Burdick Cemeteries

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Cemetery records can provide hard-to-find clues for those researching their family roots. Following are links and listings of cemeteries that hold information about Burdick family members. If you have information you would like to add to this list, please send me an email with "BURDICK CEMETERY" in the subject line. Include as much information as you feel appropriate, such as exact location of the cemetery, when the data was collected and by whom. Thank you for your help!

Charlotte Valley Cemetery in West Davenport, NY
Submitted by Ken Wenck (sarg0106@gmail.com)

These stones were recorded in August 2013. Ken has photos if needed:

Mary E. Burdick (PFC US Army WWII): 7-8-1920 t0 1-6-1995
Luther Norman Burdick (Tech 4 US Army WWII): 1918 to 1976
Russell B Jones: 1919 to 1979
Evelyn Burdick Jones*: 1920 to 1976
William Herbert Burdick: 10-19-1895 to 1976
Lillian Norman Burdick (wife of William H Burdick): 10-24-1896 to 1968
Robert W Burdick: 1922 to 1969
Luther B Burdick: 8-11-1823 to 9-7-1886
Lydia J Davison (Luther B Burdick’s wife): 1-6-1833 to 12-4-1916
John Burdick (child of L B & L J Burdick): 11-15-1863 to 1-10-1866
Addie Mabel Burdick (child of L B & L J Burdick): 12-25-1871 to 10-21-1872
John Banks Burdick: 4-24-1828 to 3-14-1893
Susan White (John B Burdick’s wife): 4-14-1834 to 12-11-1926
Susan V Burdick (child of John B & Susan Burdick): 6-24-1867 to 6-7-1950
Emma C Burdick (child of John B & Susan Burdick): 9-1-1878 to 9-2-1881
William Luther Burdick: 6-30-1861 to 4-30-1927
Ella Bennet (William L Burdick’s wife): 6-14-1866 to 9-18-1926
Abraham Burdick: 9-16-1794 to 12-5-1871
Pattie Dibble (Abraham Burdick’s wife): 5-12-1799 to 1-6-1866
Truman Burdick (son of Abraham Burdick & Pattie Dibble): 5-8-1819 to 1-20-1882
Mary (Young) Burdick (Truman Burdick’s wife): 9-1-1820 to 11-19-1909
Loren Burdick: 8-16-1851To11-29-1898
Mary (Snyder) Burdick (Loren Burdick’s wife): 3-14-1864 to 1935
Edith Burdick (Loren & Mary Burdick’s child): 2-7-1890 to 9-11-1925
Ralph Burdick (Loren & Mary Burdick’s child): 12-7-1893 to 9-20-1894
(Mary Estrella Burdick)
“Dau of Loren & Emma (Simmons) Burdick died 11-11-1883 (2 Yrs, 9 Mos, & 23 Ds)": 1-18-1881 to 11-11-1883
George Tallmadge: 9-24-1835 to 8-20-1924
Patty Burdick (George Tallmadge’s wife): 4-16-1834 to 10-4-1898
Louisa (wife of Chauncy Davidson): Died 3-8-1872
Blanche Burdick Loucks (wife of Jesse Loucks daughter of Elkanah J Burdick & Cora Beers): 9-2-1890 to 1990
Elkanah J Burdick (child of John B & Susan Burdick): 8-17-1861 to 1945
Cora Beers (Elkanah J Burdick’s wife): 7-26-1864 to 1953
J Ralph Burdick (son of Elkanah& Cora): 2-5-1883 to 11-7-1899
Horatio B Whitlock: 9-27-1860 to 3-30-1932
Alice Burdick Whitlock(wife of Horatio B Whitlock): 8-2-1866 to 1941
Jennie L Whitlock(daughter of Horatio B Whitlock & Alice Burdick): 7-3-1896 to 1964

* Unable to locate record of Evelyn Burdick Jones

Cemetery Books
Submitted by Rodney Burdick (rodneyburdick@hotmail.com)

Here are some sources for cemeteries that contain Burdick graves:

1. Hopkinton, Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries, by Gayle E. Waite and Lorraine Tarket Arruda. This book is a great source for genealogical information on Burdicks. Of special interest to me is Oak Grove Cemetery (Historical Cemetery #18) located in Ashaway, Rhode Island on Cemetery Lane, and First Hopkinton Cemetery (Historical Cemetery #22) located on Chase Hill Road near the river. These two cemeteries contain the graves of many of my family.

2. River Bend Cemetery (Westerly Historical Cemetery #8), by Dwight C. Brown, Jr. and his wife. This is another final resting place for many of my family members. This book, both Vol. 1 & 2 are out of print. Last year when I was in Westerly I contacted Dwight and he agreed to sell me a copy of Vol. 1, but was out of Vol. 2. When I return to Westerly next Spring I will try to secure a copy of Vol. 2 from him.

3. Exeter, Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries, by John E. Sterling and James E. Good. This volume has many Burdicks.

4. Coventry, Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries, by Dr. Bill Eddleman and John E. Sterling. Another source for Burdick graves.

