Edward Jackson Burdick < edburdick@worldnet.att.net >
Panama City, FL USA - Saturday, November 3, 2001
I have two sisters; Sybil Yvonne Burdick and Armestine Burdick. Our father was Ernest Jackson Burdick (1906-1989) and our mother is Sybil Hood Burdick born 1921, still living in Alabama. Our grandparents were Robert Augusta Burdick (1884-196x) and Mary Alice Smith Burdick (18xx-1947) who lived most of their lives in Southern Alabama. I am unable to trace back past my grandfather. When I was a kid I asked him where his 'grandaddy' came from and remember him saying Rhode Island...imagine that! Robert had a twin sister named Alma and a brother named William. Grandparents had sons Samuel Coy, Burnice, and Titus that I am aware of. Sam is the lottery winner referenced in Schullers book. I understand Sam died a couple of years back. Anyone with information to share that might help me discover my great grandfather please contact me.

My career has been in industrial electronics and US government defense contracts and hope to retire soon. My children are Bryan Edward Burdick and Rebecca Lynn Burdick.

Donna Mohney < dmohney@westol.com >
USA - Tuesday, December 25, 2001
I am a Burdick Descendant through:
Deborah- Joseph Crandall
Mary - Nathaniel Wells
Deborah- Thomas Partelow
Thomas, Jr. - Martha Maccoone
Hannah- Rufus Mulkin
Thomas Mulkin- Anne ?
Sarah Anne Mulkin- Valentine Mohney
Silas Mohney- Margaret Jane McCamey
Valentine Edward Mohney- Margaret Annetta Book
Donald Edward Mohney- Nettie Lynda Lindbeck
Donna Evalynn Mohney (me)

Tania Beauregard < tania@urbancreature.com >
Canada - Tuesday, December 25, 2001
I am looking for Burdicks in Canada, or more specifically in British Columbia. My mother's father died when she was 1 year old and her mother (either Marie, Martha or Thelma Campbell) remarried to a Burdick. My aunt, Patricia, was born and had 2 children, Dennis and Carolyn. I am looking for all of them, but am mostly interested in finding out more about my grandmother Campbell whom I never met (my mother was taken away at an early age and moved to Quebec). If you could refer me to Canadian resources you may be aware of, I would be grateful. Though not a Burdick myself, my family history as a whole is very important to me.
Maureen LaBranche < mola29@webtv.net >
USA - Sunday, December 9, 2001
I'm looking for suggestions or family members from Copake, NY and/or MA with Wesley Burdick, his sister is my line. I have tried writing to churches and the Town of Claverack, NY, neither could help me. Any ideas?
Randi Michelle Burdick < randimichelle@charter.net >
San Luis Obispo, CA USA - Sunday, December 2, 2001
I am looking for any information connection to my family (James Burdick). He died when my father was 5 and my grandmother has also passed. I am looking for any links to our family and I have little information to go from. Thank You.

Grandparents: James & Roberta Burdick (Pasadena, CA)
Father & Mother: Brian & Susan Burdick (Pasadena, N. Hollywood, CA)
Siblings: Kelly Burdick
Uncle: Gary Burdick (Pasadena, CA - Michigan)
Cousins: James, Caralyn, Matt Burdick

John R. Birch < JRB1122@aol.com >
USA - Wednesday, November 28, 2001
My great great grandfather was Morgan Burdick (1813-1886) who came to Milwaukee from Howardville, New York in 1834. I have traced his lineage back through Paul, Thompson, John, and Hubbard to Robert, born in England in 1633. However I have found there may be a discrepancy in this. Do you have a record of Morgan and his lineage?
Lynn Blau < lynnraye22@hotmail.com >
USA - Saturday, November 24, 2001
We in our branch of the family have been looking for the parents of William R. Burditt, Sr., m. Patience Delacy Hart. The records of William indicate that he was born in North Carolina in 1755. There is no proof or evidence of that, however. Family tradition says that he might have been born in Amsterdam. His ancestors seem to have fled the French Revolution because they were Huguenots. Can you shed any light on this situation for us, or do you have information on this William that might give us a further clue? Our William is different from the William R. Burditt b. 1755 in Culpepper Co. Va. Thank you for your time and efforts on our part.
George Burdick < George.Burdick@morganstanley.com >
USA - Tuesday, November 6, 2001
My name is George Burdick, son of Lewis Avery Burdick (brothers Sidney and James both deceased), grandson of George Burdick, of CT. My mother's maiden name was Conant. If you have ever been to Salem you will see a statue of one of our ancestors, Sir Roger Conant, from my mother's side of the family. My father lives in Naples, Maine.
Judith Ernst Scholler < scholrs@uniontel.net >
Wild Rose, WI USA - Monday, November 5, 2001
My Burdick connection is as follows:

Robert Burdick & Ruth Hubbard
Thomas Burdick & Martha ?
Thomas Burdick & Dorothy Maxson
Thomas Burdick & Abigail Allen
Gideon Burdick & Jane Ripley
Lucinda Burdick & John Benjamin Baldwin
Sierra Baldwin & George H. Breitenbucher
Sophia Breitenbucher and Henry John Ernst
Edgar Ernst and Deloris Erato

Judith Ernst, born February 1941, Milwaukee, WI. Married to Thomas Scholler November 1959, Biloxi, MS. We have five children and seven grandchildren. I really enjoy reading about all the Burdick Family members.

Gwen Joyner Christensen < emgw@earthlink.net >
CA USA - Sunday, November 4, 2001
I am looking for information about Aaron Wright who married Julia Anna Burdick (daughter of Joshua Burdick). Aaron and Julia Burdick Wright had 9 children. I know nothing more about Aaron except that his parents may have been Augustus and Margaret.

I also edit a newsletter, Die Pommerschen Leute. Your information about the German heritage of the Burdick family intrigues me. I have written two books on my heritage from the German side and am editing a Pomeranian newsletter now.

Randy L. Burdick < angel_wolf@gbronline.com >
USA - Sunday, November 4, 2001
My father's name was Billie Eugene, born 12-28-1931, died-4-26-1993. His dad was Frank Lewis Burdick, born 4-3-1905, died 1-24-1985. There is also a connection to Cornings, Eads, Hoover, and McCullough(?), some of this information I do have. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (PS - Please put Re: family history as email subject.)
Gillian French Kies < gillian@tomandgillian.com >
USA - Saturday, November 3, 2001
My great grandmother was a Burdick by birth and a Maxson by marriage. She's Zelma Clifton Burdick Maxon, b 9 Dec 1885 New Bedford, MA, d December 1984 New London, CT. Her great grandfather was General Stanton (Civil War). She was married to Silas Maxson Jr, known in New London County (CT) for his piano business, and his construction business. He built many of the houses off Long Hill Road in Groton - Maxson Road, Wayne Road, Bradford Road, etc.

