Orren Gilbert <patorren@gulftel.com>
Lower Alabama USA - Friday, December 22, 2000
My great great grandmother was Susanna Jane Burdick Babcock (1838MI-1914IA). Her line runs as follows:

Francis Crooks Burdick (1815-1873) & Priscilla Ford Burdick Needham (1816-1896)
Samuel S. Burdick (1776-1850) & Dorothy Clark? (abt1778-1851)
James Burdick (1744-1807) & Phebe Smith (1748-1813)
Hubbard II Burdick (1716-abt1750) & Avis Lewis
Hubbard I Burdick (1675-1758) & Hannah Maxson (1678-1752)
Robert Burdick and Ruth Hubbard

I'd be happy to share/exchange information about these families/surnames.

Jackie (Ewers) Diehl <uwrite2me@juno.com>
Goshen, IN USA - Wednesday, December 6, 2000
I'm so excited, and as Maria Johnson just wrote to me (and gave me your website), I've apparently been bitten by the genealogy bug. My name is Jacquelyn Diehl (Jackie) and I live in Goshen, Indiana. My mother is Ina Elizabeth (Burdick) Ewers, from Meeker, Colorado, daughter of John Vernon Burdick, son of Alden Burdick, grandson of Alden Burdick. My mother, Ina, has only two sisters, Katherine and Vera, and herself still living from John Vernon Burdick and Elizabeth Hodges Burdick (their parents). I haven't gone through your pages yet - due to time, but plan to ASAP. I will present to you whatever information I can get from Mom. I'm so excited to find this information. This all began with my daughter's project for her 3rd grade class... Just thought I'd touch base with you in the meantime.
Gary and Christine Skinner <Skinnergc@aol.com>
Bellevue, NE USA - Sunday, December 12, 2000
I may not be related but hope you can help. Maybe someone in the Burdick clan might know something about this Parker and Emely Burdick. I found this Burdick web page while taking a break doing my Skinner family research. I did find a Burdick that may have a Skinner connection. (Either as a relative or employer.) On the 1850 Elkhart Co. IN census on-line I found. ( I do not think it is the one Parker everyone references)

Household #, Family #, Name, Age, Sex, Occup, VAL, POB,
973, Burdick, Emely, 60, F, , $150, NH
973, Burdick, Parker, 52, M, Farmer, $1500, NY
973, Skinner, O.B., 34, M, Laborer, , NY

I am pretty sure the O.B. Skinner and his older brother Joseph C. Skinner and his family were together in 1850 in Elkhart, Co. We did find them both on the CENSUS. From the entry on the May 2000 news letter I see a Burdick family has some roots in Washington Co., NY.

Now the part where Mr. Wood and Mr. Holmes come in. We have a copy of a will of their father, Joseph, listing sons Joseph C. and Orinn B. (O. B) Skinner's mother as Emily from Washington Co. NY, dated 1842. We do not know her maiden name. But I was wondering if the Emely listed in the 1850 CENSUS is our Emily who could had remarried a Parker Burdick after 1842 and moved to Indiana as my O.B. Skinner appears to have lived or worked on the Burdick farm there. Thank you very much and we are looking forward to your comments. Maybe some of the Burdicks can have a new relative to the "Who's That List?"

Bev DePriest <depriest@ncsl.org>
Ft. Lupton, CO USA - Thursday, November 30, 2000
Just found you today. Someone had told me about this site, but have been tied up with holiday preparations and unable to look until today. What a pleasant surprise!!! Here's my lineage: Robert-1, Samuel-2, Thomas-3, Thomas-4, Allen-5, Jonathan A.-6, Barnet-7, Henry E.-8, Mary Eliza (Burdick) Schmucker-9, Arthur Burdick Schmucker-10, E. Darlene (Schmucker) Flentie-11, and me, Beverly Flentie DePriest-12. I have a daughter, Jennifer Wolff -13 and she has a son, Mason Tyler Wolff -14.

I know virtually nothing of the people after Robert (1) until I get to Arthur Burdick Schmucker (10), my grandfather (certainly no one to brag about!). If anyone would like to offer additional information, I'd be forever in your debt. Thank you.

Thom Carlson <question@netins.net>
Vinton, IA USA - Thursday, November 30, 2000
I was wondering if you could direct me to anyone who knows of Parker Burdick, b. 1798 NY, d. Elkhart Co, IN. In the 1850 census of Elkhart Co, he is listed along with Emily (?), b. 1790 in NH, and O.B. Skinner, b. 1816. I know that Orrin B. Skinner's mother's name was Emily, so she may have married Parker as her second husband. I know as well that Orrin was born in Washington Co, NY, where there were a bunch of Burdicks, so she may have married Parker there. Of course, Orrin may simply have known the Burdicks from Washington Co, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed, since I'm a descendant of Orrin's brother Joseph C.
Wanda McCarty Krajicek <WKRAJICEK@ci.fort-collins.co.us>
Fort Collins, CO USA - Wednesday, November 29, 2000
Just found your web site and it's great!! Here's how my husband Bob fits into the Burdick puzzle:

Robert and Wanda McCarty KRAJICEK (us)
James and Leona Lucille STEWART Krajicek
Lloyd Elsworth and Lola Ruth McDermott STEWART
Alza Mora and Mamie Remembrance BURDICK Stewart
Amos Rogers and Martha Ann Spencer BURDICK
Joseph and Polly Remembrance Stillman BURDICK
Henry and Judith Maxson BURDICK
Ezekiel and Amey Downing BURDICK
Hubbard and Hannah Maxson BURDICK
Robert and Ruth Hubbard BURDICK

Do you know any others who share this particular Burdick lineage? I'd appreciate any help you can give me. I've just recently put this together so hope it's accurate. Bob's great grand-parents were among the first homesteaders in Scotia County and Greeley County, Nebraska and Bob's grandparents lived in the Grand Island, Hall County, NE area where Bob's mother was born. I'd be happy to share what I've put together, if you're interested. Please let me know.

Margaret Murphy <margbrown@webtv.net>
Basking Ridge, NJ USA - Friday, November 24, 2000
Hello - Luckily, I have inadvertently stumbled on to this web site and am thrilled. I am a descendant of the Adin Burdick line, and have my genealogy pretty well in line. I have recently returned from a trip to Stonington, Ct., was lucky enough to get a map of area cemeteries, and treked thru the woods to find an old Burdick cemetery. It was a rather exciting moment for me and of course has stirred my curiosity and imagination as to what life was like in the early days there and exactly where the early Burdicks lived.

I had been in the area (Stonington and Westerly) a few years ago and done some research and found the book of Robert Burdick of Rhode Island and was able to get a lot of info from that. Maybe I could fill in some of the latest "blanks" from our line of the family. I am thrilled at how many Burdicks there are and so interested in the history of the "clan" Thank you and I hope to hear from you.

Robert William Burdick <CAPT1075@aol.com>
Meriden, CT USA - Wednesday, November 15, 2000
I am Robert William Burdick (pretty common amongst Burdicks) Look at all the Burdicks! I am from Meriden, CT the son of Edgar William Burdick Jr., grandson of Edgar Burdick Sr. I have heard that the famiily comes from Rhode Island by way of England. I once saw a genealogy (I was very young) done by an Archie Burdick of Rhode Island on Burdicks. I have not seen it since. I believe Archie was a priest. Trying to put the puzzle together.
Frank O. Ransom <foransom@datasync.com>
Florida's Gulf Coast USA - Wednesday, November 1, 2000
I am a direct descendent of Robert Burdick (1630 - 1692) and Ruth Hubbard, and quite probably Thomas Burdett (1507 - 1555) and Elizabeth Cockaine. There is some evidence we can trace the family even earlier, however the genealogy does get mistier.