5. Warwick, Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries, by John E. Sterling. More Burdicks buried here.

6. North Burial Ground, Providence, Rhode Island, by John E. Sterling. This Cemetery has only a single Burdick listing, Alice Tower (Percival) Burdick, 1834-1866). I mention this volume to honor the work that John Sterling has done on the Cemeteries of Rhose Island.

7. East Greenwich, Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Inscriptions, by Bruce Campbell MacGunnigle. This book isn't as easy to read as the others but it has Burdick information.

8. Elm Grove Inscriptions, by Althea H. McAleer. This is another source for Burdick data. Althea has done a great job in providing this data from the largest Cemetery in North Kingstown.

You can also add to your list the Mesa, Arizona, City Cemetery where my mother and father are buried. My mother died 19 October 2004 just 5 weeks short of her 92nd birthday.

Madison County Cemeteries, Madison Co., NY
Submitted by Linda Burns (linburns@state.pa.us)

Check out Madison County cemeteries (http://www.rootsweb.com/~nymadiso/madcems.htm). There are a lot of BURDICKS, CRANDALLS, BROWNS, MAINES, SAUNDERS and WILCOX'S listed in these cemeteries.

Beverwyck Cemetery, Rensselaer, NY
Submitted by Christina Yunck (christinaey@netscape.net)

John W Burdick and his 3 wives; his half sister and brother Leah Burdick Henry and Benjamin Burdick all the children of Samuel Cutler Burdick.

Andersonville Cemetery, Andersonville, GA
Submitted by Christina Yunck (christinaey@netscape.net)

Samuel Cutler Burdick, grave 2134.

Grafton Center Cemetery, Grafton, NY
Submitted by Christina Yunck (christinaey@netscape.net)

Susan Lucretia Burdick Peckham, sister of John W. Burdick, daughter of Samuel Cutler Burdick who is the 5great grandson of Robert Burdick-Ruth Hubbard. They are my great grandparents and great great grandfather.

Maplewood Cemetery, Alfred Station, NY, Route 244
Submitted by David Edwards (EDAV57PC@webtv.net)

The cemetery was first a burial ground for the Russell Burdick family. The first graves date to the 1830`s. In 1906 the Maplewood Cemetery Association was formed. Russell Burdick was my great grandfather. The following list was sent to my mother in 1973 from a resident of Alfred Station, NY. It is a very small cemetery. As far as we know, this is probably a complete list:

HAROLD EDWARDS Sept 27, 1889, age 5 mos. (He was my father`s brother)
FRANK BEYEA 1842-1916
FRANCIS BURDICK Feb 5 1848-May 8 1865
MELVINA BURDICK Sep 11 1822-Mar 24,1916
RUSSEL BURDICK Oct 1 1818-March 19,1880
ALVA BURDICK died Sep 28,1822 age 69 and 6 mos.
STYLES BURDICK died Oct 25,1830
PHYLINIA BURDICK (on same lot as Alva Burdick)
CHARLES BEYEA and a baby
(The dates are illegible starting with S. M. Burdick and some of the stones have been moved.)

Southeast Hollow Burial Ground, Berlin, NY
Submitted by John Crandall (JCran1217@aol.com)

Following is an exerpt from some work I'm doing on the Crandalls and related families that may be of interest to Burdicks. I visited the Southeast Hollow burial ground years ago (maybe 10). The stones were mostly a black shale or slate material, none were standing.

ELIZABETH CRANDALL - Stephen's daughter Elizabeth was born in Hopkinton, R.I., on May 8, 1777. She married (at the age of 15 or so) Wilbur Burdick around 1792 (their first child was born on July 20, 1793.) Wilbur was born in Hopkinton (probably) on January 24, 1770. His father, Zaccheus, born in Westerly on February 28, 1734, was the grandson of the Samuel Burdick mentioned above in the Robert Burdick line. Zaccheus joined the Hopkinton Sabbatarian Church on July 6, 1771. From August 21 to November 30, 1777, he served as a private in Capt. E. Chapin's company of Col. Ruggles Woodbribge Regiment under Gen. Gates northern Department. In 1779, he and his family moved to Berlin, NY where he was a founder of the Sabbatarian Church there. Wilbur was then nine years old. He later joined the Sabbatarian Church in Berlin and was a successful business man. Three of his daughters married three brothers of the Hull family in Berlin.

The last of Wilbur and Elizabeth's seven children, Mary Ann, was born in 1815 and married Leonard R. Saunders. Their daughter, Ann Eliza, married David Calvin Crandall. Leonard was a descendant of Tobias Saunders. Elizabeth and Wilbur are buried in a small cemetery, now abandoned and completely overgrown with brush and trees, that is several hundred feet behind and to the left of a house owned by the Jewett family on the east side of Southeast Hollow Road.

