if there might be a connection. My grandfather was Earl Burdick and dad was John Earl Burdick. Any help would be much appreciated. I am trying to find out about my heritage.

Unfortunately, I don't know the year my father nor grandfather was born. I estimate my father is 55, give or take a few years. My grandfather died around 1979-1980. My father grew up around Oakland and San Leandro, California. Earl Burdick (grandfather) married Jeanette, no maiden name known. Their kids names were daughter Renae, Don Earl, and my dad John Earl. All I know is that my grandfather was in the merchant Marines when he was younger. My Uncle Don never had kids and I have been told that I was the last Burdick in my family's line. I really wanted to know about my family genealogy. I'm now 21 and these things are slowly becoming important. Thanks for any help you can offer.

Cheryl Worden < >
USA - Tuesday, September 10, 2002
I am trying to trace my family. My g-grandma was Winifred Burdick b. 1888 d. 1935. She was possibly adopted by the Burdicks. She lived in Friendship, NY and married Louis McClay, b. 1883 d. 1939. Have you heard of either of these people? They had 3 children Edwina, Beatrice,and Eloise all born in Friendship, NY. Thank you for your time.
Tom Burdick < >
USA - Sunday, September 8, 2002
My grandfather, Irwin Burdick, married Edith Steinke and lived near Oconomowoc, WI until his death. in 1928. Children included Russell C. (b. 1914, d. 1988) Wildred, Arthur, and Edward. Edith moved her family to Janesville, WI and raised them there. Edith died in 1962. Edward died in the 1950's and Wildred died shortly after Russell. My father, Russell, married Catherine M. Kerrigan of Minnesota in 1947. Between 1948 and 1963 they had 9 children, Anne, Tom, Judith, Tim, Terry, Tony, Faye, Kathy, and Bernita. All were born in Janesville, WI. I married Nancy Schaitel in Janesville in 1968 and we had three daughters, Angela, 1969; Michelle, 1972; and Julie, 1978. We raised our daughters in Wisconsin and Illinois where we reside today. Our daughters each have one child, 2 girls and one boy. My sister Judy (Rennie) Green of California has one son. My brother, Terry (Billie Ritter) of Janesville has three sons. Tony (Sharon) of Janesville has one daughter. Faye of California has three sons and three daughters. Bernita of California has two sons.
Gail Yates < >
Warren, RI USA - Saturday, September 7, 2002
Hi, my sister and I have been trying to find information about our family's history. We are related to the Burdicks by our grandmother Florence L. Burdick Yates. Her father was Abraham Lincoln Burdick, born in the 1860's in PA and died sometime in the early 1940's. I was wondering if you may have any information on Abraham Burdick's ancestry. Thanks for your time.
Judy < >
USA - Tuesday, September 3, 2002
SSgt Vernon H Burdick < >
USA - Friday, August 30, 2002
My name is Vernon Hendrick Burdick. I was born in Westerly, RI and grew up in Mystic, CT. My father is Vernon Leroy Burdick, the only boy of 4 children, born to Benjiman and Mae Burdick of Mystic. My father's sisters names are Carolyn, Ellinor, and Dorthy. My father was in the Army for about 3 years as a airborne radio operator and spent time in post-war Korea. He was married once before meeting my mother and I believe they lived in the midwest; her name was Joyce, I think.

He met my mom, Rose, in Rhode Island where I believe she was working at a fabric mill. Both had been married and divorced prior to meeting each other. At any rate, they hit it off and were married. I came along followed a year later by my brother Mark. My dad worked for General Dynamics as a sheetmetal worker. Besides working on submarines in his line of work, he left his mark in history forever as a sheet metal worker on the World Trade Center. Follow-on jobs included Millstone Nuclear Power Plant and his own vinyl siding job on the side. Both my parents provided a loving and moral upbrining for us and will always have my deepest respect. My father passed away in May of 1993. I was in the US Marine Corps stationed in Okinowa Japan at the time of his passing and was unable to attend his funeral. I am currently serving in the US Marine Corps and I'm sure Dad would be proud. I have a beautiful wife, step daughter, son, and a son on the way, due in October of this year.

Well, that's about all for now. Semper Fidelis.

Doug Rankin <>
USA - Thursday, August 29, 2002
I am researching a Sears family. I have a photo of who may be Serena Macomber Sears and Hubbard Burdick that I found, unlabeled, of course. By elimination I think it may be the Burdick and Serena as they did live in Elgin IL. They may not be your line of Burdicks, but I thought I'd try anyway. He is the son of William B. of Hopkinton, RI and Grandson of Daniel B., also of Hopkinton. What I'm hoping for is an ID on this picture. Thank You.
Lynn Marie Burdick Unwin < >
USA - Thursday, August 22, 2002
For some time I have been interested in my family's history, but didn't know where to begin. Little knowledge was passed on to my Dad who is now 77 and the last remaining of his siblings. To the best of my knowledge, our family traces back as follows (please let me know if you have any further knowledge): My Dad - Robert Allen Burdick - born 1927, Adams, MA, son of Ernest Burdick - born around 1900, Berlin, NY, died 1957 and Ruth Allen Burdick - born 1901, died 1972.
Kirk Kaikkonen < >
USA - SUnday, August 11, 2002
My family is descended from the Burdick lines, through quite a few marriages with the, Davis, Williams, and Rogers families. I had the privilege of looking at the "Descendants of Robert Burdick". They have a copy at a local library. I wouldn't mind taking a look at "The Burdick Family Chronicle" if I could find one.
Dave Henley < >
Lockport, IL USA - Friday, August 9, 2002
Robert Burdick was my 9Gfather. My 4Gmother was Catherine (Wilder) Burdick who was the daughter of Amos Stanton Burdick, my 5Gfather. I live near Lockport Illinois where Amos and his wife Prudence moved to in the 1830's and Amos's military record. Also, any information in why they moved to Illinois. I have a picture of Amos Jr. and Josephine Burdicks headstone.
Vern Maxson < >
St. Louis, MO USA - Thursday, August 1, 2002
I'm a MAXSON...trying to get my own geneology in order while I'm still able. At 79, with only three cousins left (and none of them Maxsons) I find I can't get anything out of them,'cept subdued interest in my even being interested. BUT I do have three grandchildren and I've made this a crusade for them...of the 3, only one is a girl and she's the only one who I think will carry on with this. I have only muted hopes that one of the boys might get interested, but probably too late for me to contribute directly. Ah, the questions I wish I'd asked my own grandparents, aunts and Uncles! My print-out is nestled twixt my thighs, a slightly opened drawer, and my keyboard.