My cousin, Dick Shaw and I have been actively persuing our genealogy, our mothers were born as Burdicks but their married names are Ransom and Shaw. If you would like to exchange info, please advise me via email. My address is foransom@datasync.com. I live on the Gulf coast and my cousin Dick is in Bradenton, Florida, for the winter months but is without his computer. Any information that you offer will be forwarded to him via snail mail, and his response will be either thru snail mail or direct if you will supply your home address.

We would be pleased to supply any missing links in your Burdick genealogy. If you are interested in exchange of information please let me know via email.

Sandy Paris <Sandykp@aol.com>
Ohio USA - Wednesday, November 1, 2000
I am looking for information on a Harriet Burdick married 1850 in Summit County OH to a John Dundon. They lived in Ohio for awhile, then moved to Champaign Co., IL. They are listed as some of the early pioneers of that area in IL. I am assuming they divorced because it lists both of them and says "former wife of J Dundon", he is still living, so probably divorced.
Harriet Burdick b 1825 OH died 1864 IL she is buried with a sister in IL. Caroline Burdick b 1840 OH died 1869 29 y.o. Harriet was or might have been married before to Darwin Rathbun in 1844.
Do you have any information on these people or their parents so we can identify them?

Stephen Babcock <Badecooke@home.com>
Mesa, AZ USA - Saturday, October 7, 2000
Hi, or should I say Hi Cousins! I enjoyed looking at the Burdick Web page. Some of the information will be useful in putting my page together. I am decended from many of Robert and Ruth Burdick's children. So far, I have found lines decended from Naomi, Deborah, Benjamin Tacy and Hubbard. The name Tacy is passed down through the women until it reaches my Third Great Grandmother Clarissa Tacy Welch.
Carol Mills <MTimcarol@aol.com>
Ellenton, FL USA - Tuesday, October 3, 2000
Wow, this page is great. My husband, Harry L. Mills, is a grandson of Dr. Harry E. Burdick, Syracuse Onondaga County NY. I think the Burdick line is as follows:

Robert Burdick
Thomas Burdick
Capt.Samuel Hubbard Burdick
Abraham Burdick
Ethan Burdick m.Mary Rogers
Ethan Allen Burdick b.1799 d. 1856 m.Sarah Moore 2nd.wife Harriet Loomis
Elijah Burdick b.1847 m. Dorda Eugenia Adams

2 children:
Harry E. Burdick b.1878 Palermo Oswego County NY m. Marietta Boucher 2nd.wife
Harley H.Burdick b.1901 Palermo Oswego County NY m. Jennie Lillian McQueen

Glad to share any info.

Belinda Kay Sinor <BmBmNHoney@aol.com>
USA - Saturday, September 30, 2000
I am a direct descendant of Robert Burdick and Ruth Hubbard. I am the 12th generation. Here is my tree:

1. Robert Burdick wife/Ruth Hubbard
2. Robert Burdick Jr. (Deacon) wife/Rebecca Foster
3. Joshua Burdick wife/Abigail Lamphere
4. Joshua Burdick Jr. wife/Mary Lamb
5. Timothy Burdick wife/Elizabeth ???????
6. Loren Burdick wife/Esther Bixby
7. Samuel Burdick wife/Mary Watson
8. Esther or Ester Elizabeth Burdick husband/William O. Bell
9. Anna Mae Bell husband/George Washington Brasier
10. Hazel Arlene Brasier husband/ Lawrence M. Bozarth
11. Diamond Mae Bozarth husband #1/Malcom J. Sinor husband #2 James Byford
12. (ME) Belinda Kay Sinor husband/David m. Duncan
13. (My Son) David Matthew Duncan Jr. wife/Kirstin Rayburn
14. (My Grandson) David Matthew Duncan 111

I would love to receive e mail from anyone with information on any of these relatives and if any photos are available anywhere or family meetings anytime please share with me.

I just couldn't believe all I have found on the net about the Burdicks and to find a whole new family still around out there. Wonderful!!!! Please e mail me at BMBMNHONEY@AOL.COM

Paul Burdick <paul517@gateway.net>
Westerly, RI USA - Saturday, September 16, 2000
I was born and raised in Westerly R.I. and still live in the area. I came across your site and found it very interesting and informative. I have been working on my family history for a long time and so far on my father's side I can trace my relatives back to the early 1800's, but on his mother's side (Barber) I have gone back to the early 1500's. I didn't know of the book written by N. Johnson until I read it on your site, I will have to find it and read it. Please fell free to e-mail me if you like. Thanks for the info.
Ken & Pat Burdick <k.burdick2@gte.net>
Denton, TX USA - Wednesday, September 13, 2000
Hello cousins. We live in Denton. Have been here 10 years after living in Arlington for 16. We moved there after being in Fort Worth for four years after getting out of the Air Force in 1970. My family (Great grandparents) moved to Loving, Texas (Young County) from Kansas in 1907. I grew up in Loving and Graham. Our two sons, Jeff and Chris are the last of our family to keep this line going. Neither have any children at the present time. I have one Burdick first cousin with no children and will have none. He is the only other male left. Bunches of girl-type cousins, though. Ha! Thanks for saying hello.
Barbara Mooring <bammer23@hotmail.com>
USA - Wednesday, September 13, 2000
My name is Barbara Mooring and I am related somehow to the Burdick line. My grandfather Josiah Buell Tubbs b. May 18, 1816 married Urana Burdick b. August 18, 1814, and died in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, on June 30, 1890. I have her father as Abraham Burdick and mother as Deborah Ferris both of Pawling, Dutches, New York though I'm not sure of this. If any one out there can help me with this I would be so grateful. I read everything on your sight and never realized that there were so many Burdicks. Happy Hunting.
Teresa Ross-Hild <tdhild@earthlink.net>
Houston, TX USA - Friday, September 8, 2000
I have not been doing genealogy for long but from what I can piece together (mostly by other researchers) I can trace my line from my gggrandmother Esther Elizabeth Burdick, b. 16 Jan 1865 in Johnson County, Iowa; d. 1913 in South Haven, Kansas. She married a William A. Bell, b. 17 Oct 1856 in Iowa. From there back: Samual Burdick (1820-1903) and Mary E. Watson. He was the s/o Lorin Burdick (1797-1878) and Esther Bixby. Then Samuel Burdick (1765-?) and Elizabeth, Joshua Burdick and Mary Lamb, Joshua Burdick (1715-1800) and Abigail Lanphere, Robert Burdick (1674-?) and Rebecca Foster, Robert Burdick (1633-1692) and Ruth Hubbard (1640-1691).
Sandra K. Lenois <sandra@elitemktg.com>
USA - Saturday, July 29, 2000
I am a descendant of Robert Burdick and Ruth Hubbard. My Great Grandfather is Moses Leonidus Burdick of Moab, Utah. Any information you have on the Burdick Family is greatly appreciated. If you have a genealogy program that you can create ged files to export, I can do the same and share information as well as photos. Look forward to hearing from you. My lineage is as follows:

Bruce Lenois m. Sandra Powers, daughter of
Robert Powers m. Lorna Jeanine Brace, daughter of
John Brace m. Bertrude Burdick, daughter of
Melissa Petrea Hitchcock m. Moses Leonidus Burdick, son of
Sarah Mecham m. Lutellus Burdick, son of
Jerusha Parks m. Alden Burdick, son of
Katherine Robertson m. Gideon Burdick, son of
Abigail Allen m. Thomas Burdick, son of
Dorothy Maxson m. Thomas Burdick, son of
Mary Foster m. Samuel Burdick, son of
Robert Burdick and Ruth Hubbard

Kathleen Martha (Burdick) Sherman <nasm@bcn.net>
Clarksburg, MA USA - Thursday, July 27, 2000
Here is some information on my branch of the Burdick tribe. I have some other info on Aunts and Uncles such as spouses, children, grandchildren, etc., but I'll just concentrate on my own direct line for now.