Burdick/Early Graves, Chillocothe, Missouri
Submitted by Lorene Pollard (idclare@grm.net)



FRANCIS MORGAN BURDICK -- MAY 10, 1842 (Lorene's g-grandfather)



Hart Cemetary, Oceana County, Michigan
Submitted by Pamela Burdick (psburdick@gmail.com)

Stephen William Burdick and Laura Jane Hall and their sons Darius Jay,and Stephen William and his wife Mary Myrtle, and their sons Orel Zeno with his wife Huldah, and Wayne Elwin (Pamela's father). There is also the grave of Orel's only child, Annabelle, who died a week after birth.

Kent County, Rhode Island
Submitted by Valerie Burditt (vburd130@msn.com)

Coventry, Cemetery description information
A book is now available for Coventry. This book is the product of four years of research gathering all early cemetery transcripts and visiting each cemetery to check existing data and add new records. 68 previously unregistered cemeteries were found and recorded for this book. It presents 18,325 gravestone inscriptions in 193 historical cemeteries with 34 ancestor gravestone photographs. There is a regular index of names and a separate maiden name index. All of the crudely inscribed fieldstones that mark the graves of the earliest settlers have been documented and sketches of each one are included in the book. Research has been done in the town probate records to identify many of these stones that aften have nothing more than initials and death date. Dozens of previously unknown gravesites have been identified in this way.
by Dr. Bill Eddleman & John E. Sterling
8½x11, library binding, 656 pages, $49.95

Family names with 10 or more entries:
Abbott, Adams, Albro, Aldrich, Allen, Amend, Anderson, Andrew/Andrews, Angell, Anthony, Arnold, Atwood, Austin, Babcock, Babson, Bailey, Baker, Barber, Barton, Bassett, Bates, Battey, Baxter, Bell, Bennett, Bentley, Bestwick, Bissell, Black, Blanchard, Bonn, Bonner, Bowen, Bowman, Bradford, Brant, Brayton, Briggs, Brown, Brownell, Budlong, Burdick, Burlingame, Burton, Butler, Cahoon/Cahoone, Campbell, Capron, Capwell, Card, Carlson, Carpenter, Carr, Carter, Case, Caswell, Chase/Chace, Champlin, Church, Clark/Clarke, Clowes, Cole, Colwell, Colvin, Collins, Congdon, Cook/Cooke, Cooper, Corey, Cornell, Corp, Craig, Cranston, Crompton, Cruff, Curtis, Cushing, Cutting, Davis, Dawley, Dean, Dobson, Dorrence, Dowd, Dunn, Dyer, Eddy, Edwards, Eldredge/Eldridge, Ellis, Essex, Fairbank/Fairbanks, Fecteau, Fenner, Ferguson, Fish, Fisk/Fiske, Fones, Ford, Forrest, Foster, Franklin, Fraser, Fry, Gardiner/Gardner, Gavitt, Gebler, Gibson, Gibbs, Gifford, Gillespie, Gorton, Graham, Green/Greene, Greenhalgh, Gregory, Grinnell, Gross, Hall, Hamilton, Hammond, Hampson, Handy, Harkness, Harrington, Harris, Hart, Hartley, Harvey, Hathaway, Havens, Hawkins, Hebert, Henry, Hill, Himes, Hines, Holland, Holmes, Hood, Hopkins, Howard, Hoxie/Hoxsie, Hudson, Hunt, Hunter, Hutchins, Irons, Jackson, James, Jencks/Jenckes, Jenkins, Johnson, Jordan, Kelley, Kent, Kenyon, Kershaw, Kettell/Kettle, Kilton, Kimball, King, Kingsley, Koszela, Knight, Lambert, Lawrence, Lawton, Leach, LeValley, Lewis, Lillibridge, Lindall, Lindsay, Locke, Lovell, Luther, Lyons, Madison, Manchester, Mann, Martin, Mason, Mathewson, Matteson, Mattley, McGregor, Miller, Mills, Miner, Mitchell, Money, Moon/Moone, Moore, Morse, Morton, Moses, Mott, Mumford, Myrick, Nason, Newton, Nicholas, Nichols, North, Northup, Noyes, Nye, Olney, Qwen, Page, Parker, Patterson, Paul, Pearce/Peirce, Peck, Peckham, Penno, Perkins, Phelan, Phillips, Pignolet, Pike, Place, Porter, Potter, Ralph/Relph, Randall, Rathbun, Rawlinson, Read/Reed, Remington, Reynolds, Rice, Richardson, Richmond, Rider, Riley, Roberts, Robinson, Rogers, Rooks, Rose, Ross, Salisbury, Scott, Seamans, Searle, Seidel, Shaw, Sheldon, Shepard, Sherman, Shippee, Simmons, Sisson, Smith, Snow, Spencer, Spink, Sprague, Stafford, Steere, Stone, Straight, Studley, Sunderland, Swanson, Sweet, Tanner, Tarbox, Taylor, Tefft, Tennant, Tew, Thornton, Tiffany, Tillinghast, Tourgee, Tripp, Tucker, Tuckerman, Turner, Tyler, Vaughn, Wait/Waite, Walker, Wall, Warner, Warren, Waterman, Watson, Weaver, Webster, Wells, West, Westcott, Whaley, Wheelock, Whipple, Wight/White, Whitford, Whitman, Wickes, Winsor, Wilber/Wilbur, Wilcox, Williams, Wilson, Wolfenden, Wood, Wright, Yeaw, Young