Of course, I start my own odysee with Richard and Rebecca(might you happen to have any dates..birth or death for them....any authenticated surname for Rebbeca??), get to John Maxson, Sr. and Mary Mosher, then find Joseph Maxson married to Tacy BURDICK.(first BURDICK I encountered in my study). Then Hannah Maxson married Hubbard BURDICK, and Judith Maxson married Samuel Burdick, then Dorothy M. married Thomas B. then Avis married Samuel......etc....etc. usv(unsoweiter)...I proceed thence on the MAXSON side from John, Sr., to John Jr., thru Daniel M. and Borodell Ross, Daniel and Catherina Coons, John Jackson Maxson and Luna Tompkins, thru Martin Whipple M., Charles Fremont M. (my grandfather), Vernon P. Maxson (my Dad), thence Vernon P. Maxson, Jr.(on the keyboard now), Karl K. Maxson (our son who we lost 2 years back) and his 2 kids Justin (16) and Jennifer(14).

If in your own studies you contact any of the MAXSON clan, feel free to share this with them 'cause I'd welcome hearing from anyone who follows a similar track through the brothers and sisters of those who I tie-in with directly. I'm currently on a "fishing expedition" to find out what kind of a life my own grandfather had....born in Ingham Cty., MI....went out to seek his fortune... but never found it....mined in Arkansas, met my grandmother...had two kids....followed the gold and silver into Colorado mines....worked them for 7 years...2 more kids.....Silver in Idaho....headed there....had twins (my Dad and Aunt)....headed South to the Arizona mines....then finally entered California where he died and Granma Maxson raised her "brood"....Ah, the wanderings of (at least) this one MAXSON.

K Powell < >
USA - Saturday, July 20, 2002
Some of mine married with some of yours.

Amos WILLSON b ~1799 VT and children by his 2nd wife Hannah FARNSWORTH married with some of yours. Amos & entourage arrived in Pavilion twp, Kalamazoo Co MI 1844. In a few years he'd begun a school as Director, followed by various public offices until his death 1867. Amos' first wife, mother of his first 2 children was Elizabeth P WRIGHT, daughter of Dorastus. Somewhere along the line he was widowed by Hannah's death, and on the 1850 census his 3rd wife was Harriett - I don't know yet whose widow or daughter she'd been.

Amos' youngest two, of eight total: William Henry Harrison "Harry" WILSON married Viola Minerva BURDICK, daughter of Harlow, son of Sanford. Marcia/Maria/Mariah(?) Hannah WILSON married Wright Clear BURDICK, also son of Harlow.

Amos' 3rd wife CT-born Harriet may be a Burdick, Beebe, or Knapp - best guesses. Another of Amos' kids married McKAIN, others HOLDEN and MASON. His eldest son married HAAS; other daughter by WRIGHT married BOUGHTON. Later "editions" add in Mason, Dorrance and Saffen, and a pair of BEEBEs. Close neighborhood, there at Pavilion twp!

I'm told by a new "cousin" that there is a BURDICK researcher out there who'sgot this WILLSON line connection. I'd sure like to hear from him/her.

Nancy Burdick < >
USA - Wednesday, July 17, 2002
My husband's name is Robert George Burdick, Sr, Born in Franklin, NH on May 30, 1958. My name is Nancy Joan (Wilson) Burdick Born in Worcester Mass on July 14, 1959. We will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary on the 23rd of July.

We have two sons, Robert George Burdick, Jr. who is twenty three and a new dad to Morgan Taylor Burdick. She is three months old. Our second son Matthew Thomas Burdick is twenty-one, unattached, and no children. My husbands father is Ernest Labon Burdick, Jr. He was born in Westerly, RI on March 6,1944 to Ernest Labon Burdick Sr. and Julia Anne (Nicholes) Burdick. (We found out by looking through the Burdick book years ago is related to THE Jessie James (the bank robber). The Burdick Book mysteriously disappeared after Julia's death.

Ernest, Sr. died when my father in-law was a young teen. Julia never remarried. My husband has one full sister Barbara Jean (Burdick) Schofield Patten, and one full brother, William Burdick. He has a half sister from his Fathers second marriage; Ernest Labon Burdick III, and Bonnielynne Budick. Barbara has two daughters from her first marriage to Timothy Schofield. Phoenix Schofield and Nichole Sonia Schofield. Barbara has another daughter from her second marriage to Mark Patten; Jazzmine Patten. William (Bill) has four children. Two from his first marriage to Tandy <>; William Patrick Burdick and Leela Burdick. He also has two children from a second relationship, Jessie Burdick who is 11 and Mckensy who is 8.

Ernest Labon III has two children also, Jonathan Burdick and Cassandra Burdick. Ernest III is married to Judy (I'm not sure of her maiden name). Bonnielynne is Married to Frank Clark, Sr., they have one son, Sean Michael Clark who is 10 years old. Frank has two children from a previous marriage. I think that is everyone!!!!

I have hopes to buy a family book as a surprise for my husband for Christmas. His Gram Julia was a very big influence on him and when she died in Oct 1980 it was a big loss for him. She was a very special lady to all of us and had all the Burdick history in her stories that she used to tell him of his side of the Burdick Family.

Anyway, I just had to write and fill you in on our side of the line for as far as we know. Although my father in-law has told me the name of his grandparents, but I will have to ask him again as I don't remember the names right now. Finding this site has been thrilling for us and I have definitely saved it to my bookmarks and favorites.

Jennifer Hallett < >
Ontario, Canada - Monday, July 15, 2002
I was born and raised in Brant County, Ontario, Canada. I was trained as a Practical Nurse but work for the Board of Education as an Educational Assistant. I have been researching my genealogy, on and off, for the past 7 years. Ever since I got pregnant with my daughter I've had this urge to find out everything I can about where my ancestors came from. Unfortunately, usually all you come up with are names and dates. What's nice about the Burdick line is that we know a little bit more about them. My line is as follows. Anyone researching Burdicks in Ontario may feel free to contact me. I will do all I can to help or be glad just to chat with fellow researchers.