I am the oldest child of Larry Earl Burdick [DOB 8-15-38] of Williamstown, MA. I am married to Forrest Philip Sherman [DOB 1-11-53]. I have three children:
Megan Nighat Sherman DOB 6-1-75
Kareen Michele Sherman DOB 7-1-76 (m. Jason C Fortini)
Nathan Ernest Sherman DOB 9-8-77 died 3-19-99

I have four grandchildren. The first three are Kareen's children and the last one is Nathan's daughter:
Melyssa Catharine Sherman dob 1-22-94
Colby William Sherman Fortini dob 3-25-98
Taylor Forrest Sherman Fortini dob 5-28-99
Renee Amore Sherman-Gauthier dob 11-4-96

And I also have four siblings:
Steven Paul Burdick DOB 8-7-58
Laurence Earl Burdick DOB 1-11-60
Rebecca Jeanne Burdick DOB 10-9-61 (m. Christopher M Shannon)
Richard Alan Burdick DOB 7-17-65

My father is the youngest child of eleven born to Lawrence Elwin [DOB 9-16-1905]. He married his first wife (my mother), Joann Lillian Wiles [dob 4-13-38] of Williamstown, MA on January 12, 1957. They divorced on 1-19-72. He married his second wife, Donna Campbell [dob 5-5-45] of North Adams, MA on 8-5-72. His siblings are:

Gertrude Mae Burdick DOB 8-1-1923 (m. Albert Volpi)
Lawrence Elwin Burdick Jr. DOB 12-22-1924 died 4-17-1926
Helen Jane Burdick DOB 7-28-1926 died 2-19-1930
Robert George Burdick DOB 3-24-1928
Evelyn Elizabeth Burdick DOB 10-1-1929 (m. Edward P Beckwith)
William Edward Burdick DOB 7-21-1931
Gerald Raymond Burdick DOB 10-16-1932
Paul Roger Burdick DOB 5-23-1934
Carol Lynne Burdick DOB 1-18-1936 (m. John Severin)
Jack Noel Burdick DOB 5-14-1937

My grandfather was Lawrence Elwin Burdick* [DOB 9-16-1905]. He was the son of Albert Noel Burdick of North Adams, MA. Lawrence married Helen Mae Reynolds [DOB 5-13-1905] on 9-20-1922 in Manchester, VT, Helen's hometown. They lived mostly in North Adams, MA. A few of those years were spent living in an area referred to as "Burdickville" by the locals. He died on 2-4-1959 His siblings (as best we can determine) are:

John Oscar Burdick ???
Walter Burdick born 1899 died 1955
Mary (Mame) Burdick ???
Homer Bushel Burdick born 3-28-1904 died 12-20-1989
Clarence E Burdick* born 9-16-1905 died 1906
Gertrude Burdick** born 1908 (still living in Fredericksburg, VA / m. name Platner)
Franklin Burdick** born 1908 died 1908
Edward R Burdick born 1912 died 1912
William I Burdick born 1913 died 1913
Albert George Burdick born 10-24-1924 died 9-20-1936
*first set of twins **second set of twins

My great-grandfather was Albert Noel Burdick[DOB 7-13-1869]. He was the son of Lyman G Burdick. He was married to Mary Jane Estes [DOB 9-13-1872] of North Adams, MA. He died on May 23, 1924.

My great-great-grandfather was Lyman G Burdick [born in Vermont]. He was married to Harriet Madison [born in Vermont]. This is where our family's information trail ends. Anyone out there have more links?

Heather <Rgrrus@aol.com>
Texarkana, AR USA - Sunday, July 23, 2000
Edward J. Burdick <esms@surrealnet.net>
North Carolina USA - Friday, July 14, 2000
My dad's name is Robert M. Burdick of Fridley, MN. His dad is Elden G. Burdick. Dad has told me I am the 13th generation Burdick and maybe the last; hoping for a son one day to carry on the name. I am an ordained minister.
Robert Clark <bummerplumber@genealogysearch.org>
New Hope, MN USA - Saturday, July 8, 2000
I'm working on my family tree and received some pictures from Carl Burdick Jr. that belonged to his father Carl Sr., my 2nd ggfather. James A Clark is on the photo along with some Burdicks. I can't find out where the picture was taken or who these Burdicks are or where they are from. I think the picture was taken around 1880 or there abouts. The Burdicks in the picture are Amos Burdick Jr. his wife Anstis (Clark) Burdick, Mercy (Clark) Burdick the widow of Alfred Burdick. They all appear to be in there 60's or so I thought if I could find out where they lived it would probably help me find out where my 2nd ggfather ended up since I can't find him after the 1870 census in Canada. I know all of his family returned to the states from Canada in the late 1860's. to early 1870's. I have checked several Burdicks in Carl Burdick's book, From Whence We Came, but they are not in there. I'm related to the Burdicks thru Carl Sr.'s mother; she was my great Aunt. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
Kathleen (Kathy) Jane Harvey <harveyx2@aol.com>
USA - Saturday, July 8, 2000
So far I have traced back to Samuel Burdick as follows:

Samuel Burdick m. Mary Slocum
Abraham Burdick m. Deborah Ferris
Shedrick Burdick m. Aurelia Ann Worden
Sarah Burdick m. George Pritchard Clarke
Worden Shedrick Clarke m. Genevieve Mc Devitt
Sarah Aurelia Clarke m. Joseph Boysa