East Greenwich, Cemetery description information
A book is now available on this important early Rhode Island town. This book contains all gravestone inscriptions from the 75 historical cemeteries in East Greenwich, RI. Maps are included to show the location of the cemetery within the town and the location of each gravestone within each cemetery.
By Bruce MacGunnigle
8½x11, paperback, 268 pages, $19.95

Family names with 10 or more entries:
Algren, Allen, Anderson, Andrews, Arnold, Austin, Babcock, Bailey, Baker, Barber, Bateman, Benjamin, Bennett, Benson, Bergstrom, Blanchard, Boardman, Bodfish, Bowen, Boyd, Brayton, Brennan, Briggs, Brown, Brownell, Bullock, Burdick, Burlingame, Burns, Byrnes, Byrd, Capron, Card, Carlson, Carpenter, Carr, Carroll, Carter, Champlin, Church, Clark, Cole, Collins, Congdon, Cooke, Cornell, Crandall, Crane, Crompton, Crudden, Cuffe, Davis, Dawley, Delaney, Donilon, Donnelly, Duffy, Dyer, Eddy, Eldredge, Ellis, Essex, Farrington, Fish, Fiske, Flanagan, Fones, Fry, Galvin, Gardiner/Gardner, Goodwin, Gorman, Gorton, Gould, Greene, Grogan, Gustafson, Haggarty, Hall, Handy, Hart, Hawkins, Healy, Hill, Holden, Hopkins, Horton, Howland, Hughes, Huling, Hunt, James, Johnson, Jones, Kelley, Kenyon, King, Knight, Knowles, Lawton, Lewis, Lillibridge, Lindberg, Lovell, Magoon, Martin, Matteson, Mawney, Miller, Mitchell, Murphy, Murray, Nichols, Niles, Northup, O'Brien, Olney, Palmer, Paine/Payne, Pearce/Pierce, Perry, Phillips, Pinniger, Place, Potter, Rathbun, Regan, Riley, Remington, Reynolds, Rice, Roberts, Rose, Salisbury, Sands, Searle, Sharpe, Sherman, Shippee, Shogren, Sisson, Slocum, Smith, Spencer, Spink, Sprague, Stone, Sunderlland, Swan, Sweet, Tanner, Tarbox, Taylor, Tennant, Thomas, Tibbetts, Tilley, Tillinghast, Vaughn, Walsh, Warren, Weaver, Weeden, Wells, Wheeler, White, Whitford, Whitman, Wickes, Wightman, Wilbur, Wilcox, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Woodmansee, Wright

A book has recently been published for this early Rhode Island town. Warwick was settled in 1642. Its burial grounds are a rich source of information on the early settlers and their many descendants. This book is the product of four years of research gathering all early cemetery transcripts and visiting each cemetery to check existing data and add new records. 49 previously unregistered cemeteries were found and recorded for this book. It presents 12,058 gravestone inscriptions in 158 historical cemeteries with 35 ancestor gravestone photographs. There is a regular index of names and a separate maiden name index. The following 20th century cemeteries have not been transcribed and are not included in the database or the book: #11 Lincoln Park, #101 Sinai Memorial Park, and #143 New Pawtuxet Cemetery.
By John E. Sterling
8½x11, library binding, 424 pages, $39.95

Family names with 10 or more entries:
Aborn, Abramson/Abrahamson, Adams, Aldrich, Allen, Anderson, Andrews, Angell, Armstrong, Arnold, Austin, Bailey, Baker, Barber, Barker, Barnes, Barney, Barrie, Barton, Bate, Bateman, Baten, Bates, Battey, Bennett, Benson, Bergden, Bicknell, Bood, Bostrom, Bowen, Boyd, Brakenwagen, Brayton, Briggs, Brown, Browning, Budlong, Burdick, Burke, Burlingame, Burron, Burton, Campbell, Card, Carder, Carlson, Carpenter, Carr, Carter, Chapman, Chase/Chace, Clark/Clarke, Coggeshall, Cole, Collins, Congdon, Conn, Cornell, Crandall, Curtis, Dailey, Davis, Dawley, Eastman, Ellis, Erickson, Essex, Evans, Fenner, Fisher, Foster, Gaddis, Gardiner/Gardner, Gilkenson, Goodchild, Gorton, Graves, Green/Greene, Griffin, Gustafson, Hallene, Hargraves, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Henry, Hill, Holden, Hopkins, Howard, Hoxie/Hoxsie, Hunter, Jackson, Jencks, Jenison, Johnson, Jordan/Jordon, Kenyon, King, Kling, Knight, Knowles, Ladd, Larkham, Larson, Lawson, Lawton, Lee, Leonard, Lewis, Lincoln, Lind, Littlefield, Lockwood, Low, Main, Marble, Martin, Mason, Mather, Matteson, Mckinzie, Miller, Millerd, Mitchell, Mooney, Moore, Morgan, Morse, Mott, Nelson, Nichols, Nilson, Northup, Nystrom, Olson, Palmer, Parker, Pearson, Peck, Pendleton, Perkins, Perry, Peterson, Phillips, Pierce/Pearce, Place, Potter, Price, Ramsey, Randall/Randle, Read, Remington, Reynolds, Rhodes, Rice, Roberts, Roelker, Rogers, Rose, Rydberg, Scott, Searle, Shaw, Sheldon, Shepard, Sherman, Shippee, Simmons, Slocum, Smith, Snow, Soderlund, Spencer, Spooner, Sprague, Stadig, Stafford, Stone, Stromberg, Sundquist, Sutcliffe, Swanson, Sweet, Taylor, Tefft, Thompson/Thomson, Thornton, Thurber, Tibbets, Tillinghast, Turner, Vaughn, Waite, Ward, Warner, Waterman, Watson, Wells, Westberg, Westcott, Wheeler, Whipple, White, Whitford, Whitman/Wightman, Wickes, Wilbur, Wilcox, Williams, Wilson, Wing, Wood, Wright, Young