Robert Burdick - Ruth Hubbard
Hubbard Burdick - Hannah Maxon
Hubbard Burdick - Avis Lewis
James Burdick - Phoebe Smith (emigrated from U.S. to Canada)
Caleb Burdick - Levina Teeple
Mary Burdick - Dr. Adolphus Williams
Hannah Williams - Dr. Peregrine M. Mann
Harry Mann - Mary Walker
M. Vinnell Mann - Rena Hillman
M. Virginia Mann - Ronald Chato
Jennifer Chato - Kelly Hallett

Mark Hansen < >
Salt Lake City, UT USA - Sunday, July 7, 2002
My name is Mark Hansen, I live in Salt Lake City. My mother, Blanche Burdick Hansen, is from Payson, Utah, daughter of Albert Marcellus and Mary Elizabeth Harding. Albert Marcellus Burdick is son of Alden Burdick, Jr. and Hannah Rosetta Elertson. Alden is son of Alden Burdick, Sr. who was the sister to Rebecca Burdick Winters... that is why I was researching Rebecca Burdick Winters, she is my Great Great Aunt (I think)... Would like to find out more about my relatives and was thrilled to see your Burdick Newsletter, and possibly fill in any gaps about our side of the Burdick family.
Gay W. Lea < >
USA - Thursday, July 4, 2002
My Burdick ancestry is through Samuel Burdick born 1668 in Westerly RI, died 1756. He married Mary Foster. From Samuel, our line continues with son, Thomas Burdick born 1761, and wife Thorothy Maxson, son Elias Burdick born 1732, 2nd wife Elizabeth Cottrell, and their son, Alepheus Burdick born 16 November 1770, died 7 June 1841, who married Phebe Larkin born Jan 1768. My information from Elias Burdick and 2nd wife is only direct, I have nothing more on the family or other children. Do you have anything on this particular line of Burdicks?Would love to share information.
Virginia Burdick Haws < >
USA - Thursday, July 4, 2002
I am just now getting serious about finding out about my great ancestry. I'm going to list the few names I have in hopes that someone might recognize any of them. I'll start with my father and go back:

Ernest Emery Burdick - born October 31, 1904 in Highland, Osceola County, Michigan
Emery Eugene Burdick- born Mar 28, 1875 in Allegan County, Michigan (my grandfather)
Hiram Burdick - Born in Pennsylvania (my gr grandfather)
Peter Burdick (wife Sally) (my gr gr grandfather)

This is all I have on my father's family. We don't have any hand written records in Bibles or anything. Where should I begin? I would appreciate any help.

Maxine Blanchard <>
USA - Thursday, July 4, 2002
I was wondering if you would like some updates on one of the Burdicks - Samuel, son of Abraham & Deborah Ferris Burdick as shown in Nellie Johnson's book. Samuel married Sarah Birdsall and their daughter, Minerva, who is in the book only states she m. Mr. Brust. and died in Elkhart, IL. Mr. Brust's name was Conrad Leigh Brust, b. 1842 in Beaver, Pike Co. Ohio. son of Johann [John] and Elizabeth Seitz Brust. Conrad served in the 18th Indep. Battery. Moved to Il. after the war and settled in Elkhart, Il. They had nine children - a. Pliny, b. Myrtle, [my grandmother], c. Frank Riley, d, Sarah[Sadie], e. Samuel [died young], f. Leigh Clifton, g. Vincent, h. Anna Mable, i. Gilmore. Minerva d. 8 May 1912., and Conrad d. 23 March 1922. I have a little further info if it is wanted
Elaine Greene < >
USA - Monday, July 1, 2002
I have been trying to find the ancestors of my deceased husband's great grandmother. Her name was Fanny Adele Burdick, she married William George Green. They had a daughter, Ora Green and Ora Green married Fred Maxson Greene. Ora Green and Fred Greene had children by the names of Ethel, George, Harley, Bennie and Mertie/Myrtle/Mertle. Bennie Herbert Greene married Clara Loken and they had my husband Bennie Hubert (not Herbert) Greene. Since Ora's father was William George Green and Fred's father was William Maxson Greene, I'm have an awful time sorting out the right William for joining it into the proper line. I got my info from my family Bible. I wrote the info from my father-in-law as he told me the names of his grandparents. I wrote it in ink and I penciled in the middle names. There may have been some doubt as to which middle name belonged to which William. So if you can direct me to a site or to information to clear this up, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You.
Dee Burdick < >
WI USA - Monday, July 1, 2002
For about 3 months I have been working on tracing the roots of my dad, goal is to have majority of it completed by the end of August. I have been able to trace the roots from my dad, Donald Ray Burdick, (George Asa13, Alfred J.12, Asa11, Abraham10, Samuel9, Robert8, Thomas6, Robert5, Samuel4 Burdett Thomas3 Thomas2, Robert1).
Deborah Ann Burdick < >
USA - Wednesday, June 26, 2002
My name is Deborah Ann Burdick. I have two brothers, David Michael and Daniel Edward. Our parents are Walter James Burdick and Grace Marie Metelski.

My father was born in Troy, New York on August 2, 1929. He passed away in 1993. His parents were Walter Bertram (?) Burdick and Ruth Filkens. Walter Bertram died in 1941. Ruth died in 1999. My father has several siblings: Charles, Shirley, Clayton, Dorothy (deceased) and a half brother William. Walter Bertram had one brother but I do not know what his name was.

My brother David is married to Catherine Keller and they have two sons, David Jerry and Michael Joseph. My younger brother is married to Lorrie Maffai.

I am interested in finding out anything about my family lineage past that of my grandfather. If anyone knows anything about the Burdicks from the New York/New Jersey area, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Mary Gifford < >
USA - Wednesday, June 26, 2002
Children of Jonathan and Amanda:
Sybil S. Burdick, b. Grafton, New York, m. Henry M. Gifford.
Lyman Sullivan Burdick, m. Almira Bonesteel.

Children of Lyman and Almira Burdick:
Alice Burdick b. January 12, 1864 Grafton, New York m. (1) John Potter, m. (2) Max E. Stryker

Do you have any info on these familys? Thank you.

Lynn Kathleen Burdick Kerr < >
USA - Sunday, June 16, 2002
I've always been interested in tracing my father's family line, but like most things kept putting it off. He and my mother both recently passed away which has greatly increased my interest to search. This is what I know of his family line.

My father was Wilbur Charles Burdick, born 12/07/1903. I believe he was born in Sugar Grove, Illinois. (He passed away 02/28/2002). He was the second child born to Floyd Clair(e) and Brittemorte (O'Neill) Burdick. (Their first child was Evelyn Brittemorte Burdick Browning.) Brittemorte passed away in 1906 and Floyd Clair remarried a lady by the name of Bessie. I know that they moved from back east out to Wyoming where they homesteaded and had 5 or 6 more children.

If you could help me in my search I would be most grateful.