Chuck Mastropoalo <CMastropoa@aol.com>
Lynden, WA USA - Wednesday, July 5, 2000
My name is Chuck Mastropoalo. I live in Lynden, Washington. I was put in an orphanage when I was about 1 year old. When I was 8 I went to live with my father in California. I just found out that I had a sister, Agnes Ann (Reide) Burdick, by the same mother, Betty Wakefield. Agnes was married to a Donald R. Burdick in 1974 in Covington, Kentucky, which is where I was born. Donald was born in Massachusetts, 10/25/31, and was a teacher in Fairfield, Ohio. My sister lived in Springdale, Ohio. She was born 9/28/49 in Kentucky, I'm not sure where. I am looking for my sister, she does not no that I am alive. Thank you for any help you can provide.
Marge <MCurl50674@aol.com>
USA - Monday, July 3, 2000
My great grandmother was a Burdick, Roena Lavina Burdick born 23 Jun 1833 Palermo, Oswego Co., NY. Parents were Thomas and Polly Wright Burdick. Roena married Reuben Jay Pierce. Have information on Edwin Pierce's untimely death, son of Henry L. Burdick. If there are descendants out there of the above, I would like to hear from you.
Diane Davendonis <disdavis@prodigy.net>
Hoosick Falls, NY USA - Friday, June 23, 2000
I am the Great x 6 Granddaughter of Thomas and Dorothy Maxson Burdick. I just found out I was related to the Burdicks. My husband and I are going to Westerly, RI to see if we can find anything else about the Burdicks. My line is Mary Elizabeth Burdick daughter of Smith, Wilbur, Zaccheus, Thomas, Samuel Burdick. Hope to hear from you.
Beverly Dierdorff <Bjdjld@aol.com>
Lodi, WI USA - Thursday, June 22, 2000
This is a great website! I'm fairly new on this Burdick research so haven't fully reseached the Robert Burdick of RI book yet. My grgr grandfather was Clark C Burdick (5-26-1821-1901) he was born in NY, settled in central Iowa where he died. He was son of Wm Burdick & Polly Ann (Mary Ann) Hancock, Wm Burdick was son of Daniel Burdick & Temperance Hall, and Wm is listed as son of Wm Burdick & Sarah Edwards. Hoping to hear about siblings of Clark C Burdick, they were all born in New York I believe: they are Wm Stillman Burdick, Hubbard Smith Burdick, Nathan D, Edward P, Mary Ann, John Hancock Burdick, Collins C, and Charles P.
Esther Eblen <eeblen1@earthlink.net>
Arcadia, CA USA - Sunday, June 18, 2000
My mother was Esther Eleanor Burdick (DOB1916), parents Frederick Henry Burdick (DOB 1878 NYC; 1880 census shows him as Frederick Henry Bolte) and Jane Cora Clark (DOB 1879). His parents were Alfred Burdick (DOB 1853 Germany) and Doretta Sophia Marguerite Maria Bolte (DOB 1855 Germany). I have been researching this for years but no luck. Alfred Burdick served in Spanish American War and received pension, but military records do not show place of birth in Germany.
Ronald Starr Burdick <StarrZahn@aol.com>
Breaux Bridge, LA USA - Saturday, June 17, 2000
I am an art teacher in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. I am a direct descendent of Robert Burdick and Ruth Hubbard. In fact I am descended from Ruth Hubbard's father, Samuel, in two direct ways.

Ronald Starr Burdick b. 1945
Albert Clarke Burdick b. 1909
Albert Clarke Burdick b. 1875
Phineas Adelbert Burdick b. 1847 m. Ella F. Clarke (direct descendent of Bethiah Hubbard, sister of Ruth Hubbard)
Albert G. Burdick b. 1807
Thompson Burdick b. 1771
Phineas Burdick b. 1746
John Burdick Esq b. 1708
Deacon Benjamin Burdick b. 1666
Robert Burdick & Ruth Hubbard

Robert E Clark <bummerplumber@earthlink.net >
New Hope, MN USA - Sunday, June 4, 2000
I too am related to the Burdick Family. Carl Courtland Burdick's Mother Emma Florence (Clark) Burdick is the daughter of my 2nd great grand fathers brother Philander Clark. The Question I have though, is a picture of 13 people on a photograph that I have, there are some Burdicks on the photo and I have no clue who they are. Their names are Amos Burdick Jr, his wife Anstis (Clark) (e) Burdick and Mercy (Clark) (e) Burdick widow of Alfred Burdick. I'm guessing the photo is from around 1880 but not sure, My 2nd great grand father James Alanson Clark (e) is also on the photo, no idea where it was taken. Any help with these people would be greatley appreciated.
Andria (Greenslade) McHargue <albertsden@htn.net>
Sebring, FL USA - Sunday, June 4, 2000
I was born in Olean, New York, 1973. My mother is Sandra (Burdick) Greenslade, daughter of Edmund C. Burdick, grandaughter of Raymond and Blanche (maiden?) Burdick. Edmund still lives in New York as does his sister Jannie (sp?), while his other siblings: Keith, Betty, and Arline now live on the west coast of Florida. I do have a newspaper article my grandfather gave me that says lineage goes back to Gideon Burdick, George Washington's drummer boy, the one on the 1976 quarter. My grandfather has done research as well, but I know little.
Susan Rawlins <smrawlins@mindspring.com>
Princeton, CA USA - Friday, June 2, 2000
I was delighted to find a Burdick site on the web. I am descended from George Dudley Burdick, b. New York ca. 1835, at least that is the info. the family has. Would love to find out more about his line back to our intrepid Robert of Rhode Island. Can you point me in a good direction? I have tried FamilySearch, but haven't had any luck over several months and several tries. My mother, Marion Burdick Lovenborg, and I would love to find the next generations back!
Elaine Burdick Olsen <nesloe@earthlink.net>
USA - Monday, May 29, 2000
My branch of the Burdick's came form NY State and lived in PA before moving to Iowa sometime in the mid 1800's. My great grandfather was Franklin Burdick, grandfather Russell Burdick, father Clayton Russell Burdick. The first 2 were buried in Maynard, IA, and my dad in Reinbeck, IA. I was always told that when Maynard was founded it was almost named Burdick. Don't know if it's true but that's what my grandma always said. The Burdick's have always been involved in Masonic work and I have letters from PA about being a Mason that were written in the 1800's. Most of the men in the family were carpenters or cabinet makers. I have several pieces of furniture made by Burdick's including a bed made by George Washington Burdick.
Joy Engle <jayengle@waveone.net>
USA - Tuesday, May 16, 2000
I have just stumbled upon your Burdick web page!! I have been trying to find the parents of my g-g-g-grandmother for many years. Hannah Loretta Burdick b. February 25, 1815 in New York. m. Orren Cheney on September 6, 1835. They were baptised into the Mormon faith in 1835. Moved to Lake County, Ohio then Michigan. Is Hannah a part of your Burdick family? I would be willing to share the info that I have on Hannah and Orren. Thank you.
Joe Burdick <jburdick@ee.net>
USA - Sunday, April 30, 2000
Great news! I have recently discovered that I am a descendent of Robert Burdick. I have also discovered that there are two different stories about his father, one saying he was Samuel Burdette, the other saying he was William Burdick, could someone please help me with this?
Rodney Burdick <rodneyburdick@hotmail.com>
Carrollton, TX USA - Saturday, April 22, 2000
I HAVE PICTURES! And I wish I could identify the persons whose images I have.

My name is Rodney Burdick, born in Richmond, RI, in 1939, currently living in Carrollton, Texas.

My parents: Donald Burdick (1914-1973) born in Stonnington, CT.
Helen (Carr) Burdick (1913- ) born in North Kingstown, RI

next: Clarence Burdick (1890-1936) born S. Coventry, CT
Mina (Sugden) Burdick (1893-1996) born Johnston, RI

next: William Burdick (1849-1928) born Hopkinton, RI
Amy Ann (Holloway) Burdick (1846-1898) born in Newport, RI

next: Clark Burdick (1812-1893) born Hopkinton, RI
Clarissa Catherine (Crandall) Burdick (1828-1894) born Hopkinton
Clark and CLarissa had a reported 23 children

next: Charles Burdick (1766-1854) born in Hopkinton, RI
Phebe (Davis) Burdick (1767-1850) born in Westerly, RI

next: Robert Burdick (1731-1807) born in Westerly, RI
Hannah (Hall) Burdick (1743-1826) born in Westerly, RI

next: Robert Burdick (1701-1784) born Westerly, RI
Susannah (Clark) Burdick (1711- ) born Westerly, RI

next: Robert Burdick (1677- ) born Newport, RI
Rebecca (Foster) Burdick (1681- ) born New London, CT

next: Robert Burdick & Ruth Hybbard

Pictures...during WWII my great grandfather William's second wife gave my father, Donald, a trunk that contained the 'valuable' things from William's marriage to Amy. Included in this trunk were three photo albums. Two were large fabric covered albums and the third was a leather bound album with mostly tintype pictures.