Zelma and Silas' children are Marjorie Maxson Vignot, b 1 Jan 1912, Silas "Brud" Maxson, and Norman Maxson. Her sister was Zenia Burdick.

I also have a name to add to your relations-by-marriage list. My grandfather, Marjorie's husband, was a Vignot from Norwich, CT. The Vignots are distantly related to the Arnolds of Norwich - which includes the infamous Benedict Arnold.

If anyone would like to find out more about the CT Maxson branch of the family, please feel free to e-mail me.

Stuart Dean Burdick < sburdick@iopener.net >
Clifford, PA USA - Tuesday, October 30, 2001
I am a descendant of Robert Burdick of Westerly, RI. Billings Burdick (7th generation) moved from RI. to Greenfield Twp., Pa. in 1815 and settled on a farm there. I am a 12th generation and grew up in Clifford, Pa. which is near the Greenfield Homestead. The homestead is no longer in family. Lineage from my son back:

Joseph Tanner Burdick, b. 7-24-1992
Todd Michael Burdick, b. 1969
Stuart Dean Burdick, b. 1933
Newton Mathews Burdick b. 1906
Lewis Eben
Dorance Billings
Billings, b. Greenfield
Billings, b. RI.
Billings, b. RI.
Stephen, b. Westerly, RI.
Simeon, b. Westerly, RI.
Thomas, b. Westerly, RI.
Thomas, b. Newport, RI.

Anita (Sanden) Bikowitz < Abikowitz@aol.com >
Saratoga Springs, NY USA - Sunday, October 28, 2001
I'm a newcomer to the Burdicks. Just found out this week in fact. My mother had been accidentally adopted out in about 1921 and I just was contacted by her birth family! The connection to the Burdicks is:

Robert Burdick m Ruth Hubbard
Thomas Burdick m Martha Posner?
Robert Burdick m Dorcas Lewis
Robert Burdick m Jane Bennett
Samuel Burdick m Mary Slocum
Abraham Burdick m Deborah Ferris
Asa Burdick m Susana Shellman
Abraham Burdick m Mary Farra
Laura Emily Burdick m Myron H. Phillps
Harriet Phillips m Fred Beaver
Naomi Beaver (renamed Katherine Mabie) m Lloyd Sanden
Anita Sanden (see below)

I was born February 8, 1950. I married James Blawat on September 25, 1971. We divorced in 1990 in Muskegon, MI. We had three sons. I now have six grandchildren. I remarried Edward W. Bikowitz on April 25, 1997 in Muskegon, MI after meeting him on the internet. I now live in Saratoga Springs, NY. Please feel free to contact me for additional information.

Susan (Guillory) Frazier < RFraz34007@aol.com >
USA - Sunday, October 28, 2001
My family's lineage from Robert Burdick is as follows:

Robert Burdick m Ruth Hubbard
Thomas Burdick m Martha__
Robert Burdick m Dorcas Lewis
Robert Burdick m Jane Bennett
Samuel Burdick m Mary Slocum
Abraham Burdick m Deborah Ferris
Asa Burdick m Susana Shellman
Abraham Burdick m. Deborah Ferris
Learnica (LAURA aka Lorraine) Emily Burdick m Myron Henry Phillips
Harriet I. Phillips m (1) Frederick Beaver (2) Ray Gundlach
Laura Augusta Beaver m Walter Milford Wampole
Dolores Wampole m Robert Jean' Guillory
Susan (Guillory)Frazier

Laura Emily Burdick m Myron H. Phillips.
Manie R. Phillips b April 5, 1886 d Sept 24 1939 (Ontario, Vernon Co, WI)
Gertrude E Phillips b Aug 2, 1888, d (Downing, WI)
Gilbert H. Phillips b Feb 20, 1890, d May 21, 1955 (Vernon Co, WI)
* Harriet I. Phillips b July 22, 1893, d Sept 29 1971 (Downing, WI)
Marshall E. b July 22, 1895, died in infancy Sept 16 189_ (Downing, WI)
Mary M b May 13, 1897, (Glenwood City, WI)
Frank Aubrey Phillips b Sep 2, 1900 (Tainter, Dunn Co. WI)
Charles (Charlie) M. b June 30, 1905 (Wheeler, WI

Phyllis Johnson Raymond < rrf21@home.com >
USA - Wednesday, October 17, 2001
I am also a descendant of the Burdick family. My Grandfather was Flavius Burdick and his father was Luetellas Burdick.
Judy Ann Smmith < p51@blazenet.net >
USA - Tuesday, October 16, 2001
Carol Ann Poulson < ccpoulson@surfbest.net >
Lafayette, CO USA - Monday, October 1, 2001
I am a Burdick by birth and have always been proud to be part of this great family. I was raised in Duchesne, Utah, and now live in Lafayette, Colorado. My grandmother, Maxine Wimmer Burdick, made sure our family was well educated on our roots and were patriotic citizens. I am passing that heritage on to my own children. My Lineage:

Robert Burdick & Ruth Hubbard
Samuel Burdick & Mary Foster
Thomas Burdick & Dorothy Maxson
Thomas Burdick & Abigail Allen
Gideon Burdick & Catherine Robertson
Alden Burdick & Jerusha Parks
Lutellus Burdick & Sarah Mecham
Lutellus Burdick & Esther Zabriskie
Charles Thomas Burdick & Mary Maxine Wimmer
Charles Howard Burdick & Sherrie Dawn Gilbert (my parents)
Carol Ann Burdick (me) & M. Cris Poulson
My brothers and sisters are: Susan Kaye Burdick Hancock, Leisa Dawn Burdick Cook, David Howard Burdick and Becky Lynn Burdick Dastrup.

I'd like to see more on this line, which played a part in the early history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, suffering religious persecution and being driven from place to place before settling in the west and spreading out from Utah. There are a lot of the "Mormon Branch" of the family!