Alan Burdick < >
Fayetteville, AR USA - Monday, June 10, 2002
My grandfather was Ira Burdick. My dad, Raymond, was born in Perry, Oklahoma and has several brothers and sisters now living in Washington state and Oregon. I live in Arkansas as does my brother, Randall. I'm the manager of the North Arkansas Symphony Orchestra here and have my own karate school. Any advice you could give about how I could find out more info going back further into my family history would be appreciated. Thank you.
Hugh O. Burdick, Jr. < >
Racine, WI USA - Tuesday, June 4, 2002
I was born in Racine, WI and retired after a number of years spent as a Material Handling Engineer for the J.I.Case Co. Second vocation for the last eighteen years has been Real Estate Broker and Appraiser. My Burdick connections:

Robert Burdick/Ruth Hubbard
Samuel Burdick/Mary Foster
Thomas Burdick/Abigal Allen
Allen Burdick/Elizabeth Marcy
Jonathan Burdick/Susannah Stillwell
Allen Marcy Burdick/Melona Theresa Erskine
Orlando Jessor Burdick/Hanna West (1st wife), Catrina (Katie) Foster (2nd wife)
Benjamin N. Burdick/Mildred Mc Farland
Hugh Burdick Sr./Mable Larson

Allen Marcy Burdick, born 20 Nov 1812 in Oswego County, NY. Married Melona 1 Feb, 1835 in Richland, Oswego, NY. They came to Racine sometime between 1850 and 1860. (it would be of great interest to find out the method of transportation they used in the move from Oswego to Racine.)They had eight confirmed children. He died 23 Jul, 1886. Melona died 24 Mar, 1907. Both buried in Mound Cem., Racine, WI (Graves located)

Orlando J. was born 19 Jun 1851 in Oswego County, NY. Married Hanna West in Racine, WI on 3 Jan 1871. Moved to Oconto County, WI sometime after 1880. They had nine children. Wife Hanna died 5 Apr 1893 in Oconto County. He married Catrina (Katie) Foster 9 Jun 1894. They had two children. Orland died 27 Apr 1918 and is buried in Stiles, Oconto County. Katie was recorded as still living in 1920, per the 1920 Census, with her daughter and son-in-law. (James & Martha McDonald). A 1912 Oconto County Plat Book shows Orlando owning a 40 acre parcel in the SE 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 21, Township 28 North, Range 20 East, Stiles Township.

Benjamin N was born in Racine, WI about 1877, moved to Stiles, Oconto County with his father & mother sometime after 1880. On 13 Aug 1898, while working as a sawyer in a logging mill in Stiles, he married Mildred Mc Farland from Lathrop, MI. The marrage took place in Escanaba, MI. This asks the question "How did Ben and Mildred get together when Lathrop, MI is approx. 30 miles northwest of Escanaba and Stiles is approx. 80 miles southwest of Escanaba?" This was not your afternoon 1-1/2 hour drive in 1898! They moved to Racine sometime after 1920 and prior to 1930, moved to La Mesa, CA. Both died in CA. They had five children.

My father, Hugh Sr. was born 5 Aug 1899 near Escanaba, MI and came to Racine about 1921. He died here on 26 Dec, 1984. He married Mable Larson on 1 Jun, 1924. She was born in Racine on 24 Aug 1899 and she died 5 Jan 1977. They had two children, my sister Mary Louise Bulow and myself.

I have two children: Craig W. Burdick of Jupter, FL and Jeffory Burdick of Racine.

If any of the many Burdicks out there fit into this grouping, please contact me. Thanks

Virginia (Burdick) Haws < >
Edmond, OK USA - Sunday, June 2, 2002
I am 62 years old and have always been interested in family history, but because I am a late bloomer in just about everything, I only recently have been striving to gather as much information about my Burdick Ancestry.

I would like to know if anyone can possibly help me with my family line. My father (Ernest Emery Burdick) died when I was quite young, and I really don't have a whole lot to work with. This is what I was told:

My father - Ernest Emery Burdick - born October 31, 1904, died October 5, 1948.
His father - Emery Eugene Burdick - born March 28, 1875, died January 21, 1957.
His father - Hiram Burdick - born in Pennsylvania (wife Henrietta Sprague).
His father - Peter Burdick (wife Sally).

My father's mother was Viola Coral Cutler - born February 5, 1880, died - September 15, 1934.
Viola Coral's father - William Ransom Cutler - born August 9, 1852.
Viola Coral's mother - Araminta Cooper - born April 13, 1855.
Araminta Cooper's father was Eugene Cooper - born March 5, 1823, died January 03, 1901.
Araminta Cooper's mother was - Maria Phillips.

Does anyone have these names in your Burdick Line? Thank you.

Jim Street < >
Kilronan, Aran Islands, County Galway, Ireland - Sunday, May 19, 2002
I was born and raised in Northern California, Livermore, to be exact. Born in 1941 when Livermore was a small sleepy town, it is now a bustling place submerged in the Bay Area culture of Oakland, Berkeley etc. Not a great place these days. I was raised on a farm and had a great life as a youngster. My wife is a native of the Aran Islands, Ireland, she and a sister immigrated to America and fetched up in Livermore, she worked for me when I was manager of the University of California Credit Union and after a courtship we got married and I fired her! We were married in 1967 and had two daughters, 1968 and 1969 then we moved lock stock and barrel to Ireland and I managed a golf club for two years, our third daughter was born in Ireland in 1970. In 1971 we returned to California for a few years with holidays back here. In 1977 we moved over permanently and here we are, all three of my daughters live here in Ireland but not on the island. The island has a population of 850 except in summer when we are inundated with tourists at the rate of 1200 to 1500 per day. We have regular boat service and plane service to the mainland.

My step-grandfather was born in Eureka, Nv. and after WWI moved into the bay area of California, he met my grandmother who was divorced and had two daughters they married in 1926 and had a marvelous time together. I have done considerable research on my other family lines and even though Walter Clarke Burdick was not a blood relation I have enjoyed trying to trace his background. He left many many pictures and like many people of that generation they kept meticulous scrapbooks and albums, great fun going back over everything and tying things together. Like myself they weren't great about putting names etc. on all the photographs and I have a few "unknowns". There is an old photo taken in Geneva, Wisconsin which I think now could be a Burdick, I'll have to look back but there may be several Burdicks that I am unaware of. I could send scans to you if someone might be able to identify them.