I came into possession of the photos after my father's death. I have been able to identify only four of the persons.

Anyone descending from the children of Clark and Clarissa (children born between 1844 and 1882) who has identifyable photos to compare with mine please let me know.

Children were: Susan, John, George, William, Alizina, Lydia, Nathan, Eliza, Daniel, Mary, Abby, Martha, Emery (never married), Hanna, Lena, Minnie, Carrie, Charles.

Terese E. (Burdick) DeMarco <DeMarcoTE@aol.com>
USA - Friday, April 21, 2000
I am Terese E. (Burdick) DeMarco. Born 3-13-42. Desendant of: Robert Burdick and Mary Jane (Winchell) Burdick. Children:

Edward Burdick - died very young
Adelaide Burdick - died very young
Charles Burdick
Ella Burdick
Laura Burdick

Laura Burdick married John Rowe. Children: Carrie Rowe, John Rowe, Jr., Sterling Rowe, Mary Rowe Lichtel, DeWitt Rowe, Claude Rowe, Grace Rowe Hull, Ella Rowe Lichtel. (this from an old family tree)

Charles Burdick and Augusta Kellerhause (sp???) begat George (7/3/1883-3-15-48) and Willard Burdick

George Burdick and Emma (Mawby) Burdick begat Willard Leroy (9/5/01-1/25/58) and Walter Stillman Burdick (10/10/03-9/13/45). Also daughters Edna, Claire and Ethel

Walter Stillman Burdick and Evelyn Gertrude Christine (Peterson) Burdick begat Terese (me).

Willard Leroy Burdick and Viola (Volk) Burdick (12/8/01-9/18/87) begat Walter Burdick.

Sey Jones <aheame@msn.com>
Norther CA USA - Friday, April 14, 2000
Looking for parents/siblings of Earl Spencer Burdick born Taft, CA circa 1922. He served in the navy. He is believed to have lived Garden Grove and Ontario, CA He married:

1. With June Lois Parsons and had the following children: Cindi Lynn Burdick b Apr 10, 1946 Orange, CA, Barbara June Burdick b Mar 28, 1948 divorced.

2. With Mary Roberta Davidson had the following children: Earl Spencer Burdick, Jr., Roberta Burdick.

Cindi Lynn Burdick has children: Scott aka Cary Eugene b 4-14-66 Elmira, NY, Ann Marie Jones Elsasser b 3-15-67 Westminster, CA, Traci Lynn Mitchell b Arp 28, 1970.

Any leads on Earl's parents appreciated. Thanks.

Kenneth L. Berry <berry1@ici.net>
USA - Tuesday, April 11, 2000
This note from a greatgrandson of Lucinda Burdick, born in Easton, Washington County, New York in 1808 and died in Johnstown, Fulton County, New York in 1910. Have reciently received the names and dates of her parents, Zebediah Burdick born August 1772 ??? and died May 11, 1845. His wife was Mary Bitgood born February 17, 1767 ??? and died October 31, 1858. Wondering and hoping that someone would have information on these two and any connections either forward or back from these Burdicks. Much appreciate any information.
Alice Burdick Livingston <alivingston@snet.net>
North Stonington, CT USA - Sunday, April 9, 2000
My name is Alice Burdick Livingston, I live in North Stonington, CT (about 4 miles from RI border). My Father was Ellery Amos Burdick, born in Stonington, CT. My Mother is (Grace) Alice Latham, born in Stonington, CT. Children: John, Alice, Jane, Nonie, Catherine, Marie.

My grandfather was Joseph Burdick, born in Rhode Island (Hopkinton? Richmond? Hope Vally? not sure at this moment). Joseph's wife (Alexandria) Lillian Moffett . Children: Joseph, Benjamin, Ellery

Both my mother and grandmother went by their middle names.

My daughter has all my information on the lineage which includes Birth places. We have been told that there is Narragansett Indian somewhere in our line.

This is it for today - my daughter Nancy may contact you with more of the information.

Nancy Nieuwenhuis <JNieuw@aol.com>
Haledon, NJ USA - Friday, April 7, 2000
My name is Nancy Livingston Nieuwenhuis from Haledon, NJ., I have two children, Deena and Jay. My mother is Alice Burdick Livingston of North Stonington, CT. We Burdicks are a tight knit group in the Mystic area of CT. Every chance we get we gather together twenty cousins at least and visit with my grandmother Alice Latham Burdick (b. 23 Feb 1914). We've even come to nickname her home the Burdick Family Compound. There are so many Burdick descendants in the area we may be related to half the state of RI! My grandfather Ellery passed away several years ago (d.16 Oct 1991) and I do not have anything beyond his fathers information. This leaves a big gap in my geneology research. I stumbled upon your web page and am very excited to discover other sources you've listed. I am a gardener and Landscape Architect heavily influenced by my grandfather and mothers' interest (healthy obsession) with gardening. I am a Christian woman devoted to Jesus my savior. My grandfather was also a believer during the last two decades of his life. Thank you for the opportunity to brag about my Burdick family relations.
Christy Hodges Smith <chodges@aec.nu>
??? - Thursday, April 6, 2000
I am the gg grandaughter of John Range Jr & Emiline Burdick who's line goes to Asa Burdick Nova Socia and I would like to see if there are others that are in my line. Thank you very much
Melinda K Brave <mboydbrave@juno.com>
USA - Monday, April 3, 2000
I am researching the Burdick family for my step-daughter who is the great-granddaughter of Linn Wilson Burdick, born 1880 in MO, married Emma Leona Tourneau Mattoon 2 Dec. 1908 in Maddock, ND, died 1938 in ND. Linn was the son of Willard Burdick who married Sydney Katherine Richardson in St. Joseph, MO. Willard and Sydney K. bought land in Benson County, ND in 1905. They had three children: Linn, Henry, and Millie.

Linn Wilson and Emma had three children: Catherine, Donella, and Richard. They lived in Saskatchewan, Canada for a few years; Catherine was born there. The other children were born in ND. Linn was a grain buyer.

Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Shari <jewel@ispchannel.com>
USA - Monday, April 3, 2000
In January I began my search for my grandpatents. Since then I have found my grandfather John D. BURDICK (b.5/3/1884 d.7/1/1960), his 1st wife Ann MARLOW (b.5/13/1882 d.10/8/1926) daughter of Joseph (1847-1921) and Marguerite (1854-1939). Johns father was Orlando Jess BURDICK (b.6/19/1851 in Oswega, NY d.4/27/1918 in Stiles, WI). what I need now, is his 1st wife's name! He married Catrina FOSTER (6/9/1894), but already had 9 children from his 1st marriage :James, John, Fred, Robert O(orlando?), Harry, Jess, Ben, Frances, and Lillian. 2nd marr :Orlando, Thomas, Jess(?), Robert(?), and Martha. HELP !!!
Tammy <tamdan@infoblvd.net>
USA - Saturday, April 1, 2000
This is a great site! I've spent hours reading the entries. My mother's father was Alfred H. Burdick, Sr. from Troupsburg, New York. His father was a Frank Burdick, possibly of Tioga County, PA. I cannot find any information linking Frank Burdick to any of the thousands of other Burdicks. Can anyone help?
Ruth Holly <Marion-Hany@worldnet.att.net>
USA - Tuesday, March 28, 2000
Hi, I'm Ruth Holly.My mother was the ninth descendant of Robert Burdick of Rhode Island.I am trying to do my genealogy,if you have any information you would like to share please email me at Marion-Hany@worldnet.att.net. Thank you.
Roger A. Reukauf <rareuk@chorus.net>
Madison, WI USA - Thursday, March 23, 2000
Can anyone help me find the parentage of my grgrgrandmother Almira Burdick. I think she died in 1842/43 in Wisconsin. She married Hiram M. Goodrich in 1824 in Iowa, probably Linn County). I think her father may have been Henry Burdick but have no proof and do not have a clue to her mother. Thanks.
Albert V. Burdick <dburdick1@juno.com>
CA USA - Monday, March 20, 2000
More relatives! I come from Robert Burdick & Ruth Hubbard through their son Benjamin and his wife Mary Reynolds; Peter Burdick & Ester Gavitt; Elnathan Burdick & Anne Sisson; Captain Benjamin Burdick & Meribah Burdick (his cousin); Peter Burdick & Abigail Brown; Edwin F. Burdick & Lydia Healy; Charles H. Burdick & Nellie Broughton; Edwin C. Burdick & Edna MacDonald; Albert Burdick (that is me) & Dorothy Cline. We have four sons and two daughters; 14 grandchildren & 10 g-grandchildren (these numbers include step-grandchildren).