West Greenwich
The core of this database is the transcript of Blance Albro done in the 1970s. West Greenwich is estimated to have a total of 150 cemeteries. Of these, 145 have been registered to date. Prior to 1990, there were only 50 registered. Of the estimated 1,700 marked graves, 1,694 have been entered into the database. West Greenwich is 99% complete.

West Warwick
When the James Arnold visited the cemeteries of West Warwick, the town was still a part of Warwick and its records contained in his transcriptions of Warwick. By visiting each lot, the records have been sorted and entered into the proper town. About 10 of the cemeteries found by Arnold to be in the area that is now West Warwick have not yet been located. In 1990 there were 36 registered cemeteries in West Warwick. Today, there are 49 of an estimated 55. Of the 18,000 estimated marked graves, 16,674 have been entered into the database. Currenly, some of the larger lots are being transcribed by volunteers able to translate the many markers written in French. West Warwick is 93% complete.

Burdick Cemetery, Town of Clifford (near Uniondale), Pennsylvania
Submitted by Patricia Burton (pburton2323@yahoo.com)

This the Clifford Cemetery referred in The Descendants of Robert Burdick of Rhode Island.

Dolly, wife of Roswell S. Ames, d. Feb. 28, 1868, ae. 68 y, 7 d, epitaph

Lois Anderson , 1848-1890

Charles Burch d. Dec. 8, 1853 ae. 3 y, 2 m, 17 d, epitaph
George A., son of Thos. and Nancy Burch, d. May 22, 1858, ae. 15 y, 2 m, 18 d epitaph
Nancy, wife of Thomas Burch, d. Oct. 3, 1865, ae. 58 y, 3 m, 21 d Died a Christian

Beavans: William Beavans, 1855 – 1926
Mary E. Burdick Beavans , 1864 – 1903

Burdick: Abram C. Burdick d. May 27, 1877, ae. 63 y, 2 m, 16 d
Thankful, his wife d. Apr 27, 1892, ae 82y, 6 m, 26 d
Arminda M., daug. of Abram and Thankful Burdick, d. June_____, 1867
In memory of Hannah, wife of Albert Burdick, d. Jan 17, 1861, ae. 29 y, 1 m, 12 d, epitaph
Killed by lightning, Butler W. Burdick died July 4, 1867, ae. 16 y, 5 m, 29 d
Caleb S. Burdick d. Jan. 3, 1874, ae 48 y, 7 m, epitaph
Harriett M. Burdick 1823 – 1907
Died Jan 26, 1854, John, son of Caleb and Harriet Burdick, ae. 1 y, 16 d, epitaph
Elias Burdick b. Aug. 20, 1780, d. Aug. 1, 1858 epitaph
Sara E., wife of Elias Burdick b. Apr. 13, 1788, d. Apr. 22, 1859, epitaph
Eliza, wife of Elias Burdick d. Jan. 7, 1852, ae. 44 y, 8 m
Elias Burdick died in Providence, RI (and buried in Rhode Island), Sept. 11, 1844, ae. 42 y, 6 m
Elias K. Burdick d. Feb. 15, 1889, ae. 52 y, 7 m, 29 d. epitaph
Elisha B. Burdick b. May 5, 1824, d. Dec. 24, 1892
Ruth Wells, wife of E. B. Burdick b. June 19, 1845, d. Apr. 9, 1930
George Edwin Burdick 1831-1910
Martha Burdick, his wife 1832 – 1918
Almira, dau. of George and ________Burdick (probably Martha), d. May 2, 1872, ae. 1 y, 2 m, 67 d
Hugh Burdick 1873 – 1926
Selina C., wife of John B. Burdick d. Apr 6, 1885, ae 59 y, 9 m, 17 d
George W. C., son of John and Selina Burdick d. Sept. 21, 1870, ae. 19 y, 4 mk, 21 d
Kendal Burdick d. May 21, 1871, ae 92 y, 11 m, 17 d, Gone but not forgotten
Hannah, wife of Kendal Burdick, d. Nov. 4, 1843, ae 68 y, 7 m, 28 d, epitaph, IN MEMORY OF OUR FATHER AND MOTHER
Luther S. Burdick d. Apr. 7, 1878, ae. 64 y, 2 m
Harriet W., wife of L.S. Burdick
_____________(no dates)
Kendel, son of Luther S. and Harriet W. Burdick d. Sept 4, 1859, ae 4 y, 5 m, 13 d
Marvin Burdick d. Jun. 25, 1858, ae. 2 y, 9 m, 28 d
Morris J. Burdick 1852 – 1913
Diantha Buchanan, his wife 1859 - _____
Martha R., dau. of M.J. and D. Burdick 1885 – 1909, At rest
Olive E., dau. of M.J. and D. Burdick d. Feb. 28, 1899, ae. 11 y
Harriet S., dau of Moses L. and Lizzie E. Burdick, d. June 4, 1867, ae.11 m, 15 d, Epitaph
Owen E. Burdick 1859 – 1904 his wife, Sarah E. Lingfelter, 1863 - ________