Lyn Scott < lynscott@dreamscape.com >
USA - Saturday, September 29, 2001
Hello! My name is Lynmerie (Lyn) Burdick Scott. I was just "cruising" the web and happened across this site! How interesting, I am going to dig into it more! I have seen and read the Burdick history book, and I am thinking of ordering one! I did the genealogy several years ago. My dad was Rowland M. Burdick, he is listed in the book, and his father was Rowland Salvage Burdick, whose father was Charles Burdick, son of Rowland L. Burdick, etc etc.
Don Wilson < donpeg@theriver.com >
Gold Canyon & Happy Jack, AZ USA - Thursday, September 20, 2001
I learned of this site through a "cousin". (a descendant of Emiline Burdick)

My name is Donald (Don) Wilson and I am a g-grand son of ANNA RANGE BURDICK, dau. of Amos Freeman Burdick and Madaline or Mataline Range. I was born in Ohio but moved to Arizona in 1966, retired from General Motors Proving Ground, near Mesa, in 1993, worked for the State of AZ for about 5 years doing disaster recovery from a large flood and finally retired for good a couple years ago. My wife of 40 plus years and I live about 40 miles east of Phoenix in Gold Canyon during the "cooler" months. When the temperature consistently stays above 100, we move north of our cabin in Happy Jack, AZ.

Anna Range Burdick married George Washington Wilson in 1851. It appears they lived in Mill Village, PA all their married life. Both are buried in the Mill Village cemetery. George was born in Harford Co. MD but I haven't been about to trace details of his migration to PA.... most of my resources have been devoted to the Wilson line. For the most part I have taken information on the Burdick line from other researchers. When I started researching my Wilson line about 3 years ago I decided I just wouldn't live long enough to document all the various lines! I learned of my Burdick connection through grand dad Wilson's death certificate plus I found a tax receipt for Amos Freeman Burdick in some old papers after Dad passed away.... didn't know the connection but fortunately I kept the old receipt.

Amber Dever < schooner2@citlink.net >
Prescott Valley, AZ USA - Tuesday, September 18, 2001
I've been track down information on Mabel Burdick and her family. Her dob is Oct. 13, 1882. Her father is Samuel Burdick and his wife is Emely Burnigh. I recieved the marriage certificate of Mabel Burdick. I've also requested a copy of her application for a social security number with the understanding that her place of birth will be listed. If you are interested in having copies of this information, please let me know. I'd love to share. I think the connection to the Burdick line is:

my husband's gggrandmother was Mabel Burdick, of
Samuel Edward Burdick, of
William, of
Lewis, of
Peleg, of
Hubbard, of
Hubbard, of
Robert & Ruth.

Steve Yates < syates@cfl.rr.com >
USA - Monday, September 10, 2001
My Mother is Florence Burdick. My Grandfather was Abraham Burdick. He came from western Penn. and was born around 1860-1865. I have all of the old family Photos from around 1900 on of his family. Arthur, Vivian Burdick Wilde, Francis Burdick Moore, Florence Burdick Yates, Harold Burdick. Many of these photos are scanned and ready to be used if you would like them for your site. You can contact me by E-Mail at syates@cfl.rr.com. I will be looking forward to hearing from you.
Fawn DePuy <>
IL USA - Thursday, August 23, 2001
I don't have a lot to contribute, only have a marriage record for a Frank Rice and Elizabeth Frewerd/Freward, 02 July 1887 at Oconto, Oconto Co., WI. The groom's mother is listed as Nancy Burdick and his father as Benjamin Rice. I do not find them (Ben or Nancy) on the census records for this area circa 1860 or 1880. I assume that Frank Rice moved to the Oconto, WI. area without his parents. I did find a Nancy Burdick who was in PA. with a birth date circa 1850, who may be the correct person but I have absolutely no proof yet. Do you have any clue who Nancy may be, or could you put me in contact with someone who might know? I would love to be able to share what I have on this union and tuck her firmly into my mother's side of the family for all to see, but lack enough information to do so.

The following biographical information on a Oconto, WI Burdick that may help someone else. I have no clue if he is related tomy Nancy:

The history of Northern WI., Oconto says: REV. C. R. BURDICK, pastor of Presbyterian Church, Oconto. Is a native of Chenango Co., N. Y. At about the age of twenty, he commenced an academic course of studies, and graduated at the Rochester University, in the class of 1852; he also graduated at the Theological Seminary, in 1858. Was ordained, Jan. 1, 1860. He had preached, however, one year before he was ordained. He had charge of the public school in Rochester, and had charge of one of the grammar schools from 1857 to 1859. He has preached five years in Genesee County, eight years in Niagara County, two years, in Joliet, about one year, in Marquette. Came to Oconto in 1875, and at once took charge of this church. Since coming here its membership has doubled.

Frances Hays <hbng2@netzero.net>
USA - Tuesday, August 21, 2001
My great Grandmother was Emily Irene Oviatt, her mother's name was Fannie Burdick and her Grandfather's name was Spaulding Burdick. Grandmother was born in 1831, either in NY or PA. She started school when she was 3 years old, and moved when she was 13 to Dane County, Wiscosin. She married Ephriam Dexter Cannon February 9, 1849. In 1867 Ephriam and Emily moved by covered wagon to Cherokee County, Iowa they had 6 children at that time. By 1876 they had acquired 4 more, 3 other babies were born but died within 1 year in Wisconsin. Emily lived to be 102 years old, she died in Plymouth, MN and is buried in the Afton Cemetery in Cherokee, Iowa. I hope that this will add to your Burdick genealogy, of which I know nothing.
Amy (Burdick) Bly <cowmom64@hotmail.com>
Cassadaga NY USA - Thursday, August 16, 2001
I have great news! We made the connection back to Robert Burdick!!!!

Samuel Hubbard,Capt
Samuel Hubbard,Jr
James Coon
Osmund Alexander
Daniel McCoon
James Harry
Allie Vernon
LaVerne Allen, (My Dad)
ME, Amy Lynn (Burdick) Bly

We are so happy to make the connection! I am currently working on sending post cards to all the Burdick's in the phone book to let them know of the website, Hopefully we'll find more connections! A cousin connected, Amy

Peggy S. Lyon <Scoobymom2002@gateway.net>
USA - Wednesday, August 15, 2001
I have some Burdicks in my family tree. Just wondering if there is any connection? My Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother is Waite Burdick, Born March 6, 1770, Died Jan 14, 1845, married John Roe. Her Father was a Thomas Burdick. Any connection?
Maureen <mola29@webtv.net>
USA - Tuesday, August 14, 2001
Could you help me find a Burdick that I don't see listed in the Burdick Book. Katherine Burdick born in Claverack NY about 1846 to a Nathaniel Burdick and Polly (or Mary). Her daughters were born in South Hadley, MA. The 1850 NY census is all I have at this time. The only other name I have is a son of Nathaniel's named Wesley from Copake, NY (census).
Susan E. Brown <SBrown@datts.wsmr.army.mil>
USA - Tuesday, August 7, 2001
I have only been doing this for about a year and half at the request of my dad. I have looked on the internet at ancestry.com and generations.com and haven't come up with anything yet. Descended from Corydon Burdick and Nancy Lane(?).
Carmen Matteson <cuzncarm@msn.com>
USA - Wednesday, August 1, 2001
I have been working on the family of David Burdick and Olive Tanner and believe I have PROVED that he is the son of David Burdick Sr, of Edmiston, Otsego Co, New York.I don't know where to send the documentation to have this corrected. Can anyone tell me how to go about this?
Connie Lear Wright <DBBFAN111@aol.com>
Lincoln, NE USA - Friday, July 20, 2001
Will try the best to type out the line that comes to me even though I'm not a Burdick. My mom's dad was, so I have done much researching. Just going to write out the direct line and if anyone has any question I have more information:

1. Robert Burdick b, abt 1635 d Oct 25, 1692 married Ruth Hubbard b. Jan 11, 1639 Agawam, MA d. 1691 Westerly RI
2. Thomas Burdick b 1656 Newport, RI 1732 d. June 1732 Stonington, CT married Martha Posner b st 1665 Stonington Ct, d 1728 Stonington CT
3. Capt Samuel Hubbard Burdick b. 1706 Westerly,RI,d 1775 Stonington,CT married Avis Maxson b Dec 27, 1712 Westerly CT,d aft 1795 Stonington, CT
4. Rev. John Burdick b Jan 3, 1732 Stonington, CT d March 27, 1802 Hopkinton,RI m Sybil Chesebrough b. Aug 24, 1729 Stonington, CT d. Hopkinton, RI
5. Abel Burdick IV b August 18, 1766 Hopkinton,RI d 3/8 1848 Alfred,NY m Elizabeth Davis b May 7, 1775 Vountown,CT d. Nov 25, 1852 Hornellsville, NY
6. Abel Burdick Jr. b 9/30/1799 Allegany,NY d 8/28,1866 Allegany, NY married Lucy Hadsell b March 9, 1806 d March 10. 1879
7. Joshua Phillip Burdick b. Sept 30, 1832 Alford,NY d. 10/28/1906 Eagle, NE m. Deborah Gray b. 10/21 1835 Berry Pike Co., IL d 1/20,1902 Eagle Ne
8. Anson D. Burdick b. Sept 28, 1861 d Jan 1, 1929 Peru, NE married Phoebe Mary Helen Dubuque b. 9/2 1863 St Loius, MO d 1942 Lincoln, Ne
9. Leon Leroy Burdick b May 31, 1887 d. Jan 13,1949 Lincoln,NE marrried Sylvia Scott b. Oct 5, 1896 Harrison,NE d. March 15, 1968 Lincoln,Ne
10. Gladys Opal Burdick b. July 26,1925 Lincoln,NE married Jack Junior Lear b. Dec 16, 1920 Lincoln, Ne
11. Connie Lear Wright b. July 14, 1951, divorced

Cathy Snyder <sawsart@bltech.net>
USA - Friday, July 13, 2001
Trying to connect family line back to 1507. Need to find the parents of DANIEL MCCOON BURDICK or the Children of Osmund A. Burdick and Amaryllis Vincent. Osmund was born in 1810 in Alfred, Allegany Co. N.Y. son of James Coon Burdick and Hannah Alexander. He died in 1885 in Belmont, Allegany Co. N.Y. on the 1880 Census Osmond was 70 yrs. old and his wife was 66. Also, Daniel McCoon Burdick was listed as being 44 yrs old his wife's name as Orpha, 37 yrs old. They had four sons: Byron A., 18; Edwin H., 14; Daniel M., 12; and James H., 8 yrs. James H. Burdick was my childrens g-grandfather and Daniel McCoon Burdick would be their gg-grandfather. If Osmund A. Burdick was Daniel McCoon's father then the line would be connected. I have the pedigree line from Osmund back to 1507 which is:

Osmund A. Burdick & Amaryllis Vincent
James Coon Burdick & Hannah Alexander
Samuel Hubbard Burdick & Amie Maccoon
Samuel Hubbard Burdick ,Capt.& Avis Maxson
ThomasBurdick & Martha Unknown
Robert I Burdick & Ruth Hubbard
Samuel Burdick & Frances St. Lawrence
Thomas Burdett & Ann Wilson
Thomas Burdett & Briget Curzon
b.1507- Robert Burdett & Elizabeth Cockayne

I would appreciate help on finding these children and their birth dates to make the connection. Thank You.

Barbara Burdick Trad <Rhapsody1973@msn.com>
USA - Sunday, July 7, 2001
I don't have much information on the Burdick side of my family, but here is what I have.

My Grandfather was William Thomas Burdick born - August 28, 1872, in Cartright, NY, died April 8, 1973 in Cooperstown, NY. He married Elno Osborn in 1896, she died in 1962. They had one son , Lilburn Francis Burdick born June 8, 1901, died Jan. 29, 1949, Married to Myrtle Irene Kitchen on June 16, 1929, she passed away May 26, 2001. I have tried finding more about the Burdick side of the family, but there doesn't seem to be much available.

Could anyone help? There seems to be a problem with my father's birth certiciate (lack of one) but he was supposed to have been born in PA, but he lived most of his life in Richfield Springs and Clinton, NY.

George Madden <gmadden@prodigy.net>
Kansas City, MO USA - Sunday, June 24, 2001
Back in 1998 I had written to Frank Mueller about my Burdick line. He responded he couldn't find anything on my gg-grandfather Solomon Burdick or my g-grandmother, Samantha Burdick Logan, a daughter of Solomon and Elvira Griffin Burdick.

Just this past month, out of the blue I received several e-mails from a researcher working on Morgan Twp. of Ashtabula County, OH. I think I had left an old query out on the Ashtabula County website and had also joined and inquired of the Ashtabula County Genealogical Society. I really don't know where he found my query, but am just glad he answered it. I had previously traced my line back to that group of Burdicks and was sure my gg-grandfather was Solomon Burdick and was fairly certain he had a brother Henry living nearby when the 1850 census was taken. This researcher told me Solomon's father was Ephraim Burdick and his mother was Hannah Hill. He also sent me copies of pages 201, 202, 1292, and 1293 of Nellie Johnson's book containing her compilation of the Descendants of Robert Burdick of Rhode Island. I take it the reason Frank Mueller couldn't make the connection was that the book doesn't show a Solomon, but a Saul. It so happens though that several members of Ephraim's family moved to northeastern Ohio, most of them in Ashtabula County. According to the pages he sent me, Solomon's line is Ephraim, Thomas, Robert, Robert, Thomas, and Robert of Rhode Island.