My g-grandfather started the family migration to California sailing from New England, walked across the Panama Canal, and thence sailing on to the San Francisco Bay area. With his money and his two sons running it they ran a horse drawn railroad which carried freight and passengers between Centerville and Newark, Ca. There is a historical farm in Newark which displays their train and other items of interest. It is called Ardenwood Farm.

One of our sons, David, is Director of Libraries for Jefferson County, Arkansas. He had done a great deal of genealogy work and dug up all of the Burdick ancestry mainly using 'The Burdick Family Book" .

Raymond Burdick <TRBOO@email.msn.com>
NC USA - Sunday, March 19, 2000
Hi, my name is Raymond Burdick. My father's name is Raymond F Burdick, my mother's name is Janice Nye. Both are from Alfred N.Y. I was born in Wellsville N.Y. oct. 1971. I now live in N.C. along with my wife Jill who I married in N.C. I have a son Tyler who was born on Dec. 3, 1999. My father moved here from N.Y.and stays with my wife and me . My mother stays in Leland N.C. I have three sisters . Barb Mead who lives in Jacksonville N.C. with her family. Tammy Burdick who lives in Alfred N.Y. Linda Vaugn who lives in Wellsville N.Y. with her family. I don't know alot about my family history. My grand father was Elbert Berdett Burdick married to Francis Kemp, I don't know when.They lived on Vandermark Rd until there deaths. If I can be of any asistance I will be glad to help.
Chris Smith <Thirteencs@aol.com>
USA - Monday, March 13, 2000
My grandmother is a Burdick, with her help, we have traced back to a Lewis Clifford Burdick born in RI on 04/28/1868. His parents were Charles BURDICK and Pauline PICKETT - both of Thompson CT. I think the newsletter would be another great resource for us.
Don Williams <donjwilliams@worldnet.att.net>
USA - Sunday, March 5, 2000
I am in the process of family research and have come across an Esther Burdick who had a sister named Amy. They are related to Robert Burdick. My interest is in Esther Burdick who married a Joshua Williams. Do you have any information? Thanks
Audrey Cox Vogelpohl <avogelpohl@home.com>
Seattle, King County, WA USA - Sunday, February 27, 2000
My Burdick line comes down through Tacy, daughter of Robert and Ruth Hubbard Burdick.

Audrey Jean Cox Vogelpohl, dau of
Fred Cox and Ella Jane Harms, dau of
William Harms and Ruth Chidester, dau of
Ella Jane French and Elliott Chidester, son of
Zadok Chidester and Susanna Tharp, dau of
Hulda Cox and Hezekia Tharp, son of
Benjamin Thorp/Tharp and Elisabeth Maxson, dau of
Experience Davis and Zebulon Maxson, son of
Bethia Maxson and Joseph Maxson, son of
Joseph Maxson and Tacy Burdick, dau of
Robert Burdick married Ruth Hubbard

I would be interested in hearing from others that come through Tacy Burdick Maxson.

Richard F. Burdick, Jr. <BladeZ9@aol.com>
New Orleans, LA USA - Sunday, February 27, 2000
My name is Richard F. Burdick, Jr. I have a wife Kristen and a son named Gibson Frehley. We live in New Orleans, but are originally from CT. My father was a descendent of Frederick V., descendent of William.
Richard Young <rgyoung@home.com>
RI USA - Sunday, February 27, 2000
Last year I posted a message that I was excited to find that my ancestors Hiram Hicks and Jemima Burdick from Vermont might have migrated from RI. Since I am from RI it seemed strange that a descendant of theirs would move back to RI years later. At any rate this is my line:

Robert Burdick/Ruth Hubbard
Robert Burdick/Rebecca Foster
Ebenezer Burdick/Elizabeth Stewart
Zera Burdick/ Willard
Ebenezer Burdick/Jemina Crandall
Hiram Hick/Jemima Burdick (moved to Underhill Vermont around 1830)
Henry Curry/Nancy Hicks
Ernest Curry/Margaret McCarthy (moved from Underhill Vermont to Laconia
before 1915 and to West Warwick RI before 1930)
Ernest Young/Marguerite Curry
Richard Young (me)/Catherine Warburton

Barbara Baker Schwarting <bschwart@gateway.net>
Jordan, NY USA - Saturday, February 26, 2000
Do you live in Nile, NY? I grew up on East Notch Road, have BURDICKS in my line and would be interested in communicating with you if it can be beneficial to both of us.

My Burdicks stem from: Charlotte Camilla BURDICK b. abt 1832 to William BURDICK b. 1 Jul 1807; d. 10 Mar 1887; m. Avis Lanphear Thurston BURDICK 22 Oct, 1831. Charlotte married James William Jordan 13 Oct 1854 and my great grandmother Martha Angeline Jordan ROBINSON was their 3rd child and lived in the Nile, Town of Wirt area.

My BURDICK line:

Robert b. abt 1656 in England
Thomas m. (I think) Martha Posner, RI
Thomas b. abt. 1695, Westerly, RI; m. Abigail RICHMOND 1 May 1823
Edmund, b. 17__, m. Thankful ENOS 23 Apr 1749 in Westerly, RI
Thomas, b. 30 Aug. 1749, Hopkinton, RI; m. Martha CRANDALL 177_ and moved at some time to Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NY
William b. 2 Apr 1780; m. Martha BABCOCK 15 Nov, 1801
William, b. 1 Jul 1807; m. Avis THURSTON 22 Oct 1831; both died in Nile and buried in Friendship.
Charlotte Camilla; b. 22 Sep 1832; m. James William JORDAN 13 Oct 1854; she d. 1 Jan 1866 buried in Friendship
Martha Angeline JORDAN b. 14 Sep 1863; m. John Squire ROBINSON 7 Sep 1879
Anna Isobel ROBINSON b. 1 Jul, 1880; m. James Jeptha SPANGLER 25 Jul 1903
Vinna Charlotte SPANGLER, b. 18 Mar. 1905 m. Ted/Raymond BAKER 16 Oct 1930
Barbara BAKER, b. 13 Nov, 1931 m. William SCHWARTING 29 Aug, 1953.

What I don't have are all the dates for each of the above, but have many, some of which came from notes from the Burdick-Jordan Reunions in the early 1900's.

Ron Raines <CARTERIORS@aol.com>
USA - Wednesday, February 23, 2000
Shannon BURDICK Wittcop <shnndoa1@juno.com>
Virginia Beach, VA USA - Friday, February 18, 2000
I am so happy to finally find this web page. I finally feel I can connect.