Clarke Ground(1) Cemetery,Westerly, Rhode Island
Submitted by Scott Bill Hirst (scottbillhirst@yahoo.com)

Burial place of Rev.Thomas Clarke, Rev.Joshua Clarke. Remains of John Maxson, probably also the dust of Tobias Saunders. Location description refers to a few rods east of Pound Road. Also noted is left bank of the Pawcatuck, on its curve above "Meeting House Bridge". Could this be possibly part of the First Hopkinton Cemetery? The only Pound Road locally I can think of is where the old Crandall homestead is in Westerly.

Cedar Hill Cemetery, Harford, CT (http://www.cedarhillcemetery.org)
Submitted by Scott Bill Hirst (scottbillhirst@yahoo.com)

Cedar Hill is the resting place of actress Katherine Hepburn and other notables.

Barn Island Wildlife Management Area, Stonington, CT
Submitted by Reid Burdick (BRDIK@aol.com)

There are 30 or more Burdicks there with accompanying very old stones in decent shape. The cemetery is located on the state-owned Barn Island Wildlife Management Area. To visit the cemetery turn off Route 1 in Stonington, CT onto Greenhaven Rd. and travel a couple miles and then turn right on Stewart Rd. At the locked gate you must park your car and then walk the dirt road about 1/4 mile past a dilapidated stone gateway and the cemetery is on the left. During summer months there are many birds, as well as quite a bit of poison ivy and large misquitos.

Oakdale Cemetery, Davenport, IA.
Submitted by Lynn Dixon (L_Dixon1@msn.com)

There are Burdicks buried in Oakdale Cemetery in Davenport, IA. The Anthony Burdick home, located at 833 College Ave., Davenport, is on the National Historic register. Anthony and Mary (Maria) Alvira (Elvira) Willitts were married in 1858 in Mercer County, IL. One was born in Indiana and the other in Pennsylvania.

Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Transcription Project
Submitted by Elizabeth Townsend (town1023@comcast.net)

There is a wonderful site called the Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Transcription Project (http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~rigenweb/cemetery/). You go by last name to find the page and work from there.

Two things I figured out – 1) wives maiden names are sometimes in brackets i.e. Briggs, Mary Caroline [Burdick] and 2) try looking for a husband in the wife’s family’s maiden name if you can’t find them under his family surname.

This has been a wonderful help since taking an actual trip to the cemeteries themselves isn’t very easy!

Listings of Burdick Family Burials at the Hillside Cemetery in Central Square, Oswego County, New York.
Submitted by Pat Regan (pnutreg@tds.net)

This area is in Central New York State (bordering Northern NY). Oswego County borders Jefferson, Lewis, Oneida, Madison, Onondaga and Cayuga Counties all area's where Burdick families settled.

Hillside Cemetery, Central Square:
section B:
BURDICK, Noyes 1840- 1904
BURDICK, Polly C. Pierce his wife 1843 - 1903
BURDICK, Russell 1863 - 1937
BURDICK, Ida Gage his wife 1869 - 19--
BURDICK, William July 7, 1825; died June 15, 1900
BURDICK, Polly Yerton his wife Feb. 19, 1830; died Feb. 4, 189(the last digit is missing on this page)
BURDICK, Wm. Russell son of William & Polly C. Burdick; died Sept 3, 1859; aged 1 yr., 11 mos., 13 days.
BURDICK, Russell died ? - aged 74 yrs., 1 mo., 9 days
BURDICK, Elizabeth wife of Russell died Dec. 17, 1858; aged 62 yrs.
BURDICK, Benjamin died July 22, 1865 at Crittenden Hospital, Louisville, KY; Private Co. 119 Reg.
BURDICK, Margaret his wife died 1901
BURDICK, Lydia daughter of Benjamin & Margaret, died Apr. 30, 1859
BURDICK, Mary Helen daughter of Benjamin & Margaret ?
BURDICK, Alta daughter of Wm. & Ida J. Burdick died Oct 21, 1888; aged 6 yrs.
BURDICK, Ida J. , mother of Alta and wife of Wm. died Feb. 24, 1886; age 24 yr., 6 mo., 6 days.