Nellie (Willard) Johnson states that Saul moved out west and had two daughters. He had several more children that apparently she was unaware of. I have a copy of Solomon's will and he lists his children in it. He shows Synthia M., Eunice C., Margery S., Phebe Ann, Samanthy S., and Lueasia M., my Daughters. I had Cynthia, Eunice, Margery, Phebe Ann. Samantha S., and Louisa. He had son's Mortimer, William E., and John D.. This Morgan Twp. researcher tells me there was another daughter, Caroline, who may have died before Solomon. Solomon's will was written and signed the 2nd day of April 1853 and presented for settlement on the 18th of April, 1853. So he must have died sometime between those dates. I show Caroline had her last child in abt. 1849, so she could have predeceased her father.

I have much more on the descendant's of Solomon I'll be glad to share if you're interested. I don't know what you're doing with your Burdick genealogy, but if you are planning to do an addendum to Ms. Johnson's book, I'd be interested in sharing with you.

My line:
George Madden
Laneata Downing Madden (Fred Madden)
Jennie Logan Downing (George Grant Downing)
Samantha Burdick Logan (Jonathan B. Logan)
Solomon Burdick (Elvira Griffin)
Ephraim Burdick (Hannah Hill)
Thomas Burdick
Robert Burdick
Robert Burdick
Thomas Burdick
Robert Burdick

Julie Jones <edmondsj@dreamscape.com>
USA - Thursday, June 21, 2001
My great grandmother was a Burdick and maybe the last of Ebenezer's line. My roots are as such:

- Robert Burdick/Ruth Hubbard
- Deacon Robert Burdick/Rebecca Foster
- Ebenezer Burdick/Elizabeth Steward(he also was married to Mary Dyer and had 7 children with her and that's where we fade away) My line continues off his son, Ebenezer b. 1737
- Ebenezer Burdick b.1737/Phebe Covey(He was also married to Grace Palmiter and Lydia Greene)
- Caleb Covey Burdick/Freelove Maxson
- George Maxson Burdick/Jane Green
- Charles Maxson Burdick/Anna Brown(who died shortly after childbirth and then the baby died a month later, there were 3 other children who were under 5, so Anna's sister, Emma, moved in to care for children and eventually married their father, Charles, and had 2 children, (girls) one of whom died at 6 months. Lots of sickness. Have obit of Anna's and of Charles. At this point, there was only one boy, George M. Burdick, and he didn't marry or have children. So there is my great grandmother...)
- Zayda Burdick/Marshall Baylis

I think that's why it's tough finding more relatives through Caleb. Maybe this will help others or maybe even help me find someone I missed.

All my Burdicks came from RI to CT to Brookfield, NY to Waterville, NY (not to be mistaken with Watertown, NY - Waterville is near Brookfield).

Sharon Cline Swisher <Tele3631@aol.com>
Boone County, IL USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001
My father was Miles Wallace Cline. My grandfather Miles Wallace Cline was the son of Henry Miland Cline and Juliet Augusta Burdick. She was born on April 29, 1853. They were married at Flora in Boone County, IL. on Feb. 11, 1872. She was the daughter of Miles Allen Burdick and Jane Eliza Strong Burdick who were married on Nov. 7th, 1842. Miles Allen Burdick was born on March 14, 1814. Miles Allen was the son of Allen Burdick born Sept. 12, 1765. Allen Burdick married Jane Strong who was the daughter of Harvey Strong born in 1794. Allen Burdick's mother was Martha Allen, a cousin to Ethan Allen. She was born in Sidney, Delaware County, New York. Allen Burdick was born in Otswego, New York.

Allen Burdick's family was as follows: Jonathan born 1787; Joshua born 1791; Thankful born 1792; Ebenezer born 1794; Elias born 1797; Elizabeth born 1798; Stephen born 1799; Elisha born 1800; Betsy botn 1803; Anna born 1806; Martha born 1808; Sally born 1811; Miles Allen born 1814. My family line continued through Miles Allen Burdick and Jane Eliza Strong Burdick.

They had: Orson Deloss in 1843; and infant son sho died in 1845; Harvey Strong Burdick born 1846. Helen Elizabeth 1850; Juliet Augusta 1853; Jane Ane 1856; Caroline Calista 1858.

From there it went on to Henry and Juliet Augusts Burdick Cline. They had: Alfred Henry 1872; Florence May 1874; Miles Wallace 1876; Ettie Jane 1879; Maggie Evelyn 1882; Dora Belle 1884; Cora Annie 1887; Carrie Bertha 1889. Miles Wallace Cline married my grandmother Belle Gallarno Cline. The Burdicks seemed to stay in the New York area till the 1870's, then they were in Illinois. They resided in Boone and DeKalb counties of Illinois especially around the Belvidere, Kirkland, Flora and Cherry Valley areas of Illinois. I certainly appreciate any help you can give on tracing these Burdicks. Thank you.