I have 3 children Danielle Leigh, Shaun Franklin and Tiffani Laine.

I have a brother Ron (Kay, Yes that is why he changed it) Burdick who lives in Denver, Colo. I have 2 sisters Camilla BURDICK Engert from Cattaraugus, NY, and Mindy BURDICK Wedel from Wichita, KS.

My parents: Merlyn (Scotty) Kay Burdick and Helen Elizabeth Sullivan
Grandparents Walter Lyman Burdick and Florence Sarah Strickland
Great Grandparents Caleb Lyman Burdick and Nellie B. Hunt
G-G-Grandparents Lyman Berry Burdick and Alvira Hunt
then Rowse Burdick and Martha Maxsom
Captain Robert Burdick and Sara Williams
Robert Burdick and Hanna Hall
Robert Burdick and Susana Clark
Robert Burdick and Rebeca Foster
Robert Burdick and Ruth Hubbard
No more Robert's for this family, too confusing to hunt for ;>)

My mother and father were divorced in the late 50's. Ron stayed with dad in Denver, Colo. and us girls went with mom back to Niagara County, NY. We never had contact with the BURDICK family until I was 16 and then again at 40 when I finally said enough. My father has Parkinson disease and my brother has MS (multiply Sclerosis) My sister Cam and I are trying to find out as much as we can about our family history.

I run a day care out of my home and sell Christian educational books. I homeschool my two youngest children, Shaun who graduated and is now in the Coast Guard and Tiffani who is now in 11th grade. My oldest, Danielle, also runs a day care out of her home. We love children and I hope to be a grandmother of dozens.

Jack Burdick II <cntryfolk5@mindspring.com>
USA - Monday, February 14, 2000
Hi, my name is Jack Burdick II. I am just getting into finding my family history. I have a little info on my greatgrandfather, and would appreciate any help. I didn't know there were that many Burdick's. Here is my info:

O. C. Burdick born 1891 in Winsburough, TX died 1969 Married Blanche Snyder in 1921 ( In Jerome, ID).

I don't know how many children they had, but they did have a son named Jack Burdick, who married Mildred Keim in Twin Falls, ID ( I think).

Jack and Mildred had two children named Barbara Burdick and Jack Owen Burdick. These children were also born in Twin Falls, ID

Any help would be great.

Russell Ransom Watson SFC, Retired US Army <rwat@alltel.net>
USA - Monday, February 14, 2000
My lineage is from Daniel Comfort Burdick, whom we have pictures of. His son Daniel Franklin Burdick a civil war veteran is my great grandfather. My grandmother is Carrie Burdick Ransom. I am looking for Daniel Franklin's wife, who is supposed to be Amanda Burdick, daughter of David Burdick b. abt 1817 in Lake George, Warren Co. NY. Any informationon these families would be appreciated.

Helen Verna Ransom married Roscoe Walker Watson
Carrie Luella married Robert Freedom Ransom
Daniel Franklin
Daniel Comfort

Vicki Ames <wvames@texasisp.com>
TX USA - Thursday, February 3, 2000
My Mother and I are trying to trace her Burdick lineage. We can go back only so far and then we run up against a stone wall. My Mother was Ardinelle Burdick, daughter of J.Edwin Burdick, son Aylmers Delroy (A.D.) Burdick & Penelope Irvin Jones. Alymers Delroy (A.D.) Burdick's father was A.D. Burdick, Sr. We have found that A.D. Burdick Sr. was born in New York State probably in Chenango Co. He migrated from New York to Georgia where he met and married May A. around 1855. He and May lived in Georgia approximately 3 years after they married and had one child, a girl name B.M. The family moved to Texas and settled in Grimes Co, where A.D. was born. We cannot find where A.D. died or was buried.

In all your Burdick work, do you remember coming across any information similar to the above? Any help you can give us getting us back on track will be greatly appreciated.

Larry Wood <lwood67976@aol.com>
Dayton, OH USA - Wednesday, January 26, 2000
I need the children of Parker Burdick b. 11 Sep 1735 Westerly, Washington Co. RI, for my genealogy. Please let me know if there is anyone doing or has done research on this person. The LDS database lists Parker Burdick as married to Thankful (Burdick?) on 13 Jun 1754 in Westerly, RI, but does not list any of their children.

My current research lead me to make the following theory: Parker Burdick had a daughter, probably named Rebecca, who married Mr. Crandall, probably named Samuel. They named their son Parker Burdick Crandall b. 1790.

If true, this makes Parker Burdick the grandfather of my ancestor Parker Burdick Crandall.

Please help me locate records or information to test this theory.

Sharon Sylvia Ann (Burdick) <jewel@ispchannel.com>
USA - Saturday, January 23, 2000
I've searched & searched -- finally found my aunt (Ethel Burdick) on the family tree. NO listing of HER siblings or parents. My Father (her brother) was Leo David Burdick, born Sept.11, 1919. He died May 6, 1954. His father was called "Jack" which I assume was John, and his step-mother was Viola. they lived in Oconto, WI. Ethel was born in Stiles, WI. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you. I'm the only child of Leo & Margaret (Morisette) Burdick.
Jayme Tuberville <ELVIRA64@webtv.net>
USA - Wednesday, January 19, 2000
I am searching for a Lori Ann Burdick without any luck. She was born from between 1944-1946 she grew up in New York in a town just across the Pa. state line above Bradford. She lived for a short time in Dubois,Pa. in 1964. She lived there with her aunt and uncle (the Seese's not sure of spelling) I know she has married since then and her last name has changed. Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated.
Kathie <kittihawk@aol.com>
USA - Saturday, January 15, 2000
The Burdicks in McKean Co, PA area married into Gallup families, most of whom I am related to. Looking for info on an ELEANOR DAVIS, d/o Lydia Burdick and Benjamin Davis. Info I've found so far doesn't imply a link except that the names and locations jive (includes Chenango and Cortland Co areas in NY). DAVID S. WHITE m. ELEANOR T. DAVIS, on 12/31/1826. David was born 12/7/1802, s/o Ichabod White and Rhoda Hoag. We have no info on Eleanor, but she is buried in the Colegrove Cemetery in Crosby, McKean Co, PA. Dates on tombstone are 6/15/1820 - 9/19/1881. Eleanor is my gggrandmother and none of us have been able to trace her so far.

However, since there are Burdicks married into most of the lines down there as well as Gallups and they did tend to marry rather closely, there's a chance real strong likelihood that there's a link somewhere with the DAVIS family as well.

I have quite a bit of info on the Gallup families in the McKean Co area as well as the Fullers from Potter County...a cousin who lives in the area and helps out looking things up at times.

We believe that David White (b. 1802) was born in NY and know that two of Ichabod's brothers (all were in the Rev War) are buried in the Tully/Prebble area and that there is likely still family in that area.

Feel free to email me if I can help you or vice versa.

Pam Bylczynski <misskitty@globaldialog.com>
Wisconsin USA - Wednesday, January 5, 2000
I am also researching Burdicks but don't believe I am related to any you have listed. According to my great grandfathers death certificate he was born outside of Paris France in 1850. His name was Semion Burdick. His father was listed as Leon Burdick and his mother's name was Adeline. It also stated he had been a soldier in France. He came to the US sometime before 1882 and was married in DeKalb County IL in 1882. Do you think his last name had been Burdick or Burdette? Do you have any information on Burdicks in France? I would be greatful for any advise or help. Thank You
Marlene Wightman <wightgar@infoblvd.net>
Belmont, NY USA - Tuesday, January 4, 2000
Hello, Another branch of Burdicks heard from. I have just started tracing the family lineage and didn't know where to start. Happened on your website and couldn't believe my luck.