Section C-1 Middle:
BURDICK, Orville 1877-1915
BURDICK, Sarah 1877-1917

Section C - Upper
BURDICK, Willys J. Sr. 1913 - 1970
BURDICK, Myrtle Walts his wife 1924 -
BURDICK, Bethany J. - died 1976
BURDICK, Baby died 1978

Section H
BURDICK, (these are all children of John W. and Laura)
BURDICK, John R. died Feb. 8, 1857; aged 7 yrs.
BURDICK, Sarah M. died Mar. 16, 1870; aged 11 yrs., 11 mos., 18 days.
BURDICK, William A. died May 23, 1866; aged 4 yrs.
BURDICK, Maryette died Dec. ?; aged 6
(some spaces - probably missing markers)

Section J
BURDICK, Floyd 1886- 1966
BURDICK, Mabel Johnson his wife 1883-1954
BURDICK, Burdette 1878 - 1909
BURDICK, Carmen Lillian daughter of B. & B Burdick 1910-1910

Section L
BURDICK, Stella M. 1911-1966
BURDICK, Carl H. 1909-1963
BURDICK, William H. 1860-1928
BURDICK, Mary L. 1863-1929
BURDICK, Jefferson R. 1900-1963
BURDICK, Richard E. 1942 -
BURDICK, Dorothy 1933- 1976
BURDICK, Judith Rae 1945-1978
BURDICK, Richard H. 1921-1936
BURDICK, Fred N. 1888-1974
BURDICK, Mildred R. 1891-1976
BURDICK, Raymond F. 1915 - (Masonic Emblem)
BURDICK, Leona S. 1917-1973

The Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Database (http://rihc.info/search.php)
Submitted by Scott Bill Hirst (scottbillhirst@yahoo.com)

Clifford Cemetery, Clifford, PA
Submitted by Gary Arnold (gary_arnold@cox.net)

Gary Arnold has taken 79 photos of headstones at the Clifford, PA cemetery, which includes numerous Burdicks. He has provided a list of them (click here). You can also obtain images of the headstones by contacting him.

Hillside Cemetery, Allegany County, NY
Submitted by Barbara DeLong (barbara-delong@att.net)

Hillside Cemetery--Allegany County, NY for information call 607-478-8611
North Main Street Andover, NY across RR tracks, up the hill on right.
Effie Howland Burdick--wife of Frank J Burdick-- 10/11/1870 2/25/1921
Frank J Burdick--husband of Effie Howland-- 8/2/1861 7/13/1920
Effie and Frank my grandparents. I remember visiting their graves when I was a child.
Ernest G Burdick, Sr.--husband of Ida K Stump-- 4/11/1888 [1890] 6/19/1963 [Barbara's uncle]
Ida K Stump Burdick--wife of Ernest G Sr.--4/28/1898 11/20/1993
Ernest G Burdick, Jr.-- husband of Jean Barton--WW11 & Korea-- 6/5/1921 10/10/2003
Harry Burdick--husband of Mary Seely-- 5/2/1893 6/20/1953 [Barbara's uncle]
Burdick Infant---Barbara knows nothing about this child
Burdick, Kenway G -- husband of Maude Dodge--- 1887 11/2/1957 Barara knows nothing about him
Burdick, Maude Dodge --wife of Kenway G-- 1882 12/15/1919
Burdick, Leo M 1918 1968 Barara knows nothing about him, but her father's middle name was Leo

Lafayette Cemetery Research Project - New Orleans, LA(http://lafayettecemetery.org/)
Submitted by Mitzi Gardner (MGardner956@aol.com)

Contains a picture of the Burdette gravesite in Lafayette Cemetery in New Orleans.

Olivia S. Burdette-Gardner-Brock-Johnson is buried in Houston, in Washington Cemetery (Section C, Lot 147). Olivia's daughter, Sophronia Mildred Anderson (spouse of Leon Milton Anderson, Sr.) is buried there as well. Their graves are not marked. Sophronia Anderson's husband and son are buried in the Hollywood Cemetery in Houston. Charles William Gardner, Olivia's son (Mitzi's husband's g-grandfather) is buried in Hollywood Cemetery as well. There is no record of Olivia's mother, Sophronia Matilda Fort Burdette being buried in either Washington Cemetery or Hollywood. She was living with Olivia at the time of her death. There is no record of Sophronia Fort Burdette being buried in New Orleans with Staton Stephens Burdette.

Grimshaw (aka. Burdick) Cemetery - North East Township, Erie County PA(http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~paerie/townships/NorthEast.htm )
Contributed by Dick Tefft (tefftr@velocity.net)

Grimshaw Cemetery is a small sized inactive cemetery located on Orchard Beach Road in North East Township. A history of this cemetery has not been provided, but will be added along with any other information as it becomes available. The oldest burial date seen was 1825, the latest burial was is the 1870s. This reading was done in 2003 by Dick Tefft and compared with two older readings. One was done by an unknown reader in 1924 and one done by Mrs. Burton Crane in 1952. The cemetery is also known as the Burdick Cemetery. Any questions or comments concerning the information on this page should be sent directly to Dick Tefft.