Edna & David E. Edwards <EDAV57PC@webtv.net>
Delaware, OH USA - Saturday, June 2, 2001
My husband has Burdick ancestors. He is retired & we live in Delaware, Ohio. A daughter-in-law has renewed my interest in genealogy. David`s paternal grandmother was Lucy Estelle Burdick (1856-1924). I believe she is descended from Robert Burdick, as well as Harriet Williams (1828-1878), his paternal great grandmother. The Burdicks migrated to Alfred, NY from Westerly, RI & the Williams moved to Verona, NY from S. Kingston, RI. Both families moved to NY in the early 1800`s. David`s Williams line is from Daniel Williams (1744-1839) who married Amy Burdick (1746-1832). My husband`s paternal grandfather was Horace G. Edwards (1855-1947) & his father was Cedric W. Edwards (1891-1974). David is an only child & would sure like to know if he has any cousins out there. Edna Edwards
??? <Tele3631@aol.com>
USA - Friday, May 18, 2001
I appreciate your Burdick site on the Web. It has a great deal of info I can use. Have you any knowledge of Burdicks in the Boone or DeKalb counties of Illinois. My great grandmother was Juliet Burdick. She married Henry Cline. I have been searching many years for information pertaining to her. From my information the family came from Sidney in Delaware county, N.Y. Miles Allen Burdick married Martha Allen, a cousin of Ethan Allen. The family goes back to Allen Burdick born in 1765. Henry Cline came from Oswego, N.Y., and was born in 1849. Juliet Augusta Burdick was born in 1853. They married in Flora, Boone county, IL on Feb. 11th, 1872. Do you have any such names in your genealogy lists? I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you
George Austerfield < george.a@worldnet.att.net>
USA - Monday, May 20, 2001
Looking for information on Fremont Burdick who went to South America and another Fremont Burdick that was lost at sea. One of the Fremont Burdick's was a brother to my grandfather Willis Burdick. My mother was Laura Burdick. Her second marriage was to my father, James E Austerfield from Leeds, England. Fremont Burdick was a brother to my grandfather Willis, I believe. Some of my Burdick cousins are interested in the two Fremont Burdicks. The story they have is that one Fremont Burdick lived in South America and may have returned to the USA. Another Fremont Burdick, we were told, was lost at sea. We would like to know more about them. I have a cousin that has an original Burdick book and I have a reprint copy that is hard to navigate. Any information or leads would be appreciated.
Penny Pollock <pennyph@pacbell.net>
CA USA - Thursday, May 17, 2001
Hello cousins. My mother and I just returned from a week doing research in Salt Lake City. What an experience!!! I was finally able to see a copy of the Nellie Johnson "Burdick book". Our line begins (ends?) on pg 501-2 with David(7) P Burdick of Easton, NY [Ephraim(6), Ephraim(5), Robert(4), Robert(3), Thomas(2), Robert(1)]. David's son Albert(8) married Elizabeth Chubb dau of Simon and Lydia (Neilson) Chubb of Washington Co NY. Albert and Elizabeth's dau Naricssa (9)Prindle Burdick [called Jennie] married George Shoemaker of Avrill Park, Renesslaer, NY. Jennie and Georges's daughter Mabel(10), married Myron Tracy Munger and lived in Schenectady, NY before moving to California in the late 1920's. My mother Faith Holmes Munger (11) and aunt Eileen Burdick Munger were both born in Schnectady but grew up in California. A 3rd sister was born in Los Angeles Co, CA. I am the 12th generation, also born in California, and my son Jeremy(13) was born in Santa Clara, CA. I am a physical therapist eagerly approaching retirement so I can spend more time (with less guilt) on genealogy...also time with quilting, gardening and volunteering.
Milt Burdick <milters1@juno.com>
Brea, CA USA - Saturday, May 5, 2001
My name is Milt Burdick of Marquette Mich. My father was Louis, my grandfather was Henry, his Dad and Mother were Albert and Martha Huntington of Suamico Wis. Aprox. 50 Burdicks live in these two areas.
Andy Gerber <andymg@us.ibm.com>
USA - Wednesday, May 2, 2001
I just found out about this web site from my cousin, Bev Deprist. I just wanted to let you know I think your web site is great. I will be looking at it on a regular basis to see whats new with the Burdick family. Here is my lineage:

Jonathan A.-6,
Henry E.-8,
Mary Eliza (Burdick) Schmucker-9,
Arthur Burdick Schmucker-10,
Dolores A. (Schmucker) Gerber-11,
Andrew M. Gerber (me)-12,
Stefanie D. (Gerber) Svetlik (my daughter)-13,
Sydney P. Svetlik (my grand-daughter)-14

Roy C. Whitford <rwhitford@ticon.net>
USA - Monday, April 30, 2001
I have three direct lines to Robert Burdick and two additional lines through my step-father.

Line #1 - Descendant of (son) Thomas Burdick b-1656:
1 - Robert Burdick + Ruth Hubbard
2 - Thomas Brudick + Martha unknown
3 - Capt. Samuel Hubbard Burdick + Avis Maxson
4 - Rev. John Burdick + Sibyl Chesebrough
5 - James Chesebrough Burdick + Dorcas Lewis
6 - Samuel Burdick + Mercy Griffin Crandall
7 - Albert Crandall Burdick + Dora Amelia Webster
8 - Maude Corrine Burdick + Harold Erland Whitford
9 - Roy Clyde Whitford + Millie Odelia Gulbrandsen
10 - Roy Carl Whitford + Mary Jo Cady

Line #2 - Descendant of (son) Sameul Burdick b-1668:
1 - Robert Burdick + Ruth Hubbard
2 - Samuel Burdick + Ruth Foster
3 - Edward Burdick + Sarah Clarke
4 - Prudence Burdick + Joshua Whitford
5 - John Whitford + Margaret Coon
6 - Joshua Whitford + Avis Satterlee
7 - William Asa Whitford + Jane Elizabeth Barker
8 - Algernon Lawrence Whitford + Philena Vernette Woolworth
9 - Harold Erland Whitford + Maude Corrine Burdick
10 - Roy Clyde Whitford + Millie Odelia Gulbrandsen
11 - Roy Carl Whitford + Mary Jo Cady

Line # 3 - Descendant of (daughter) Tacy Burdick b-1670 (After my father Roy Clyde Whitford died, my mother married Dwight Ralph Loofboro. Through this marriage, I picked up two additional connections to the Robert Burdick):
1 - Robert Burdick + Ruth Hubbard
2 - Tacy Burdick + Rev Joseph Maxson
3 - Rev Joseph Maxson + Bethia Maxson
4 - Mary Maxson + Joseph Stillman
5 - Deacon Joseph Stillman + Eunice Stillman
6 - Saberah Stillman + Ezra Babcock
7 - Ephrian Stillman Babcock + Amy Wilcox Crandall
8 - Eunice Babcock + Leonard Woolworth
9 - Philena Vernette Woolworth + Algernon Lawrence Whitford
10 - Harold Erland Whitford + Maude Corrine Burdick
11 - Roy Clyde Whitford + Millie Odelia Gulbrandsen
12 - Roy Carl Whitford + Mary Jo Cady

Line # 4 - Loofboro descents line from (daughter) Tacy Burdick:
1 - Robert Burdick + Ruth Hubbard
2 - Tacy Burdick + Rev Joseph Maxson
3 - Judith Maxson + James Davis
4 - Rev Jacob Davis + Mary Davis
5 - Mary Davis + Jacob Loofborough
6 - Davis Loofboro + Mary Maxson
7 - John Wade Loofboro + Susan Forsythe
8 - Elmer Ellsworth Loofboro + Euphremia Narcissus Sayre
9 - Dwight Ralph Loofboro + Millie Odelia Gulbrandsen Whitford
10 - Roy Carl Whitford (step-son of Dwight) + Mary Jo Cady

Line #5 - Descendant of (son) Benjamin Burdick b-1666 (My step-father was a nephew of Alice Loofboro Burdick):
1 - Robert Burdick + Ruth Hubbard
2 - Deacon Benjamin Burdick + Mary Reynolds
3 - William Burdick + Sarah Edwards
4 - Luke Burdick + Sarah Haskell
5 - Capt. James Reed + Martha Coon
6 - Rev. Russell Greene Burdick + Clarissa Martin
7 - Russell Dighton Burdick + Luransa Champlin
8 - Dr. Azra LOVELL Burdick + Alice Sarah Loofboro (sister of Elmer Loorboro)

Nancy S. Reed-Tracy <mrstee@ptd.net>
USA - Wednesday, April 14, 2001
I am researching the Burdick side of my husband's family tree and went through this web last weekend sending e-mail for info on this family. One reply thought you may be able to help me.