Carol (Burdick) Pazolt < >
Kingman, AZ USA - Wednesday, May 8, 2002
I'm a daughter of Louis Burdick of Marquette, Michigan. There were 14 of us in family. Louis died in 1976, wife Clarrisa Pringle died in 1998 and their daughter (my sister) Barbara Mahn died in 1998. All the rest of us, 13, are alive and in pretty good health. A lot of arthritis and polymynolgia. Sister Betty lives in Warwick, RI. Brother Milton lives in California and I'm in Kingman, AZ. All the rest are in Michigan: 3 lower Michigan, the other 8 in Marquette. Louie and Clarrisa have about 120 grandkids.
Robert William Burdick < >
Sylacauga, AL USA - Thursday, April 4, 2002
I was born to Robert Eugene Burdick, March 25, 1971 in Sylacauga, Alabama. I still reside in Sylacauga with my wife and newborn Burdick daughter Paris Anne Burdick. Paris was born March 4, 2002 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Not only do we have a new Burdick to be proud of but I also lost my Grandfather, Ellis Rex Burdick, to a heart attack on February 6, 2002.(two days after my father retired). When going through his personal belongings I discovered several cassette tapes of "PaPa" singing old country songs, Tom T. Hall songs, and Gospel music. I immediately went to work transferring all those treasures to audio compact disc.

Along with the music there were two tapes of story telling. One is of my great-grandmother, Bonnie Rue Cook Burdick and one of my PaPa's brothers Jack Burdick telling stories of the old days. Most of the history in this recording was about the Cook side of the family but it does tell a little about the Burdicks, like how her and JD Burdick eloped and what not. The part I find most touching about this recording is that it was made on March 11,1971 (14 days prior to my existence) and I am the opening subject to the recording.

My great grandmother died several years ago but I did get the opportunity to know and love her very much. She lived in Montgomery, Alabama until her death and we would see her several times each year.

I am starting to go off the subject, what I was getting at is that I have found new life in researching all that I can about my heritage. Also in with the tapes was a recording of my grandfather and his Uncle (Faye Cook) who was only five months older. They grew up more or less like brothers. The tape is of the two of them at "The Old Homeplace" in Sylacauga talking about the good ole days. I was able to complete the cd's along with old photo's for covers by Easter and distributed a set of seven cd's each to six sons and daughters of Rex Burdick. They were delighted to have such a treasure and it made for good memory recollection.

Some of them asked me how I managed to get through such a task so shortly after PaPa's death without the pain of losing him. My reply was that I did not look at it as memory of loss but as an opportunity to get to know my PaPa on another level, as a man who lived a good life as a human being and not just my PaPa. I have not had much luck tracing my family in Alabama, I can go as far as my great-grandfathers father and that's it.

Please send any thing that might help. My mother has a family book with names, dates, etc. I will also have some old photos.

Lisa Kimball-Douglas < >
Rome, NY USA - Wednesday, May 1, 2002
I am helping my mother in-law. She is looking for her father. His name is Martin and was born apprx. 1910. His mother was Elizabeth Pachio, married a Congdon , and she passed away in Utica, NY. from stab wounds apprx.1912. Martin had a brother name Gerald, both of these boys were put up for adoption. Gerald was adopted by a Wagner family and Martin was adopted by a Burdick family. My mother in law would like to find her father. Martin married a lady named Beatrice Sheppard, they had 7 children under the Burdick name. The children are: unknown male born apprx.1942, Thelma dob:7/14/1943, living, Elsie May S. Burdick dob:5/26/1944 - dod:12/1/1945, buried Evergreen cem. Oneida county, Lee Center, NY, Gerald (Jerry) dob:8/24/1946 ,nothing more is known about him, Connie(my mother in law) dob: 3/1931951, there was also Patricia and Frances both died after birth ,dod: unk. Beatrice was married three time: 1. unknown Audus, 2.Martin Burdick (Congdon), 3. Blanchard. All of these people are from New York. Somewhere a Burdick adopted Martin and I'm hitting all brick walls. Any help on this mystery would make my mother in-law happy . Thank you very much for your time.
Fran Stuart Anderson < >
USA - Thursday, April 24, 2002
My great grandmother was Emma Burdick, born in Storm Lake, Iowa. Somewhere I have a copy of the Burdick family going back to Sameul (I belive this was a son of your original Burdick). Emma Burdick married Floyd Raymond. Their daughter, Ida Mae Raymond married Frederick Stuart. Frederick Stuart was my fraternal grandfather.
Yvonne Burdick Wrightson < >
USA - Thursday, April 25, 2002
Robert Agustus, Augustus, or Augusta [BOB] Burdick was born March 14, 1884. Died Sept. or Dec. 1967. He was married to Mary Alice Smith from Riverfalls, Alabama. Mary Alice died in 1946 or 1947. They had several children. Bernice Luther, Samuel Coy [SAM], Earnest Jackson, Chalmers (or Chalmus) at least [I] daughter named Yvonne (who I was named after). I am the eldest daughter of Earnest Jackson Burdick. He was born February 9, 1906 and died Dec.24,1988. He was married once to a woman named Nora Lee ????? (last name slips my mind). June 22, 1940, he married Sybil Hood. They had a son Ed J., on April 9, 1942 (still living), Earnest J Jr., born April 8, 1943, died July 5 1943. Sybil Yvonne (me), born June 8, 1944, Armestine, born August 29, 1945, Twin boys Jimmy & Jamie were still- born in Sept., 1955. All the deceased are buried in the New Hope or New Home Baptist Church yard in a little town called Riverfalls, Alabama This is where Mary Alice and her brothers came from.

Now for some unusual stuff. Mary Alice & Bob both had two brothers named the same: John & Will. Bob had a twin Sister (I can't remember her name). If any of this hits base with you, let me know. By the time you get back to me on it I may be able to tell you more. Until then I remain truely a Burdick. If I can be of any help to you, or if you can help me figure out WHO ARE MY GGF&GGM ON THE BURDICK SIDE OF THIS TREE, let me know Thanks for any help you may pass along.

< >
USA - Saturday, April 13, 2002
I have begun researching my husband's family. Fred BURDICK (1888-1967) of Rockford, Winnebago County, Illinois was married to Ruth SWANSON. His parents were Abel BURDICK and Sarah BLAISDELL. They were of Milton, Rock County, Wisconsin. I am interested in sharing information with anyone else interested in this branch of the Burdick family.
Susan Flynn < >
USA - Friday, April 5, 2002
I was just made aware of your website, and it is wonderful. My great-grandmother was a Burdick, her name was Helena Rivers Burdick. Her line goes back as follows (according to a helpful Burdick who emailed me info from the Burdick Book): William Henry8, Gilbert7, Daniel6, Daniel5, Robert4, Robert3, Thomas2, Robert & Ruth. Helena married William Vincent Brill, and one of their children, Harry William Brill, was my mother's father.
Mary Stewart < >
USA - Thursday, April 4, 2002
I am looking for information on William Burdick, m. Avis L. Thurston. They had a daughter, Adeline Avis b. 1849, d. 1922, m. Marshall W. Wilcox b. 1843, d. 1934. They had children: Claude M., Grace E., Jesse Lee, and George Earle. I am looking for the dates of William and Avis and any info on Claude M. The rest of the family I have.
Phillip Hubbard < >
Aiea, Hawaii USA - Wednesday, April 3, 2002
I am looking for informaton about my great great grandmother, Lovina C. Burdick. Lovina lived in Cresco, Howard County, Iowa in the mid 1800's. She married Charles Jones of N.Y., I do not have the date of the marriage. Lovina and Charles had two girls, Alice, born March 19, 1856 and a sister who's name I do not know. Charles died during the civil war when the two girls were young. Alice is my great grandmother. She married Fred L. Post in Cresco in 1879 or 1880. Fred L. Post is a descendant of Stephen Post who was one of the followers of Rev. Thomas Hooker. Stephen Post came to America about 1633 and is one of the founders of Hartford, Ct. I would appriciate hearing from anyone who might know about Lovina and the Burdicks of Cresco, Iowa. I would be happy to share information with anyone who is interested in the descendants of Lovina and Charles through Alice.
Phil Wise < >
Deer Park, WA USA - Tuesday, April 2, 2002
My connection to the Burdicks is 5x grandfather Josiah Maxson who was married to Lois Burdick:

Phil Wise
son of Verna Maxson m David Wise
dau of Edwin Darwin Maxson m Clara Belle Franklin
son of Sewell Spaulding Maxson m Susan Davis
son of Josiah Maxson m Lois Burdick
son of Joel Maxson m Rachel Coon
son of Stephen Maxson m Martha Stewart
son of John Maxson m Thankful Randall
son of Rev. John Maxson m Judith Clarke
son of Rev. John Maxson m Mary Mosher

Above info was emailed to me a while back and I do not know the source. Is not email something! With out it we wouldn't know all of these relatives with out a lot of hard searching. I did not realize I am connected to so many living people. Thanks to sites like this we are aware of this now.

Cara Trinder Cameron < >
Chandler, AZ USA - Saturday, March 30, 2002
Here is my direct connection to Robert Burdick of Rhode Island, listed by generation:

1.. Robert and Ruth (Hubbard) Burdick
2.. Deacon Robert and Rebecca (Foster) Burdick
3.. Jonathan and Judith (Clarke) Burdick
4.. Oliver and Lydia (Elderton) Burdick
5.. Reverend Hazard and Esther (Shirley) Burdick
6.. David and Polly Bridget (Burdick) Eccleston
7.. Daniel and Mary (Hotchkiss) Eccleston
8.. Adelbert and Ella (Eccleston) Darling
9.. Matthew Patrick and Lillian Ann (Darling) Bolger
10.. John Benjamin and Kathryne (Bolger) Williams
11.. Robert William and June Katherine (Williams) Trinder
12.. David Brian and Cara (Trinder) Cameron

I have been interested in my family genealogy for more than 20 years. I grew up in Norwich, New York, and my great-grandmother (Lillian Bolger) was still living until I was 25. As a matter of fact, she clearly remembered Nellie Johnson, who came to interview her when she was writing The Descendants of Robert Burdick of Rhode Island. I researched my Burdick ancestry through Nellie Johnson's book, a copy of which is located in the Norwich Public Library. My grandmother (Kathryne Williams) also lived a long life, passing away just four years ago at the age of 92. She also provided me with lots of information and some family papers, but nothing further back than my great-grandmother's generation. As you may already know, Reverend Hazard Burdick and his wife Esther (Shirley) Burdick (5th generation) were the first Burdick's to settle in Norwich, New York.

If there is any information I can provide you, please don't hesitate to ask. Oh, by the way, there is a 13th generation not listed above. I now live in Chandler, Arizona, with my two sons, Jeffrey (born 1982) and Christopher (born 1985). I'd love to hear from you.

Joe Swartz < >
USA - Thursday, March 28, 2002
I have been doing research on my family for about 10 years. My gggrandfather was married to an Adeline Burdick who, if I remember correctly, was from Licking County, Ohio. If you happen to know of any Swartz names, any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for all of your assistance.
John (Jack) Alfred Burdick Jr. < >
Centerbrook, CT USA - Sunday, March 24, 2002
I was very impressed with the Burdick Family History page that I stumbled on to quite by accident. I had read somewhere in some of Alfred Lincoln Burdick's (my grandfather) papers about Robert Burdick and that he went to jail for refusing to pay taxes to Massachusetts, but I had no knowledge of the in-depth European background. I would like to find who the first Burdick to settle in Saybrook, Connecticut was. There are not many of us left in this area now.
Kimberly Jo Lund < >
Redwood Falls, MN USA - Sunday, March 17, 2002
My name is Kimberly Jo Lund. My fathers name is Marferd Clark Burdick and my Grandfather's name is Clark (?) Burdick. We all lived around the Redwood Falls, MN area. I really don't know much about my family, my mother and father were divorced when I was two. My father has 4 brothers: Harl, Maynard, Gordon and Donald and has 4 sisters: Ruby, Alice, Sandy and Sharon which are twins. If anybody has any information on this family, please e-mail me at Also, I am just starting to do my family tree and have no clue on how to start or where to start. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.
Dennis Powers < >
USA - Tuesday, May 12, 2002
Stephen Burdick < >
USA - Friday, March 8, 2002
I was wondering if you could help me extend my uncle's work any closer to Robert and Ruth Burdick. My uncle has traced our lineage back as follows: Stephen Arthur; Ira Lester; Stephen M.; Lester Jason (b ~1794, NY; married Hannah McIntyre). My uncle would have been one of Ira's grandkids (via Stephen Arthur). Unfortunately, my uncle's trail went cold with Lester Jason (not even having a birth month or day or town). I don't think he even knew that Lester Jason moved to the Baraboo area. Thanks for any help you can provide.
Ed Burdick < >
Marlborough,, MA USA - Friday, March 8, 2002
I was born in Alameda, California in 1948. My wife has done a little research on my family, but we have done very little in the Burdick line. Here is the information I can add:

Chester M. Burdick (my grandfather) died in Milwaukee, WI around 1923 in his early forties, probably of complications of diabetes. He was married to Elizabeth Tucker, and they had three children, Robert, Jane and John. Chester was a graphic artist. I believe his middle name was Morgan, and my father told me that there was a family tradition of giving a Burdick son his father's first name as a middle name. John, I copied you on this email for this reason. Perhaps Morgan Burdick (See John Birch entry, November 28, 2001) is also my great grandfather or great great grandfather.

John Chester Burdick (my father) was born in Milwaukee in 1922. He met my mother, Marilyn Oleston, when he was in the Navy during WWII, and they were married in 1947. They had three children, Edward John (me) in 1948, Vickie Ann (now Vickie Watson) in 1950, and Robert James in 1952. My father died in 2001, and my mother lives in Pleasant Hill, CA, near my sister.