I am the Director of Continuing Education for the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. (I worked with Vernon Burdick and Carol Burdick (both retired))

My family:
Reuben Burdick (don't have gg grandmother's name) Merritt and Marcus
Merritt 11/1/1867 died 1950 - buried in Friendship, NY, married Dora Mae Myhel (Mighelf)
they had:
Everitts - born in Andrews Settlement, PA

Everitts (b. 1900)(My grandfather) married Gladys Isabel Brisbee (b. 1907) born in Little Valley, NY
they had:
Lena (my mother)

Lena Mae Burdick married Ernest Harvey Chilson, Ulysses, PA
they had:
Marlene (that's me)

Does anyone recognize any of these names? I would love to be able to fill in the blanks. Please reply to Marlene Wightman, wightgar@infoblvd.net

Also looking for information on the Chilson side of the family. Thank you!!

Sally Chirlin <chirlin@norwich.net>
Central New York, USA - Tuesday, January 4, 2000
I too am a Burdick descendant here in central NY State where the early Burdicks settled, some before 1800. My 4xg-grandfather was Samuel Hubbard Burdick who is credited as being the earliest of the Burdick settlers in this area, I believe. There is a grave marker for him in a cemetery in the town of Brookfield, Madison Co., NY. His wife was Amie Maccoon who was born in Hopkinton, RI, and who apparently never came east. I don't know her death date. His son, my 3xg-grandfather, Charles L. Burdick, and his siblings were all born in Stonington, CT, as was Samuel Hubbard Burdick. Charles L. is only mentioned as having been born, no other information given in Nellie Johnson's book. (She was a resident of Norwich, NY, right here where I have lived most of my life.)

There is an addendum to her book and I found most of my early info about Charles and his children there. Then I secured a copy of his will in Cooperstown, the county seat of Otsego Co. Currently one of my missing links is the maiden name of his wife, Rebecca. They are buried on the Madison Co. side of the Unadilla River in an extant cemetery, very nicely kept.

Their daughter Alzina Burdick married Macomber Barker whose pedigree I have in its entirety, I believe. Their daughter Ella Barker married Charles Brownell, also here in this part of NY State although I don't have a record of their marriage which precedes 1880. Their daughter Frances Aurilla Brownell married Stephen Miles Walling and lived in the town of Edmeston, Otsego Co., NY. Their daughter Minnie Elizabeth Walling is my mother and married John Richard Child in Sherburne, Chenango Co., NY. I am Sara (Sally) May Child Chirlin married to Donald D. Chirlin and live in Norwich. We have two children and one grandchild. I can give you the brothers and sisters down the generations from Charles and Rebecca if you like.

There were Seventh Day Baptists, which the first Burdicks all were because of Ruth Hubbard's influence, well into the 20th century. I'm told that the church in Lincklaen, Chenango Co., near a cemetery with many Burdicks interred, operated as a church until quite recently.

I am interested in writing to Dr. Carol Burdick in Alfred, NY, as I think one of my Burdick ancestor's brothers indeed moved to Alfred! I haven't had the pleasure of meeting a cousin from one of the Burdick siblings in ANY generation so I'd love to find one!

Also, I too descend from Bethia Hubbard. Continuing back, this time, from Samuel Hubbard and Amie Maccoon Burdick, Samuel Hubbard Burdick m. Avis Maxson. Then, from Avis Maxson -- her parents were John Maxson and Judith Clarke and Judith Clarke's parents were Joseph Clarke and Bethia Hubbard, sister of Ruth Hubbard.

Please let me hear from you. I thoroughly enjoy the connection with other kin via e-mail and the internet websites. I look forward to continued sharing of Burdick memorabilia. Perhaps someone out there will trace his or her roots back here to NY State where the "first" Burdick immigrants appear to have settled.

Dan Lundy <jardam@concentric.net>
New York, NY USA - Tuesday, January 4, 2000
I picked up a copy of JOHN CLARKE AND HIS LEGACIES: Religion and Law in Colonial Rhode Island 1638-1750 by Sydney V. James Penn State Univ Press 1999 0271018496 and can recommend it to Burdick researchers. It's an academic monograph but very well written and gave me a lot of insight into conditions in early RI and MA; their close connections to the old world sparrings with Winthrop over the RI-CT border, and particularly the fortunes of the First Baptist Church in Westerly. It's very clear on the religious controversies -- the Sabbath, laying on of hands, adult baptism, antinomianism, the professionalization of the pastorate.

While no Burdicks figure directly in the story, Tacy Hubbard makes an appearance as do sundry Clarkes, Maxsons, and other folk who frequently feature in Burdick lines.

My wife's mother's family are Burdicks and very much kin to John Duffy Burdick line that's appeared in these white pages. I've only been into genealogy since last February and have been working mostly with the stuff I find online. There's sure a plethora of Burdick's out there, and much easier to find than my mom's Taylor line or sorting out all the southern Lundys from my people in NYC and PA.

Cheers! DAN

Alice Magee <atmagee@email.msn.com>
Kearny, NJ USA - Monday, January 3, 2000
Alice Magee, born 11/29/53 Newark, NJ to Dorothy Ann Burdick and Henry J. Magee. Living in Kearny, NJ. Customer Service Manager for the past 25 years for Whatman Inc. an English company which sells laboratory products.
Dorothy Ann Burdick Magee <damagee@webtv.net>
Tuckerton, NJ USA - Monday, January 3, 2000
Dorothy Ann Burdick Magee, born 12/28/31 at Grahams Island in North Dakota. Lived until age 18 in Minnewauken, North Dakota. Daughter of Earl Rush and Bertha Ann Burdick. Earl was the son of Orlin Lincoln and Kitsey Strong Burdick. Orlin was the son of Ozias Perry Warren and Lucy Farnum Burdick of Plainview, Wabasha County, Minnesota. Ozias Burdick was the son of William and Cynthia Crandall Burdick.
Larry Wood <LWood67976@aol.com>
Ohio USA - Monday, January 3, 2000
I will be searching Tolland and E. Haddam, Connecticut for Parker Burdick Crandall. His wife came from E. Haddam, where her parents were married. There are several Sam Crandalls in Tolland. I believe Parker's father to be Sam Crandall. If you know and Burdick women married to Crandalls in Connecticut c. 1790 please let me know.

I suspect my Burdick connection may have been a child not named in the book. I noticed that the book focuses on direct lineage of male heirs and does not cover the children of female Burdicks. This is not a criticism, the book is amazing. I cannot even imaging doing that without a word processor!

Laurie Hendrix <lhendrix@capital.net>
Adams, MA USA - Monday, January 3, 2000
I would like to share my project that will be ongoing for some time. I have been collecting the data on my grandparents - Lyman Andrew Burdick and Doris Elizabeth Muggle - and their descendants - which number over 100 with their 10 children and their children and grand children. Anyone can email me and I'll share what I have. I am most interested in Lyman's father, Harvey Edgar, travelling from Grafton, Rensselear, New York to Florida, Berkshire, Massachusetts. It seems that a lot of the family moved from Grafton and settled Pownal, Vermont, and Northern Berkshire, namely, Hancock, North Adams, Adams, and Florida Mountain. I am trying to see if anyone has any of the Family Bibles or if they knew why this family moved across the mountains bordering New York and Massachusetts.