My husband's g-g-grandmother was Anna Burdick born 12/08/1847 and by census info she was born in PA. She married A. Nelson Breece on 01/29/1871 and resided in Smithfield, PA until her death 1/26/1928. I know from her obit she was survived by 2 sisters Abigail Aduch of Idaho and a Mrs. James Bunyan from Elkland. Two brother's Edward from Elmira, NY and Elishia from Michigan. She is buried in the Thomas Christian Cemetery in Smithfield with her husband. My husband and I went there and, following instructions from another family member, were able to pinpoint where they would be (there are no stones left for them). However, when there I came upon a grave marked Alice L Burdick d/o of Elisha and Abigail Burdick died April 1871 at 9yrs ect. I believe this is Anna's sister as Anna grave would be right beside this one. The only Elisha and Abigail I can find is in 1850 census from Tioga Co. PA. They have a daughter that woud be Anna's age but the name on census is Phebe A.

Do you possibly have any info on this family? I keep hitting a blank wall trying to tie them together. Any help would be appreicated. You can contact me at mrstee@prolog.net Thanks, Nancy

Brenda (Burdick) Countryman <BBcountd4@aol.com>
Iowa USA - Thursday, April 4, 2001
I have just started on this side of the family & overwhelmed by how many Burdick's there are!!! My gg grandfather is Albert Burdick, wife Mary Klasspries(spelling?). Their children: Joseph Gordon Burdick (b 8/29/1908, wife Olga Mae (d 6/12/61)), John, Florence, Eva Pearl Burdick, Myrtle Burdick, Dennis LeRoy Burdick, Cathaline Gertrude Burdick, Elsie Irene Burdick and Lillian (Lee) Burdick Corey. Any info or websites would be greatly appreciated!!
G. Maria Davis-Johnson <mjohnson@digitaldune.net>
Yuma, AZ USA - Sunday, April 1, 2001
I have 4 straight great-grandfathers that were Seventh Day Baptist (SDB) ministers so I can't help but to have connections to the BURDICK family. Those 4 ministers include Reverend William DAVIS, who emigrated from Wales in 1684, son Rev. John DAVIS, his son Rev. John DAVIS II, and his son Rev. David Rogers DAVIS. My lineage from Robert BURDICK is as follows:


I have done a lot of SDB and family research and currently have 319 BURDICK'S in my tree. I'm currently working on my Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) qualifications through another grandfather, Captain Job STRAIGHT, of the Rhode Island Militia. I was born in San Antonio, raised in Minneapolis, and traveled all over the Mediterranean while employed as an aircraft technician in the U.S. Navy living in Sigonella, Sicily (Italy). I am currently an engineering technical writer for a Department of the Defense contractor at the U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground.

Carmen Matteson <cuzncarm@email.msn.com>
Melbourne, FL USA - Thursday, March 22, 2001
Surely SOMEONE reading this will be able to help me with my Burdick "dead-end". I am looking for information about the ancestry of David Burdick, born 1795 in RI, died 1885 in Brookfield, New York. He married as his 2nd wife Olive Tanner. Name of his 1st wife is unknown, but they had 1 son, born probably around 1825. In the 1830 census he is living in Edmeston NY and is denoted as David Burdick Jr., and living in the next farm is David Burdick (wife Polly). The elder David leaves property to his son David Jr, but according to the Burdick Book, my David Jr is not the son, but David W. Burdick living in Plainfield is the son.To make it even more fun, in 1850 my David moves to Plainfield, and the other David W, has moved to Edmeston. Both Davids are about the same age. Amos Burdick of Plainfield dies around 1840 (wife Phoebe) and leaves to son David. I hope someone who has researched the Burdicks of Otsego Co. can help me straighten out the Burdicks. Some of the subsequent family relationships make me suspect that the book may have listed the wrong David as son. Please help! Thank you to all of you, and God Bless.
Nate Bramlett <nbramlett@home.com>
Danielson, CT USA - Saturday, March 17, 2001
My wife is Pamela Jean Burdick, b 8-28-1950 in Putnam CT to Fred Sanford Burdick (1917-1974) whose father was Fred Burdick (1889-1970) whose father was William Sanford Burdick (1856-1933) whose father was Joel Burdick #2480 in the 1937 Burdick Book. We reside in Danielson, CT and have a daughter Kendra Bramlett b. 2-2-1987.
Howard Johnson <hjohnson@seark.net>
Dumas, AR USA - Tuesday, March 6, 2001
My mother was Nellie Burdick daughter of Willis Burdick & Lilly Scynder. I am listed on page 1208, under 3657, Nellie Burdick (Samuel Howard Johnson Apr. 5, 1925) in the book "The Descendants of Robert Burdick of Rhode Island" by Nellie (Willard) Johnson, Pd, B 1937.
Julia Lenocker <JuliaL1957@aol.com>
Portland, OR USA - Monday, March 5, 2001
I am descended from Robert Burdick through his daughter, Naomi:

Naomi Burdick + Jonathan Rogers
Jonathan Rogers + Judith Potter
Bethiah Rogers + John Davis, II
William Davis + Anna Wilbur
William Davis, Jr. + Miriam Coon
Mercy Davis + Jeremiah R; Davis
Joseph Davis + Lucinda Coon
Erville W. Davis + Adeila Loyd
Elwin Julius Davis + Delia Ida Ransier
Earl Willard Davis + Frances Marie Schroeter
Gary Allan Lenocker (adopted by Robert & Sylva Lenocker) + Margaret Mary Wilhelm
Julia Ann Lenocker

Lillian Stevenson <lillians@pioneer-net.com>
Canyonville, OR USA - Thursday, March 1, 2001
Does anyone have a Huldah Burdick in their family tree? She was born May 22, 187l, and in March of 1887 was in Montgomery Co., KS, (near Elk City), when she signed her name in my grandmother's autograph book as, "Your cousin." My grandmother was Emma R. Hansford. I would surely like to find the connection between the two, and would be happy to share any Hansford data.
Susan McMackin Reynolds <SPrimeMD@aol.com>
Arlington, VA USA - Monday, February 26, 2001
There will be more Burdick descendants in Washington, DC, as my family transfers back to the DC area. We'll be in Arlington, VA & will be glad to hear from any Burdick cousins who are passing through.
Carol Van Fleet Viscarra <narmrn@thegrid.net>
USA - Thursday, February 22, 2001
I am the gg grandaughter of Alzina Conora Burdick Powers, daughter of Alden Burdick and Alzina Shepard. I am just beginning the study of our lineage and am still seeking information about some collateral lines.
Beverly Franks <bevgott@alaska.net>
Alaska USA - Monday, February 19, 2001
My Great Grandmother was a Burdick and through papers that were written, I surmise, in the 1960's, it shows how her lineage goes back to a Cary Burdick in Rhode Island. I am a genealogist of sort, but have never researched the Burdick side of the family. I am a member of the DAR and find that Asa Burdick was a Revolutionary War soldier, which would give me three connections to the War. Did any of the Burdick's come over on the Mayflower?