Bemis, Emie M, Mar 16, 1863, 5m22d, daughter of A.H. & E.M.
Bemis, Nellie M, Feb 21, 1872, 19m11d, daughter of A.H. & E.M.
Burdick, Albert, unreadable
Burdick, Lucy, Mar 1878?, difficult to read
Burdick, Lucy, Aug 9, 1831, 14y51d, daughter of Enoch
Burdick, Rev Enoch, Mar 23, 1848, 74y
Duncan, Lucinda, Sep 15, 1847, 26y, wife of Alexander Duncan
Janes, Albert, 1809, Jun 16, 1825, son of Humphrey & Thankful Janes
Janes, daughter, Jun 19, 1839, daughter of Oliver & Emily Janes
Janes, Emily, Feb 12, 1841, difficult to read
Janes, Emily, Oct 27, 1855, 53y9m, wife of Oliver Janes
Janes, Mary Malvina, Apr 1828, 1y11m, daughter of John & Annis; stone not found in 2003
Janes, Oliver, Oct 21, 1852, 53y6m28d
Janes, Orrin, Apr 17, 1847, 19y9m, son of Oliver & Emily Janes
Jones, George, Jan 12, 1861, 3y3m14d, son of Hiram & Maria
Lee, Rev Joseph, May 29, 1848, 48y, born in Cazenovia, NY
Loomis, Eliza A, May 11, 1835, 22y, wife of Lyman A Loomis
Ross, Hannah, 1784, May 22, 1840, 56y7m5d, broken stone
Ross, Perrin, Dec 25, 1778, Jul 20, 1847, 69y7m20d, married Hannah Utley
Sparrow, Lydia, Aug 31, 1855, 90y, wife of Stephen Sparrow
Sparrow, Stephen, Aug 31, 1855, from earlier reading
Sparrow, Stephen, May 28, 1830, 69y, Rev War Veteran
Williard, Lurana, Jun 19, 1839, 19y9m, daughter of James & Lurcetia Williard

Burdick graves in Grafton, NY Cemetery
Information collected by Warren Hedden (sawdust1222@aol.com) in 1993.

Joel T. Burdick: b. Jan.29-1812, d. May 12-1881, age 69
Lyman S. Burdick: 1813, April 7-1881, 68
Joshua Burdick: 1826, Dec. 3 -1879, 52 yrs &6 mo.
Hattie J. Burdick: Sept 12,1841, May 3 1863, 22
Ruth M. Burdick: Sept 29, 1845, Sept 7, 1923, 78
William H. Burdick: 1846, 1936, 90
Christina E. (Wife): 1842, 1932, 90
John F, Burdick: 1856, 1947, 91
Ruth West ( Wife): 1860, 1931, 71
Dexter Burdick: 1870, 1888, 18
Libby Burdick: 1875, 1899, 24 Wife of George Ward
Victor Burdick: 1886, 1949, 54
John T. Burdick, 1888, 1915. 27
Elizabeth Burdick: 1814, 1899, Married Frederick Brimmer
Frederick Brimmer: died Nov. 11, 1880
Albert A. Burdick: 1881, 1924
John T. Burdick: 1888, 1915

Burdick graves in Burdick–Culver Cemetery in Stonington, CT
Information collected by Reid (BRDIK@aol.com).

Benjamin Burdick: Died 7 Jan 1855 at age 78
Esther wife of Peter Burdick: Died 18 Feb 1813? At age 83
Peter Burdick: Died 7 Feb 1828 at age 98
Elnathan Burdick: Died 25 Jul 1832 at age 89
Anna, wife of Elnathan Burdick: Died 23 Feb 1822 at age 68
Ezekiel Dreskell: Died 17 Oct 1793 at age 9
Desire wife of John Hubbard of Westerly: Died 13 Jun 1796 at age 29
Nancy Burdick: Died 10 Aug 1869 at age 88
Cinthea Burdick daughter of Peter and Esther Burdick: Died 6 Nov 1800 at age 10
Mary Burdick: Died 14 Jul 1881 at age 81
Betsey Burdick daughter of Elnathan: Died 1817
Polly with of Benjamin Burdick: Died 28 July 1856 at age 67
Benjamin Burdick: Died 27 Jan 1872 at age 63
Meriba Burdick with of Benjamin: Died May 1858
Mary Burdick: Died April 1842
Mary Wentworth: Died 28 Jan 1875 at age 62
Lydia Culver: Died 18 Feb 1833 at age 9

Alfred Rural Cemetery, New York
Submitted by Jon Saunders (cousin.connecter@cox.net)

This Find-A-Grave site contains a wealth of information:


Jon has added memorials for 900 individuals and photos for many existing memorials, based on a full day of photographing gravestones in July, 2013. There are 166 Burdicks documented here.


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