My sister (Vickie) married Don Watson and had two sons, Corey (1970) and Jeff (1975). Vickie and Don live in Walnut Creek, CA. Corey lives near Seattle, WA, and Jeff lives on Long Island, New York.

My brother (Robert) married Deborah Holcomb and had two sons, Nathan (1976) and Jared (1979). They all live in Brush Prairie, WA, near Portland, OR.

I (Edward Burdick) married Andrea Shushan and we had two daughters, Rachel Carina (1976) and Stacey Elizabeth (1978). Andrea and I live in Marlborough, MA, Rachel lives in Tewksbury, MA, and Stacey lives in Florence, MA. We lived in the Santa Cruz mountains in California (near Los Gatos and San Jose) until 1980, when a job opportunity brought us to Massachusetts, and our children grew up here in New England close to the graves of many of their early American ancestors.

The next generation has not started yet, but I expect it will within the next five years.

Alfred William "Bill" Stillman, Jr < >
USA - Monday, February 25, 2002
I am the creator/curator of the Stillman Family Genealogy Home Page located at I am delighted to see your page - looks super.

Please feel free to explore the Stillman Family Genealogy Home Page - incomplete as it is. I am in the process of remodeling each of the American descendents-of-Mr. George Stillman-pages and a bunch of others so as to be able to employ a site search engine to search the Stillman Genealogy site - one horrendous task in magnitude.

There are SO MANY Burdicks listed in the Stillman site that I feel we are cousins without qualification..........

Please feel free to link to any of the Stillman site pages - we seem to come and go in and out of each other's family so many times each generation. I am using Frank Stillman's 1989 "The Stillman Family" as my guide with lots of input from Stillman's, Burdicks and other SDB Family names. If you are not familiar with Frank's book, go to Yahoo people search - he is Francis Duane Stillman in Greenburg, PA. Frank is one of my genealogy guru's. Franks book has page after page of Burdicks listed.

My great grandmother was Adeliza Crandall Burdick - which when we tack Stillman on the end - says tons about the SDB Church in origin. Of course, there are about 20 more names that have mixed well with us - including Bush.

If there is anything that I can help you with - please don't hesitate to E-Mail me.

Maxine Blanchard < >
TX USA - Thurday, February 21, 2002
I was born in Illinois, grew up in Michigan and now reside in Texas. I am a retired Practical Nurse My ancesters are:

Robert Burdick m Ruth Hubbard
Thomas Burdick m Martha__
Robert Burdick m Dorcas Lewis
Robert Burdick m Jane Bennett
Samuel Burdick m Mary Slocum
Abraham Burdick m Deborah Ferris
Samuel Burdick m Ellen Coon 2ond m. Sarah Birdsall
Minerva Burdick b. 27 Aug. 1854 in Green Lake, Wi. m. Conrad Brust.
Myrtle Brust b. 1878 m. Wm. Otto Morris
Everett D. Morris b. 1901 m. Julia O. Wright
One son (living) Two girls, Sister (living ) and myself.

An interesting note - on Myrtle Brust and Wm. Otto's marriage license it lists him as being of the Human race while Myrtle's race is mixed. As far as I have been able to trace her - there is no sign of Indian lineage.

Lynn Porter Burdick < >
Thousand Oaks, CA USA - Wednesday, February 6, 2002
I am a Burdick by marriage to my husband Douglas D. Burdick. I am researching the ancestry lines of both our families. We are connected to the Burdick/Hubbard line as follows:

Robert Burdick V (or the last one in the chain) who had a son:
Rowse Burdick (Rhode Island to New York) who had a son:
Lyman Berry Burdick (New York) who had a son:
Caleb Lyman Burdick (New York) who had a son:
Walter Lyman Burdick (New York) who had a son:
Dr. Donald Walter Burdick - now deceased. (New York to Chicago, ILL to Denver, CO) He has a living brother name Merlyn aka "Scottie" who had a son:
Douglas Donald Burdick (my husband) (Denver, CO to Houston, TX to Thousand Oaks, CA) He has a sister named: Sharon Ruth (Burdick) Sincock who has two sons:
John Porter Burdick (10 years old) (Thousand Oaks, CA) and Matthew Douglas Burdick (5 years old) (Thousand Oaks, CA)

We also hold the website: even though it is still under construction.

In researching the Burdick family ancestry, I have become well aware of the faith of the Burdicks. My father-in-law, Dr. Donald W. Burdick, was Professor of New Testament at the Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary in Denver, Co. I understand he played a very active role in establishing and maintaining the Seminary. He also is published. His works include translations and editorial matters as well as his own works. He did the following works:

New International Version of the New Testament - Zondervan
The NIV Study Bible
"Tongues- To Speak or Not to Speak"
"The Letters of John the Apostle"

Now that we have the names of many ancestors and living family, we look forward to including more stories about who they/we are. Let me know if you need any futher data from me.

Brenda Sue (Burdick) Countryman < >
USA - Monday, February 4, 2002
My name is Brenda Sue (Burdick) Countryman b: 12/13/63 in Tucson, AZ Spouse: Lee Edwin Countryman m: 4/17/1993.

My father: Gordon Stone Burdick b: 5/19/39 - present born in Carlton, MN living in Oxford, IA SPOUSE: Helen Mae (Blair) Burdick b: 6/13/42 - present, born in Iowa City, IA. Married 1/2/1960

Blair Steven Burdick b: 5/12/60-present born in Tucson, AZ, living in Oxford, IA SPOUSE: Andrea (Metsala) Burdick; children: Blair Steven Burdick II, Joseph Richard Burdick & Jessica Mae Burdick

Dwayne Stone Burdick b: 9/18/61-present born in Tucson, AZ, living in Oxford, IA SPOUSE: Tammy ? Burdick; children: Jillian Stone Burdick and (Dwayne's illigitamate child: Joseph Kelly)

Brenda Sue Burdick Countryman (see above) Children: Amber Rose Countryman b: 6/26/96 and 2 step children, Shawna Rae Countryman and Stacey Ann Countryman Glen Alan Burdick b: 8/27/65-present, born in Tucson, divorced, no children Gordon Keith Burdick b: 10/7/1966, born in Tucson, AZ.divorced, no children Wanda Mae Burdick Johnson b: 8/27/68 in Tucson, AZ. SPOUSE: Randy Michael Johnson b: 3/1960; children: Cheryl Josephine Johnson and Jennifer Marie Johnson

GORDON BURDICK's PARENTS:Joseph Gordon Burdick b: 8/29/1908 in Carlton, MN - still living (but will NOT speak of his parents, siblings and prior family) SPOUSE: Olga Mae (Stone) Burdick b: ? d: 6/12/1961 in Wright MN, burried at Lakeside Cemetery, Wright MN. know nothing else of her.