I have found some very interesting things about the Burdick name. Hope to make a connection along the way.

Sey Jones <Stangsey@aol.com>
Southern California USA - Monday, January 29, 2001
Seek any info re the following:

Ernest Spencer Burdick b LA CO., CA 1894 died San Diego Co., CA. Mother's maiden name Blaylock. Ernest married Rosa Emma Liebman b KS.

Children: William C., (reported to be retired in FL), June, 1925 LA County, CA. Ernestine Eleanor, b 1918 LA County, CA, Earl Spencer b 1924 Taft, CA d 2000 Ontario, CA m June L Parsons; Mary Roberta.

Clues: Josie Beasley b 1887 d 1987 Ventura, CA is related to the above. She raised horses. Somehow they are connected to the Kellogs of Pomona Valley, CA Ponoma College sits on part of their land.

Thanks, Sey

Robin Burdick Bills <precambrian51@yahoo.com>
Northern California USA - Sunday, January 28, 2001
Great site! I've found early Burdick research to sometimes be confusing & overwhelming due to all the intermarriages with Maxsons, etc. As best I can discern, I am descended from both Tacy Burdick & Hubbard Burdick:

Robert Burdick & Ruth Hubbard
Tacy Burdick & Joseph Maxson
Capt. John Maxson & Hannah Maxson (1st cousins)
Goodeth Maxson & Nathan Burdick [son of Hubbard Burdick & another Hannah Mexson; grandson of Robert & Ruth]
Zillamus Burdick & Lydia Lewis
Joel Avery Burdick & Elizabeth Prosser
Nelson Perkins Burdick & Mary Allen
Nelson A. Burdick & Clarissa Brown
Jasper Edwin Burdick & Carrie May Edison
Wayne Edwin Burdick & Jeanette Ogaard
Wayne Lawrence Burdick & Billie Dove McAfee

I am the eldest of Wayne & Billie Burdick's 3 daughters. I lived in far northern California & work as a school psychologist. I have 3 children--Otto (23), Warren (18), and Desiree (13). My sister Gail (occupational therapist) lives in Washington, and my sister Ann (registered nurse) lives in southern California.
My Burdick line migrated from Rhode Island to New York to Minnesota to Washington/Oregon (briefly) to southern California. My grandfather Wayne Edwin Burdick died in April 1996, 3 months shy of his 100th birthday.
Brick walls I am trying to dismantle are those regarding my great-great-grandmother Clarissa Brown (born 2 Nov 1843 in N. Shenango, Mercer Co., PA to Loran Brown & Mary Fowler, married in Mantorville, Dodge Co., MN); and Wayne Edwin Burdick's brother Ralph Edison Burdick. Ralph (1889-?) was an attorney in Duluth, St. Louis Co., MN. Family lore has him retiring to Texas, possibly Brownsville area in the 1930s. He was still in Duluth in 1937 but "disappears" after then. His son Graham & wife Margaret Ellen Graham died in MN in the 1960s & 1970s.

Robin Premeau <Firewalke1@aol.com>
USA - Sunday, January 7, 2001
Hello All. I am still searching for my Burdick connection. My g-grandmother was Vernie May Burdick and her parents were Albert Burdick and Martha Huntington. Vernie was born from what I know in Wis. somewhere. I have looked everywhere I know to try and locate someone who has heard or seen the name. BUT, I am still out in the cold. ANY HELP out there?
Carol Burdick Wynn <cwynn@mindspring.com>
Atlanta, GA USA - Monday, January 1, 2001
Thank you for the sacrifice of time you have made in searching out roots of our family. It is most enjoyable and exciting, but as we all know, frustrating and exhausting at times, too.

It seems that no one in the entire world has worked on our specific Burdick line, but I'm wondering if you can suggest a next step for me. I had 2 days in Salt Lake City last summer and was blessed with discovering one more generation back. I found my Great-great grandfather, George Burdick in the Newport, R.I. census of 1850. His occupation was "Mariner" and his wife was Mary F. Simmons. His son moved to Georgia and from there I know everything from there up to me. Short of going to Rhode Island, what can I look for to connect him to the other Burdicks in R.I? Just adding his name to my tree made the trip worthwhile, but I was frustrated because I thought I would find so much more.

I live in the Atlanta area now, but was born and raised in St. Pete, then lived in New Port Richey for 18 years. Since Mom and Dad are both gone, my trips there are few and far between. Dad's 2 living sisters are in Floral City and I see them about once a year, and I have just found out that his nephew lives in Palmetto, although I haven't seen him since about 1956! Thank you in advance for any advice you may have. Keep up the good search!

Lauren Maehrlein <Heirleins@aol.com>
New Jersey USA - Monday, January 1, 2001
I'm not a Burdick, but my husband has a Burdick ancestral line. He's descended throught Robert, Robert, Robert, Rebecca ( who married Abel Peckham). My husband's mother was born in Rhode Island, he was born in New Jersey, which is where we live. I've done extensive Rhode Island research. I've found a "dangling Burdick" on his line - Alan Anderson Burdick was born 12 August 1868 in Hopkinton, RI, the son of William Clark Burdick & Betsy Warren Whipple. Betsey is half-sister to my husband's great-grandmother. Ethan & Mary E. Burdick are listed as William's parents on his marriage certificate. I have found no further records on either Alan or William. Betsey is found "unmarried" years later in the 1880 census & remarried in 1881. Alan would have been only 11 years old at the time, but is not found anywhere in Rhode Island in the 1880 census. I was wondering if you have any info on this family. Since I couldn't find death records for either William or Alan, my guess is that William & Betsey divorced & William took the child out of Rhode Island. But this is just a guess! Happy New Millenium!