CHILDREN:>br? Gordon Stone Burdick (see above) Donna Mae Burdick Jerikovsky b: 9/21/1930 in MN-present married Joseph F Jerikovsky. Their children: Joe (died in 1987 - car accident), Kathleen, Michael (died at age 4), Teresa, Dianne, Joanne

Marilyn ? Burdick Demenge b: ? married Steve Demenge. Their children: Steve, Debbie, Denise and Jody

JOSEPH GORDON BURDICK's PARENTS: Albert Reed Burdick b: 3/1/1861 d: 5/27/1928 SPOUSE: Mary Victoria Kleespies b:? d: 9/7/1928 in Carlton, MN, buried in Forest Lake, MN

Joseph Gordon Burdick (see above)

Thomas John Burdick ?? know nothing of him

Dennis LeRoy (ROY) Burdick b: 10/27/1905 d: 6/2/1992 in Tamarack, MN married: Doris Burdick b: 2/6/1913 d: 2/1981 in Tamarack. (FROM LILLIAN BURDICK's copy of her WILL) Their children: Roger (living in Tamarack, MN), Richard (living in Tamarack, MN), David, (Living in North Augusta, SC), Wallace (living in Maple Grove, MN), Jerry (living in Tamarack, MN), Russell (living in Tamarack, MN), DuWayne (living in Tamarack, MN), Joe (living in North Pole, AK), Dale (Living in Aitkin, MN) Carol Hageman (Living in McGregor, MN), Pearl Bruggman (Living in McGregor, MN), Joyce Shokes (Living in Johns Island, SC)

Lillian Burdick Corey Bailey: b: 9/6/1898 d: 7/23/2000 born at Corral, died at Duluth, MN

Florence May Burdick : ?? kno nothing of her

Elsie Irene Burdick Connors: ?? know nothing of her

Myrtle Florence Burdick Whipps b: ? married Elmer Whipps; their children: Dorothy June, Elmer George, Jr

Eva Pearl Burdick Hagadorn b? d? no other information

Cathaline Gertrude Burdick Holmgren: b? d? no other info

This is all that I know... any info would help me greatly...

Geraldine Stockman < >
USA - Saturday, February 2, 2002
I'm looking for information on the family of Joseph Burdick who married Esther Marie Peck, 26 Mar 1866, in Berrien MI. They had two daughters, Clara who was born 20 Mar 1867 in Charlevoix (Charlevoix) MI and Ada Leone who was born 3 Sep 1868 in Charlevoix (Charlevoix) MI and died 22 Jul 1895 in Chetek (Barron) WI. Ada was the first wife of my husband's grandfather Arthur Joseph Chubb whom she married in Jan 1889 in Sheboygan (Sheboygan) WI.
Barbara Sass < >
Tonganoxie, KS USA - Saturday, January 19, 2002
I am a descendent of Robert Burdick in the following way:

1. Robert Burdick - Ruth Hubbard
2. Thomas Burdick - Martha
3. Robert Burdick - Dorcas Lewis
4. Robert Burdick - Jane Bennett
5. Samuel Burdick - Mary Slocum
6. Abraham Burdick - Deborah Ferris,
7. Daughter Nancy Burdick married Egbert Jonathan Cable
8. Daughter Lucy Jerusha Cable married Robert W. Williams
9. Son Melvin Williams married Vera Viola Potter
10. Daughter Marie Williams married Harold E. Lowe
11. I am daughter, Barbara Lowe Sass

I have a son, Bryan McCully and a daughter, Dana Parks and four grandchildren. My ancestors, Egbert and Nancy Burdick Cable moved from New York to Green Lake, WI. After Robert W. Williams married Lucy Cable, they homesteaded in Minnesota before moving west to Kansas where our family has lived since.

I've been researching my ancestry for a number of years, but your whitepages brings together the "family" and the number of Robert's descendents is overwhelming. I love photo's and would be very interested in any of my ancestors and would be very willing to share any information that would be helpful to anyone else.

Lynn Blau < >
USA - Thursday, January 10, 2002
Do you have descendants of George Burditt who arrived in Salem in 1633? That is the spelling of my William R. Burditt b. 1755 Edgefield Dist. SC. HELP!! Thank you.
Pat Craig Johnson < >
Fort Collins, CO USA - Tuesday, January 8, 2002
I recently I found my BURDICK family link: Susanna BURDICK born 1736 in Westerly, RI and died Oct 1794 in Preston, CT. She married Benjamin AUSTIN 1759 in Westerly, RI. She had a daughter, Susanna AUSTIN that married Robert LOVE and moved to Oneida Co. NY about 1795. It is the NY connection I am working on now. Are there any other descendants from that part of NY? My husband is descended from a Daniel BURDICK born in NY abt 1790 and moved to VanBuren Co. MI in the 1830's. Does anyone know of him?
Connie Lear Wright < >
NE USA - Wednesday, January 2, 2002
My great great grandfather was Joshua Philip Burdick. Thought other Burdick's whom are mid-westerners might also be related to him. He and his wife Deborah Gray are buried in the Eagle, Nebraska Cemetary, not far from where I live. I have been out there to take pictures. His son Anson Burdick was my great grandfather and Anson's son Leon Burdick was my grandfather. My mother (who is still living) is Gladys Burdick Lear. I would be interested knowing if there are other Nebraska or midwestern Burdick's that are related to me though Joshua. (Joshua's father was Abel and his father was an Abel Burdick as well.) if anyone is from this line please contact me. My line to Robert is:

Robert Burdick - Ruth Hubbard
Thomas Burdick Sr. 1656-1732 m. Martha Posner 1665-1728
Samuel Hubbard Burdick 1706-1775 m Avis Maxson
John Burdick (Rev) 1731-1802 m. Sybil Cheseborough
Abel Burdick IV 1766-1848 m Elizabeth Davis 1775-1852
Abel Burdick Jr. 1799-1866 m. Lucy Hadsell 1806-1879
Joshua P. Burdick Sept 30, 1832-1906 m. Deborah Gray 1835-1902
Anson Dennis Burdick 1860-1929 m Phoebe Mary Helen Dubuque 1863-1942
Leon Leroy Burdick 1888-1949 m. Sylvia Scott 1896-1968
Gladys Burdick Lear b. 1925 m. Jack Junior Lear b. 1920
Connie Lear Wright b. 1951 m. Raymond J. Wright (Divorced 1997)